Chapter 8 – Threat From The Clan

Hearing Heavenly Wolf General’s words, Lin Wei withdrew his neck in fright. According to his current identity as a summon beast, he could very easily see that Heavenly Wolf General already wasn’t a summon beast and its agreement was already rescinded! It was obvious how hard to accept this kind of rescinding was to any life form in this other world!

“Master, is she alright……” Heavenly Wolf General once again spoke, it tightly clenched its fist.

Lin Wei looked towards Heavenly Wolf General. He felt that Heavenly Wolf General seemed to have some kind of change. This change made its IQ and EQ become even higher, even closer to mankind. The former Heavenly Wolf General’s intelligence was roughly equivalent to a 6 or 7 year-old child, but now it gave the impression that it faintly had a 10 year-old juvenile’s feelings.

“She……” Lin Wei opened his mouth, but actually didn’t know how he should reply for a period of time.

“I originally, wanted to kill you.” Heavenly Wolf General ferociously watched Lin Wei: “You seized my master! But now that I’ve thought it over for a few days, I now do not want to kill you.”

Speaking up to here, Heavenly Wolf General’s gaze softened. It exerted all its might to swallow a mouthful of saliva and continued: “You, help me protect her! ……”

Lin Wei let out a sigh of relief. At the same time, the feeling of guilt welled up in his heart, after all, it was him who had seized Heavenly Wolf General’s position of summon beast. Moreover, according to his current strength, he was simply unable to coordinate with Xiao Xun in a fight.

Huh? Wait……

A sudden flash of inspiration appeared in Lin Wei’s mind: Since I can mistakenly enter Heavenly Wolf General’s summoning vortex and substitute for its contract, then next time Xiao Xun summons me, won’t it be possible for Heavenly Wolf General to replace me to go, and switch back like this?

Almost instantly, Lin Wei made this decision. This wasn’t because he was worth of admiration, rather his disposition was like this and he also had his bottom line.

“Heavenly Wolf General, next time master summons, you go!” Lin Wei said: “I’ll return you to master!”


Qifeng Continent, Water-like Moonlight.

In this continent, there were two moons. One was bright silver, the other, light blue. They simultaneously hung in the sky, looking exceptionally beautiful.

Xiao Xun stood on the balcony for a long time, leaning on the railing, looking at the night sky with her beautiful eyes. Currently there were two images circling each other in her mind; one was her former Heavenly Wolf General, the other was the current Lin Wei.

“Ai……” Xiao Xun pensively sighed.

“Oh! What is making younger cousin so worried?” Suddenly, an inharmonious voice sounded out from behind her.

Xiao Xun’s complexion changed, then she slowly turned around.

From a covert place walked out a tall-figured woman wearing a luxurious purple changpao embroidered with silver decorations. Her hair was level with her shoulders and clipped with a dark-gold cloud patterned hair clip. Both her eyebrows were thin and long, and her gaze was cold. When this woman walked out, she used an envious gaze to look at Xiao Xun’s delicate appearance and curvaceous stature that exceeded the mortal world.

“Older cousin Minyue, why did you come?” Xiao Xun faintly asked.

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“Oh Xiao Xun, you still bear a grudge against older cousin.” The woman squeezed out a smile on her face, but a trace of complacency flashed through her eyes: “I’ve already told you, it was an accident in the competition last time. I also don’t know why Devil Ape General didn’t listen to my commands in the final moment, and accidentally injured younger cousin’s Heavenly Wolf General. This was purely an accident. Younger cousin can’t blame me.”

“I don’t blame older cousin.” Xiao Xun turned her face and continued looking at the moons in the sky: “If there is nothing else, Xiao Xun wishes to peacefully be alone.”

“There is no other matter, I just wanted to take a look at younger cousin.” Fan Minyue viciously gazed at Xiao Xun’s ample and towering twin peaks, then looked down at her airport-like chest: “Nowadays my mother oftens speaks about your mother-daughter duo and made me come over to take a look at you. When younger cousin and third aunt have time, we invite you to come over and visit.”

Hearing about second aunt often talking about them, Xiao Xun’s gaze softened, but recalling second uncle and this older cousin’s countenances, she shook her head: “Send my regards to second aunt for me: these days Xiao Xun really is occupied by something that can’t be left alone. After some time, Xiao Xun will definitely visit.”

“Haha, since it’s like this, then I’ll take my leave.” Fan Minyue stopped for a moment, then said with a smile: “Oh right, there’s a matter that I should say with younger cousin. Tian Clan’s eldest son came to propose marriage and my father already agreed. Currently they’re still discussing the date, so when the time comes, you should come to participate in my wedding ceremony, hahahaha.”

