Chapter 6 – Accident Arising From Many Causes! Contract Substitution?

Another two days passed by, but there still wasn’t an indication of the Heavenly Wolf General regaining consciousness.

At present, in the entire territory, only Lin Wei and Plump Red knew where the Heavenly Wolf General was. The two of them became even more prudent every day——not speaking of the Open-arm Devil Ape’s informers, they had to watch out for some other insignificant life forms or else it would be extremely easy to be exposed. At that time, the three of them would absolutely die!

Although the Heavenly Wolf General’s aura was slowly increasing, due to it not deliberately releasing itself outwards, as a result, it basically couldn’t be sensed from outside the cave.

But another quite serious problem emerged——every day at a fixed time, the summoning vortex would inevitably appear. This vortex’s movements could be faintly felt from a hundred meter scope outside the cave. If this kept on continuing, it was estimated that before the 5th day, the Open-arm Devil Ape would definitely know the Heavenly Wolf General’s hiding place!

“What to do, what to do?” Lin Wei anxiously grabbed his head fur(he currently already doesn’t have hair on his head, it can only be called head fur).

“What’s wrong?” Plump Red was eating roast fish by itself, a little unclear on why Lin Wei showed an anxious appearance. Although its IQ was relatively higher than those within its level, it definitely couldn’t compare with Lin Wei, this transmigrator, and it clearly still didn’t figure out the serious crucial point.

“Aiya! It would make no sense to you even if I explained it!” Lin Wei hopped around and said.

“Uh……” Plump Red scratched its head, then handed over the roasted fish in its hand: “Eat fish!”

Lin Wei depressedly took the roast fish and ate two mouthfuls, then suddenly hopped up: “I’ve got a solution! I’ve got a solution! Do it like this!”

As Lin Wei was saying this, he threw down the roast fish and pulled Plump Red, taking to his heels and ran towards the direction of the cave: “Quicker, quicker! It’s almost about time today.”

“What are we going to do?” Plump Red asked as it was running. It still hadn’t finished eating the fish, its stomach wasn’t full, and it had to waste a half pile of fish.

“It’s surely feasible like this, it’s surely feasible like this……” Lin Wei was rapidly analyzing in his heart: “How come I didn’t think of this a little earlier? Later, when the summoning vortex appears, we can lift up the Heavenly Wolf General and throw it inside the vortex!”

“What?” When Plump Red heard this, his eyes rounded in disbelief.

“That’s right.” Lin Wei lifted up his head and resolutely reasoned: “Every time, the Heavenly Wolf General is unable to be summoned because it has lost consciousness, and merely depending on the vortex’s attractive force isn’t enough. If we can assist the Heavenly Wolf General in entering the vortex, then everything will be solved. Once the Heavenly Wolf General’s master knows that it’s injured, then the master definitely won’t summon it to fight, so the Heavenly Wolf General will be safe! And if the Heavenly Wolf General leaves, then we’ll also be safe!”

Plump Red nodded in half-understanding.

“Plump Red, your strength is greater, in a moment you must use a bit more strength!” Lin Wei instructed.

“Oh……ah?” When Plump Red heard this, it involuntarily shivered.

Just as the two of them barely reached a distance 50 meters away from the cave, an unusual fluctuation started to appear. The running Lin Wei and Plump Red only felt their scalps tingling and fur start to stand up: “It’s started! Let’s go a bit faster!”

Three steps turned into two steps, and when they rushed into the cave, the summoning vortex’s attractive force’s lifting turbulence caused the two of them immediately to fall on the floor, rolling them to the Heavenly Wolf General’s side.

“Come!!! We have to lift it!!!” Lin Wei did his utmost to shout and dug under the Heavenly Wolf General’s right shoulder, then exerted himself to lift the Heavenly Wolf General.

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Plump Red swallowed its saliva with great difficulty, and immediately afterwards, it followed Lin Wei’s example and went to lift up the Heavenly Wolf General’s left shoulder. It could usually lift a boulder, but now it was actually strenuously propping up a left shoulder.

“Come on!” Lin Wei shouted loudly.

Plump Red clenched its jaw and made a great effort to stop both its legs’ trembling, then with a low bellow, it finally coordinated with Lin Wei to lift up the lying supine Heavenly Wolf General.

Like this, the distance between the Heavenly Wolf General and summoning vortex became closer by a lot. Immediately, the attraction force intensified a bit. Lin Wei and Plump Red felt an incorporeal strength once again pulling themselves upwards. It seemed like their bodies had became very light and there was a feeling of both their feet going to leave the floor. However, even though the attractive force was several times stronger than before, it still wasn’t enough——the Heavenly Wolf General trembled from head to toe, nearly floating inside, but there still seemed to be some weights pressing down on Lin Wei and Plump Red’s bodies. The former school’s top student Lin Wei was quite clear on this in his heart; only when this weighing down feeling completely disappears will the summoning vortex’s attractive strength be able to fully exceed the Heavenly Wolf General’s gravity, and pull the Heavenly Wolf General inside of its vortex.

Of course, there is also another type of method; to throw the Heavenly Wolf General up and hope that when the Heavenly Wolf General rises, the attractive force will intensify until it exceeds its1 gravity! But at present, Lin Wei and Plump Red already reached their limits, so much that they had even overdrafted their physical strength. The Heavenly Wolf General’s formidable pressure pushed down on them, causing them to display way less strength than they anticipated. It was feared that the amount of power that Plump Red could send out wasn’t even a tenth of what it could normally use.

