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Chapter 4 – Seven Years

A white steed flits past a crack, time flies by. In a blink of an eye, Lin Wei had already lived in this world for a whole seven years.

Seven years. How many ‘seven years’ did a human have? Living to 70 in ancient times was rare, 10 ‘seven years’ meant that one was one foot into the coffin. Seven years, if Lin Wei was still on Earth, he would have been able to finish his Master’s degree. Even if he didn’t study for a Master’s degree, he would have already stepped into society and possibly been married with a child. His parents also would have been able to enjoy the domestic bliss of having a grandchild.

But now? The cruel reality was——Lin Wei was stranded in this strange world.

Seven years. With the help of the knowledgeable and erudite Hundred-Year Treant, Lin Wei understood many things about this other world. He gradually understood that in this world, there was a strict status system. The most common would be a Beastly Servant; approximately half of the population was classified as such. Generally speaking, Beastly Servants didn’t have any fighting strength.

Above Beastly Servant is Beastly Soldier. Beginning from Beastly Soldier, it became divided into the three ranks of Low, Intermediate, and High. Beastly Soldier is considered the most initial ranked small force with just a little fighting strength. If there happened to be a territory war or race battle, Beastly Soldiers could only be cannon fodder.

Above Beastly Soldier is Beastly Guard. Beastly Guard is the dividing line of the entire status system. Only one in ten Beastly Soldiers had the possibility of turning into a Beastly Guard. During a large-scale battle, Beastly Guards were the main force and were often the deciding factor in the ultimate outcome of the battle.

Above Beastly Guard is Beastly General. As the name implies, it is the military officer within a group of beasts. The quantity of Beastly Generals were sparse, often appearing within relatively organized powerful tribe groups. For example, wolf clan, lion clan, ape clan and so on, their influence and ruling strength could radiate a wide expanse past their tribe group. In these seven years, the Heavenly Wolf Guard finally succeeded in making a breakthrough to Low Level Beastly General. It took a part of territory from an old Beastly General, including the forest and lake that Lin Wei was at. In other words, Lin Wei and Plump Red were affiliated with Heavenly Wolf Guard’s——currently should be called Heavenly Wolf General——governance.

As a Low Level Beastly General, Heavenly Wolf General’s territory was already very expansive. The former old Beastly General was an Intermediate Level Beastly General; its territory range was larger by several dozens of times! When one arrives at this level, even if one is separated by a small status1, the strength disparity is extraordinarily immense. Lin Wei hadn’t seen the old Beastly General, but he had heard that its subordinates were several other Low Level Beastly Generals. As for even more formidable High Level Beastly Generals, Lin Wei absolutely didn’t have an idea of.

Above Beastly General was a more formidable status, separated into Beastly Commander-in-chief and Beastly King, as well as the Beastly Emperor in the legends!

That class of hegemony was absolutely a ‘Heaven and Earth2’ sort of existence, it was something that the current Lin Wei couldn’t imagine!

Apart from ‘status’, there was the even more important ‘rank’! To draw an analogy, if ‘status’ refers to absolute value of fighting strength, then ‘rank’ refers to the potential value, growth value, and increase value3. The disparity between different ranked Beastly Servants or Beastly Soldiers probably wouldn’t be too large, but the higher ranked one would possess a greater growth value. Every time it rose one class, it would obtain more power than the lower ranked one. Like this, when becoming Beastly General, Beastly Commander-in-chief, these levels, the different ranked fighting strength value would be very obvious.

The division of ranks from lowest to highest was “Common”, “Bronze”, “Blue-silver”, “Purple-gold”, “Orange-crystal” and “Scarlet-diamond”.

Some life forms, due to their bloodline relationship, naturally possessed relatively high ranks and their starting points were much higher than other races. Besides, there were extremely few situations in legends that stated that it was possible to transfer ranks. For example, causing a mere common life form advance to Bronze Rank!

In these seven years, Lin Wei hadn’t completely abandoned seeking a channel to return back to Earth. His searching scope gradually expanded to the Heavenly Wolf General’s entire territory. Using this world’s natural day cycle to calculate, he would go out every few months to explore for a short interval of several tens of days, taking as long as 2 to 3 months to return back to the habitat.

