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Chapter 7 – Breakthrough, Heavenly Wolf General Wakes Up

The mother sat on the side, meticulously scrutinizing Lin Wei, then said to the daughter: “Xiao Xun, it seems……to be pretty good.”

Xiao Xun flattened her lips and dejectedly said: “What use is pretty good. Look at it, Attribute: None, Rank: Lower than common, Status: Lower than Beastly Servant. Your daughter has never seen such a trash summon beast! Mama, what happened to my Sky wolf? Why did it suddenly substitute summon beasts for me?”

Sky wolf? Are they speaking about Heavenly Wolf General? A divine light suddenly flashed past Lin Wei’s mind, right, I was sucked into the summoning vortex for the Heavenly Wolf General, that is to say, this is Qifeng Continent! I’ve come to Qifeng Continent!

Wait a moment……

Lin Wei suddenly discovered that between him and this ‘Xiao Xun’, there appeared to be a faint fluorescent connection; this fluorescence was the soul connection between the two individuals. This connection seemed to be weak, but it was actually indestructible! Along with that fluorescence, Lin Wei seemed to be able to spy on Xiao Xun’s happiness, anger, sorrow, and joy deep in her heart. Furthermore, in the deep darkness was an incorporeal spirit thought hovering around deep in his own heart. This spirit thought implored him to defer to Xiao Xun’s every command.

I, contracted!

Lin Wei understood all of the sudden, and this discovery caused him to be extremely startled for several seconds.

I and this Xiao Xun have reached contract relations! I am currently her summon beast! And she, is my master! Her original summon beast was Heavenly Wolf General, but now for some reason, I replaced Heavenly Wolf General; I became her new summon beast!


The mother carefully scrutinized Lin Wei, then hugged her daughter and said: “Actually, this is also my first time seeing an attribute-less summon beast. Although the rank and status is lower by a bit, Xiao Xun, you must bear in mind that there is a reason for every cause. Since Heaven arranged it to be by your side, then it is Heaven’s gift. It being unique like this, perhaps……perhaps it is your true summon beast, and that previous Sky wolf was just a method to bring it by your side. Xiao Xun, carefully treat it, mama believes that it will give you a pleasant surprise……”

Give me a pleasant surprise? Is it possible? Xiao Xun once again looked towards Lin Wei. She had never seen this summon beast’s appearance, even so much that she was unable to classify it; this meant it clearly didn’t have a summon beast record.

“What are you called?” Xiao Xun gazed at Lin Wei and exported her thought to him.

Lin Wei immediately received this thought through that fluorescence, then he discovered that the fluorescence opened a feedback channel for him. In other words, in this kind of situation, he could answer the master’s question. This made him extremely pleasantly surprised at once, as long as he could communicate, he could let the other party know his origins!

“Lin Wei! My name is Lin Wei! I’m actually not a summon beast, I come from a celestial body called Earth! I am a human!!!”

However, dreams are beautiful while reality is cruel——

In Lin Wei’s reply a moment ago, only “Lin Wei! My name is Lin Wei!” got through before the feedback channel immediately closed! The entirety of his following words wasn’t transmitted!

How can it be like this? Lin Wei stared blankly. Presently, from what he could gather from his response, it seemed like a summon beast was limited by what the master wanted to communicate. In such situations, a summon beast didn’t have any method to the the initiative to transmit its thought to the master, only able to reply the the master’s question.

Then I don’t have any ways? No! There definitely is a way! Remember those novels that I’ve read before; along with the summon beast’s growth, it finally achieved the realm of intention communication with its master! At that time, it was able to communicate with its master! Right, I cannot be discouraged! Certainly cannot be discouraged!

Lin Wei inwardly encouraged himself. He had arrived at this other world for a period of seven years, and his will was already tempered and very firm, not something a small setback could sway.

“Lin Wei……” Xiao Xun slightly nodded: “Name isn’t bad. What mama said is right, there is a reason for every cause in this world……moreover, I just began studying the summoning technique. Teacher already taught us that there is no trash summon beast, only a trash master. From today onwards, I will carefully train you! We will improve together! So……please treat me kindly!”

After Xiao Xun finished speaking, she went as far as to quite solemnly and earnestly give a bow to Lin Wei. This caused Lin Wei to become frightened, and he thought in his heart: isn’t this master too polite? Should I give back a bow? But I’m unable to now right now……


Thus, under this mysterious contract substitution, Lin Wei replaced the Heavenly Wolf General and became this Xiao Xun’s summon beast.

In order to make Lin Wei grow as soon as possible and recover the ability to move, Xiao Xun immediately carried out official training. This training last for a full five days! During these five days, besides training base stamina, skill and cooperation, in order to quickly as possible upgrade Lin Wei from ‘Lower than Beastly Servant’ status, Xiao Xun made him take a ‘Millennial Strange Flower’ and a ‘Hundred-Year Magic Beast Crystal’.