Tian Clan’s eldest son……

Xiao Xun’s heart slightly clutched. This Tian Clan’s eldest son was the earliest one that went to seek marriage with her, but due to first uncle and second uncle opposing and obstructing it, paternal grandfather didn’t promise this marriage. Tian Clan was a larger aristocratic family compared to Zhao Clan, so marrying with Fan Minyue is most in accordance to second uncle’s benefit demands. And it was very clear that he had already succeeded. The reason why Xiao Xun’s heart clutched wasn’t because she had any emotions towards this Tian Clan’s eldest son, after all, the two had only seen each other two or three times so there simply wasn’t any feelings, but because first uncle and second uncle’s method of handling things was simply too disappointing.

“Yes? Then Xiao Xun congratulates older cousin in advance.”

When Fan Minyue caught sight of Xiao Xun’s indifferent manner, seeming to not have received any psychological attack, her eyes rolled and spoke again: “Oh, by the way, I also heard that……younger cousin’s summon beast changed, is this correct?”

Xiao Xun’s complexion once again changed. Her chest began undulating, after being provoked several times, who would be able to bear it?

“Yes, what about it?” Xiao Xun coldly replied.

“At the beginning of next month, the clan will be hosting a great competition. At that time, we two sisters compare notes, how about it? Hahahaha.”


After a one brief rest day, Xiao Xun once again summoned Lin Wei.

But Lin Wei had given that promise, so when the summon vortex appeared, he didn’t go in, rather drew back several steps to let the Heavenly Wolf General by his side enter. Heavenly Wolf General gave Lin Wei a deep gaze, eyes exposing a grateful and appreciative look, then jumped into the summoning vortex.

After that, a matter that went against a person’s expectation happened again!

When Heavenly Wolf General was about to enter the vortex, suddenly, a strand of golden lightning violently shot out from the vortex and struck Heavenly Wolf General in a flash. Heavenly Wolf General only felt a trace of irresistible divine strength rushing into its body. Immediately afterwards, it was ruthlessly thrown onto the ground! ‘Bang!’, an enormous impact force caused even the ground to split open.

Heavenly Wolf General lifted up its head, merely feeling a burst of dizziness in its head. It discovered that a new summoning mark wasn’t produced on its forehead, and that vortex was still incessantly revolving.

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What’s going on? Lin Wei and Plump Red both stared blankly.

This was completely different to what had been imagined……

Heavenly Wolf General exposed a determined look, then crawled up from the ground: “Roar! I must try once more!”

During its roar, it spared no effort in jumping again.

However, that golden lightning emerged again and impartially struck it again. This time, the power was even stronger and directly smashed the Heavenly Wolf General onto the ground, creating a large pit. With a loud sound, smoke and dust rose up, filling up this not-too-big cave.

At this time, a trace of incorporeal and divine, but irresistible, thought descended into the depths Heavenly Wolf General and Lin Wei’s minds——

Contract substitution, from today onwards, is permanently forbidden. Do not attempt to do it again, or else you will be directly erased!

Heavenly Wolf General and Lin Wei’s hearts immediately became apprehensive. A noun immediately popped up in Lin Wei’s heart: BUG1 fixing! That’s right, before he had transmigrated, he had taken a college-level programming course in middle school. This type of circumstance very similarly followed the procedure of BUG fixing. In the previous rules of this other world, it was possibly overlooked to restrict contract substitution, leading him to exploit this loophole. While the process of his contract was going on, this world’s rule also put out a revision for this kind of situation. That is to say, it was impossible for this contract substitution to appear in the future!

Heavenly Wolf General and Lin Wei looked at each other. After approximately 10 seconds, Heavenly Wolf General bitterly and astringently smiled and said to Lin Wei: “I cannot go. It’s better if you go!”

“This……won’t do……” Lin Wei shook his hand. He was unable to pass the moral threshold in his heart, moreover he wasn’t completely confident in his own strength: “How about we think up another solution?”

“Go!” Heavenly Wolf General let out a loud bellow: “Master is summoning you! Maybe, she is in a dangerous situation right now! Hurry up and go!”

Without waiting for Lin Wei to speak nonsense, he picked up Lin Wei and threw him into the vortex.

“H2……” Lin Wei didn’t have enough time to speak a word before he was swallowed up by the vortex.


  1. TLN: This word is in English as ‘bug’, but to differentiate it in translated text, I capitalized it. 
  2. TLN: The Chinese character here is ‘喂’, as in the thing Chinese people say when they pick up the phone. Usually translates to ‘Hello’ or ‘Hey’, so I left out all letters except for ‘H’ to make it look like he didn’t speak a word. 

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