In the period of seven years, although Lin Wei’s status and rank hadn’t changed, his survival ability had gotten quite a huge improvement. The advanced intelligence that came from being a human gradually displayed its effect. Utilizing some traps and simple-to-manufacture weapons, Lin Wei currently could even kill some Low or Intermediate Level Beastly Soldiers. With corresponding self-made tree leaf rain clothes and camouflage disguise, it was possible to hide from Beastly Guard and higher status life forms.

During these seven years, the Contract Selecting Cloud appeared six times, once a year on average. For four times, it hurriedly floating around and didn’t select any life form in this area. There was one time where it chose a Bronze rank bird from the territory border. There was also a time where it unexpectedly chose a Common rank Intermediate Level Beastly Soldier in a distance not far from Lin Wei’s place. It caused all life forms’, who attended the ceremony, eyeglasses to fall down(if they had eyeglasses).

On this day, there was a pleasant breeze and beautiful sun.

Lin Wei was crawling on the branch of a large tree, wearing the tree-leaf rain clothes on his body. His hand grasped a short spear made out of stone, calmly and quietly waiting for prey to tread pass the trap he set up under the tree. He hid himself for a full three hours. At last, after patiently keeping watch for three hours, he obtained the result——underneath, a plump ‘Big Flower-spotted Deer’ appeared in his field of view, just happening to walk in the direction of the trap. Common rank, Beastly Servant.

Lin Wei looked at this game and couldn’t help but roll his eyes. This prey wasn’t the one he needed; there simply wasn’t any difficulty or challenge. Moreover, a herbivorous beast wasn’t his main hunting target.

Just when Lin Wei was about to go down and drive away the ‘Big Flower-spotted Deer’, the ‘Big Flower-spotted Deer’ suddenly stopped in its tracks, appearing to sense something and lifted its head towards the sky to look around. Then, it seemed to be frightened by something and took to its heels and ran off.

“What was that all about?” Lin Wei stared blankly. He didn’t think that the ‘Big Flower-spotted Deer’ could discover his hiding self. So, what had happened?

Lin Wei subconsciously lifted his head, only to see a ball of radiance thirty meters above blooming. Right after that, the rays of light tore open a pitch-black hole in the sky.

Huh? Lin Wei stared blankly first, then his pupils began enlarging soon afterwards. This……this is……

A space vortex!!!

Lin Wei’s mind suddenly exploded4, it was a space vortex! This was what he had been longing for day and night for these past seven years, the space vortex that he longed for even in his dreams!

For a short while, Lin Wei felt that he was unable to breath. Must go in! Absolutely cannot miss this time’s opportunity! Although it was a little high, if he climbed up up the tree a bit more, then jumped over, there was a chance he could make it.

Lin Wei didn’t give any further thought to any trap or rain clothes disguise; he rose and stood up his body.

Just at this time, a fierce aura rushed out from the black hole and a tall and sturdy figure was ruthlessly thrown out from the inside.

That thrown figure’s speed was extremely quick, leaving Lin Wei with not enough time to react. Like this, both sides were impartially smashed against each other. An intense striking power caused the tree branch to loudly rupture and collapse. Afterwards, Lin Wei and that figure fell down onto the ground together.

In the moment of falling to the ground, Lin Wei suddenly remember a mater.

****! Just as this word appeared in Lin Wei’s mind, a thick rope went ‘swish’ and binded that figure and him together. This still wasn’t the end; following that came the vigorous sound of an upwards lift until it stopped two to three meters off the ground.

“Hm? Who, is plotting against me?!” Along with the ear-deafening bellow, an intense heaven-startling imposing manner burst forth from the figure beside Lin Wei. Then, the figure started twisting to struggle free from the rope. When it turned its body, its swift right claw held the already-unable-to-breathe-due-to-the-imposing-manner Lin Wei and used him to thump against the tree thunk.