These two things were very good items, particularly the ‘Millennial Strange Flower’. It simply didn’t have a price in the market, unable to be bought even if one wanted to buy it. Under the assistance of these two supplements, Lin Wei finally broke through the shackles of his status, suddenly becoming a Beastly Servant from ‘Lower than Beastly Servant’! Fine……actually, there was no change in his essence……

Regarding Lin Wei’s weak upgrade, Xiao Xun couldn’t help but heavily sigh; it was difficult to hide the disappointed look in her eyes. One has to know, if it was another summon beast using these two supplements, at least it would be able to break through from Beastly Soldier to Intermediate Level Beastly Guard! With regards to some even more excellent aptitude summon beasts, it was possible for them to evolve from Common rank to Bronze rank! However, Lin Wei’s rank didn’t change, his status merely changed from ‘Lower than Beastly Servant’ to ‘Beastly Servant’. This sort of circumstance meant that either Lin Wei’s aptitude really was too inferior or his original ‘Lower than Beastly Servant’ was lower by a lot1.

However, Xiao Xun quickly restrained her disappointed look. She didn’t want her mother to see her weak side. Weak? Then we’ll train until we become strong!

In these five days, Lin Wei achieved a preliminary understanding of Xiao Xun’s background——

This petite-figured beauty is a young lady of one of Qifeng Continent’s big aristocratic clans. This big aristocratic clan’s master is Xiao Xun’s paternal great-grandfather, called Fan Xun. Xiao Xun’s paternal grandfather is Fan Xun’s second son, called Fan Tianhu. Fan Tianhu had three sons and two daughters, and Xiao Xun’s father, Fan Bin, is the third child. Unfortunately, in one of the Sect wars, he was killed and left behind his lovely wife and the barely 6 years-old Xiao Xun. Xiao Xun is 20 years-old this year and is a well-known stunning beauty far and near. As she was growing up, the amount of people visiting is seek a marriage was an endless stream. But the her who lost her father was given quite a considerable amount of relief, especially from her first uncle and second uncle. Both didn’t wish for her to marry into a powerful and influential big clan or large sect. When Xiao Xun was 13 years-old, she began her first contracting and the summon beast she received at that time was Heavenly Wolf Guard. Heavenly Wolf Guard’s formidable fighting strength made her standing in the family to temporarily stabilize, and after Heavenly Wolf Guard broke through to Heavenly Wolf General, it caused Xiao Xun to even begin receiving her paternal grandfather’s attention. But unfortunately, good things don’t last forever. The Heavenly Wolf General was severely injured and Lin Wei substituted for Xiao Xun’s summon beast; this caused her status to suddenly become dangerous!

Summon beast changing, it was impossible to conceal this sort of matter.

Let alone, it became such an irregular change from a Beastly General level summon beast to a Beastly Servant level waste. In all people’s cognition in Qifeng Continent, it was impossible for a Beastly Servant to become a summon beast because its qualifications was entirely insufficient! From the ancient times up to now, there had never appeared a Beastly Servant level summon beast; the most low level was a high aptitude Beastly Soldier.

When the fifth day ended, the highly intensive training already caused Lin Wei to become thoroughly numb with tiredness, unable to even sit up. Xiao Xun was disturbed in her heart and inwardly let out a sigh, then waved her hand and sent Lin Wei back. In these five days, there was already more than one group of people secretly coming to see her training Lin Wei, and all of the people who watched in the secret place pointed at the Beastly Servant level Lin Wei. All of them believed that they were hidden, but in reality, they were all seen by Xiao Xun. But Xiao Xun didn’t care about these people, what she truly cared about was the person who possessed the Bronze rank Open-arm Devil Ape Beastly General!


Lin Wei returned to the other world——all summon beasts that were reverse summoned would return to the other world to rest and await for their master’s next summoning.

The summoning vortex emerged in the cave and Lin Wei was thrown out, ferociously smashing into the ground. Such a smash caused Lin Wei to become disoriented.

“Nn?” Lin Wei opened his eyes and saw a trembling Plump Red is a place not far away. By Plump Red’s side was a tall and sturdy figure. Lin Wei rubbed his eyes and couldn’t help but to blurt out: “Heavenly Wolf General!”

That figure calmly stood there, facing towards Lin Wei, motionless, as if it was a block of stone.

Heavenly Wolf General was still that Heavenly Wolf General, that familiar steel needle-like mane, those familiar giant front claws. The only difference was that the Heavenly Wolf General at this moment didn’t have the least formidable and strong pressure emitting from head to toe from before. Its aura was totally reserved, so much that if one didn’t go take a look, one practically wouldn’t be able to feel its existence. It was like those exceptional experts in those wuxia novels that Lin Wei had previously looked through. When they reached an extremely high realm, they would return to their true self.

Hearing Lin Wei’s voice, the Heavenly Wolf General finally made a movement. Its ear trembled, then it turned its head.

“You’ve come back……” The Heavenly Wolf General spoke. Its voice was deep and low, full of a depressing and turbulent mood.


  1. TLN: That is to say, instead of being -1 Beastly Servant, it could possibly have been -15 Beastly Servant. 
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