“No good……” Plump Red was shivering and its four limbs were twitching. Its physical strength already approached its true limit.

“Almost there, try harder!” Lin Wei suddenly burst out with a bellow. Both his knees bent and he dug his toes into the ground. He collected all the strength in his body again, then used all of it to jump upwards!

The final battle! Success or defeat all depended on this one move!

Yet in this crucial moment, another change was suddenly born——

Originally, Lin Wei thought that he and Plump Red could use their strengths and toss the Heavenly Wolf General inside. But unfortunately at this time, Plump Red’s strength was exhausted earlier than expected and it tumbled to the floor, causing the Heavenly Wolf General to follow its direction and slip downwards. But at this moment, Lin Wei was right in the middle of sending out his strength. Now that the above-mentioned weight2 suddenly vanished, it led to Lin Wei entire body to become like an artillery shell as he leapt upwards!

“Fuuuuuck……” In that moment, Lin Wei couldn’t help but break into foul language. He lifted his head to take a look, and was met with the sight of the vortex already in front of him. At such a close distance, the attractive force was actually greatly terrifying. Practically without the slightest resistance, Lin Wei was dragged into it in a flash.

“No! Save……” Lin Wei was scared to the point of his soul flying away. He called for help loudly towards Plump Red, but before the word ‘I’ left his mouth, the vortex mouth suddenly closed and he immediately sunk inside an absolute darkness!


There wasn’t a trace of illumination, not even a trace of colors. It was even unclear on the up and down directions; it was like he was in space as he felt weightlessness.

Lin Wei bewilderedly drifted along in some certain direction.

He didn’t know how long he had been drifting along, it seemed as long as several centuries, yet it also seemed to be but a flash. A kind of misty golden radiance appeared and descended onto Lin Wei’s body, digging its way into Lin Wei’s body. When it submerged into Lin Wei’s body, it suddenly jolted, seeming to come across some inconceivable matter, and hesitated for a while. There seemed to be a sound, yet not a sound, saying: “How can this be? Strange……”

Just at this time, a sudden rip in space occurred in the direction he was drifting towards and a bright light shown in. A pleasant voice anxiously shouted: “Sky wolf3! Sky wolf! Is that you?”

When the golden radiance in Lin Wei’s body heard that voice, it turned around several times rapidly in place. It seemed very anxious, but didn’t have any means.

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As soon as the opening began to become bigger and bigger, the outside scenery also became hazily visible. That golden radiance stopped in place, then ‘whoosh’-ed into Lin Wei’s heart. Using the heart as a center, an incorporeal power enveloped Lin Wei. This power was divine and dignified, as if it represented the whole world’s order and rules. Immediately following, an ancient and complex symbol writing was left onto Lin Wei’s forehead.

Afterwards, while Lin Wei was in a dazed state, he was thrown out from this split open hole!

“Sky wolf! Huh?!!!……” That pleasant voice came to a stop spontaneously.


After a long time passed again, Lin Wei finally felt his consciousness returning to his body; he could finally control his own body. Trying hard to open his heavy eyelids, he saw a dusky room before him. The room was approximately a little more than 10 meters on each side of the room, while the floor was ice-cold bluestone tiles along with some moisture. The room didn’t have any lighting, only a high window opened a crack, letting in a thread of chilly moonlight.

Lin Wei propped up his body and lifted up his head. Then, he finally saw the most longed for and wished for during those seven years——humanity! Furthermore, it was two humans!

Two flower-like beauties were in the middle of staring with their eyes, using an amazed look to watch Lin Wei. The ages of the two was a bit wide, one was approximately a little over 40 while the other was about 20, just in the prime of her life. The two people’s appearances somewhat resembled each other, one look and one could tell that they were mother and daughter.

“This is……I returned to Earth?” Suddenly seeing humanity, Lin Wei was immensely pleasantly surprised in his heart and couldn’t help but blurt this out. But when these words just came out, he promptly realized that it was wrong. The clothing style of the two woman before him wasn’t similar to any place on Earth that he knew of. The mother of the two women wore a simple loose light yellow swan’s down4 cheongsam-style skirt, embroidered with fine floral designs. Her waist was bound by a thin and tough orange colored silk belt, showing off her mature figure even more. The daughter’s clothes was a snow-white broad sleeved short jacket that covered her whole body, as well as wrapped up her developing extra large chest.The spacious sleeve was in a semi-transparent state, and one could vaguely see a fresh lotus-like white delicate jade arm. Below that was a skin-tight rice-colored leather pants and a pair of bright red boots. The clothing, pants, and boots all had fine decorations, appearing valiant and formidable-looking.

What kind of people were they?

Where was this place?

After the mother-daughter pair heard Lin Wei’s words, they didn’t have any special reactions, seeming to not understand what he had said. The daughter turned her head and said a few words to the mother.

But these words, Lin Wei unexpectedly understood! This wasn’t any language that he knew of on Earth, not even the other world’s beast language, rather a kind of language that he had never heard before. But unfortunately, the way he understood those words was like this: the meaning of the words clearly directly transmitted itself into his mind.

What the daughter said was: “It woke up.”


  1. TLN: Heavenly Wolf General. 
  2. TLN: The Heavenly Wolf General’s body slipped out of Lin Wei’s hands too. 
  3. TLN: The Chinese for ‘Sky wolf’ is the same two Chinese characters for ‘Heavenly Wolf’. Changed it to ‘Sky wolf’ because who the hell would call their pet ‘Heaven wolf/Heavenly wolf’? 
  4. TLN: Swan’s down is a type of fabric. 

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