Lin Wei only thought that his chest shook and a mouthful of sweet blood came up. However, because his throat was being held, he was incapable of spitting it out. What was even more fearful was that an exceedingly strong pressure was coming from this figure, causing Lin Wei to tremble from head to toe, practically making him want to fall to the ground and prostrate.

Iron-claw Wolf, Attribute: Gold, Rank: Bronze!!! Status: Low Level Beast General!!!

The other party’s information was like a clap of thunder and a lightning strike through Lin Wei’s mind.

Low Level Beastly General status Iron-claw Wolf! Lin Wei shook from head to toe, immediately following that was a name that jumped into his mind: Heavenly Wolf General!

In this place, with this rank and status, as well as being a summon beast, there is only one: Feudal Lord Heavenly Wolf Guard. It should have just finished in participating in a battle over at Qifeng Continent. After being reverse-summoned, it was unknown due to which reason, but the space tunnel’s exit had a deviation. Instead of being opening at the cave dwelling in the mountain peak, it had opened here.

The matter was as rare as lightning striking a tiny rock on the ground. When Lin Wei was pressed against the tree trunk, he wasn’t even afraid. He had enough time to just lift his eyes to catch a glimpse of the Heavenly Wolf Guard’s approximate mighty appearance.

First of all, the most prominent was the Heavenly Wolf General’s pair of claws, resembling the male lead’s claws from the movie 《Wolverine》 on Earth. The claws were as sharp as a spear point, strange and incomparably long, twinkling with a dark and cold metal luster. At this moment, a claw was holding onto Lin Wei’s neck with its sharp edges embedded into the tree trunk on both sides5, seeming like a diamond hoop. The other claw was lifted up and its sharp edge was less than one inch away from Lin Wei’s eye.

The Heavenly Wolf General’s mane was brownish-yellow, standing up due to anger. It opened both its eyes wide and on its right ear was a gash dripping with blood. There was also blood flowing down the corner of its mouth.

It’s wounded? Moreover, it seems that its injury is very heavy.

“You……” The Heavenly Wolf General looked at Lin Wei for a moment: “You are my subject, I……I contracted the other day, felt your aura……”

After it finished speaking, the Heavenly Wolf General appeared to have depleted its whole body’s strength and its grip loosened, its body falling into Lin Wei’s embrace.

“Huh?” Lin Wei exerted all his strength to support the Heavenly Wolf General, only to discover that it had already lost its consciousness. When he lifted his head to take a look at the black space vortex again, it had already disappeared.

To be able to severely wound a Bronze rank Beastly General, what grade of existence was it? For the first time, Lin Wei felt the cruelty of a summon beast fight. When he listened to the Silver Electric Red Silk say that its mother had died in a summon beast fight in the past, he didn’t really feel anything. Now, he had the most direct observation familiarity.

Lin Wei swallowed a mouthful of saliva with great difficulty. For approximately 5 to six minutes, his mind blanked out.

The Heavenly Wolf General fainted with serious injuries, what should I do?

Wait for it to wake up?

Give it artificial respiration? Or should I call over a beast skilled in breathing?

Or should I deliver it to Heavenly Wolf Mountain?

Or should I first bring it to the lakeside?

“Plump Red! Plump Red——” Lin Wei couldn’t attend to whether or not the surroundings had any hidden danger and immediately called for Plump Red to come over. He truly couldn’t continuously support the Heavenly Wolf General by himself because it had lost consciousness, even when its pressure had lessened greatly.

Several minutes later, Plump Red walked out from the grove holding a roast fish in its hand. When it saw Lin Wei and the Heavenly Wolf General that he was supporting, it spit out a mouthful of saliva the size of an eye. Then, it very simply threw the roast fish to the ground, turned its head, and ran! Its speed was unprecedentedly quick.

Bang! Lin Wei couldn’t support anymore and fell onto the ground……


  1. TLN: Low Level, Intermediate Level, High Level 
  2. TLN: OP as hell. 
  3. TLN: I think increase value in this case means how much strength one gets when they go from Low Level to Intermediate Level etc. 
  4. TLN: Not literally. Figuratively. 
  5. TLN: Of his neck 
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