Chapter 5 – Clouding Over

Three days later, the Heavenly Wolf Guard still remained unconscious.

Due to security concerns, Lin Wei and Plump Red placed the Heavenly Wolf General in another cave, neither at Heavenly Wolf Mountain nor the lakeside. The cave was halfway up the mountain, concealed by layers upon layers of shrubbery. If one pushed aside the shrubbery covering the cave, one could directly gaze at the boundless forest in the distance.

Every night, Lin Wei brought back some water back and poured it through the gaps of the Heavenly Wolf General’s teeth. Afterwards, he would use some clean cotton hemp and straw padding to dress its wound. At present, its wound had basically healed enough to form a scab.

On the fourth day, there still no indication of the Heavenly Wolf General waking up. Its pulse was already steady, breath normal, and body’s aura and pressure became increasingly powerful. Plump Red already didn’t dare to approach it within 10 meters. But even though Lin Wei’s status was lower, he still clenched his teeth and persisted.

“Aiyo, too fearful!” Lin Wei had just fed the Heavenly Wolf General some water. Immediately after he did that, he hastily ran to Plump Red’s side and wiped the sweat off his forehead. At the Heavenly Wolf General’s side, he felt that he was being placed by a high-pressure blast furnace’s side, his dry mouth not even daring to lightly move.

“We……we……we leave……” Plump Red’s words weren’t nimble.

“Okay……” Lin Wei answered. Just as he prepared to leave the cave with Plump Red, suddenly, a different shape abruptly appeared!

The area 4 to 5 meters above the Heavenly Wolf General suddenly hissed and the space violently warped. The intense warping caused light to become chaotic, producing a huge dizziness feeling. Following right after, a ball of black light suddenly appeared! ——Space vortex, that familiar black space vortex appeared again.

Lin Wei and Plump Red simultaneously sucked in a breath of cold air, both involuntarily step-step-stepping backwards several paces.


This was a summoning! The Heavenly Wolf General’s master over at Qifeng Continent was summoning it!

A strange suction force emerged from the black space vortex and the Heavenly Wolf General’s body started fiercely trembling, seeming to want to leave the ground and go in. But because the Heavenly Wolf General was in an unconscious state, it was unable to complete the summon response. Also, the pure suction force clearly wasn’t enough to pull the Heavenly Wolf General into the space transmission gate.

Along with the passing of time, the Heavenly Wolf General’s body trembled even more intensely. In its surroundings was a ball of weak golden radiance attached to the center of the space vortex. This ball of radiance became increasingly intense, seeming to exert all its strength in wanting to deliver the Heavenly Wolf General into the space vortex. Lin Wei could even feel a worried and impatient summoning call coming from the black space vortex, full of anxiousness and grief.

Lin Wei and Plump Red’s hearts had already risen up into their throats and both beasts already involuntarily hugged one another.

Approximately ten minutes later, the space vortex’s strength appeared to be used up. It struggled for a little while, then shrunk unwillingly and disappeared.

The Heavenly Wolf General’s body once again became tranquil, but it still didn’t wake up.

Lin Wei let out a long breath and discovered that at an unknown time, he had already controlled his sweat. Patting his chest with lingering fears, he and Plump Red looked at each other: “Summoning……it was a summoning. But, the summoning unexpectedly……failed?”

“We, quickly leave.” Plump Red once again urged.

Lin Wei nodded his head and left the cave with Plump Red.

“It was quite scary a moment ago……” Outside the cave, Lin Wei moved some huge tree leaves to cover up the cave entrance: “This is the first time I’ve seen a summoning space vortex at such a close range……”

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His voice hadn’t fallen when suddenly, a loud muffled sound was heard from the southeast direction without the slightest omen. Then, the whole earth seemed to tremble immediately afterwards.

Lin Wei was greatly frightened: “What’s the matter? What’s going on? An earthquake?”

He turned his body around and discovered Plump Red foolishly standing for a long time. It had lifted its right-hand claw to point towards the southeast.

“What’s wrong? What did you discover?” Lin Wei looked in the direction Plump Red was pointing at and saw a thick brown smoke floating off a mountain peak in the distance. Then, an intense fluctuation radiated over from there. This fluctuation wasn’t visible to the naked eye, but it could be clearly felt. That sort of feeling only came from a Bronze rank Beastly General deliberately releasing its own pressure.

That direction……

Lin Wei’s heart jumped.

Isn’t that the direction of the Heavenly Wolf Peak? How is this possible? The Heavenly Wolf General is unconscious in the cave behind me! So, who is over at the Heavenly Wolf Peak? Furthermore, just now there was a fierce vibration and thick smoke. What’s going on? ……Could it be……another Beastly General?!

Just as this thought appeared, Lin Wei promptly shrunk his neck and hurriedly erased that thought from his mind.

Restraining his restless mind, Lin Wei and Plump Red returned back to the lakeside. Along the way, they saw many beasts dashing, seeming to have received some kind of frightening.

And just as they reached the lakeside, they suddenly met an extremely disturbing scene——they saw the usual absolutely arrogant Ash-fur Wolf clan’s several Low Level Beastly Guard-grade members being driven away from the forest by a Bronze rank Vigorous Vajra Ape. Afterwards, when they wanted to continue their action of running away, it was ruthlessly terminated——the Vigorous Vajra Ape overtook them and suddenly pressed fiercely towards the ground. Following that was a muffled rumbling sound and two holes being formed. Inside those holes were Ash-fur Wolves pressed into meat patties.

The remaining Ash-fur Wolves’ eyes turned red with anger and they loudly howled. They stopped escaping and instead turned towards the Vigorous Vajra Ape, using everything they had to throw themselves at it.

The Vajra Ape slightly lowered its body and extended its right hand to hold to front-most ‘throwing-themselves-at-it’ Ash-fur Wolf’s hind legs. Afterwards, it1 swung it in a wide arc and resolutely smashed it on the floor. The Ash-fur Wolf sprayed a mouthful of blood; its spinal column had fractured. It struggled to crawl with its upper body, but the Vajra Ape’s gigantic hand was already pressing down. Bang! The Ash-fur Wolf’s head exploded like a watermelon.

Lin Wei and Plump Red were already frightened in their tracks. The two of them were dazedly watching the Vigorous Vajra Ape licking off the blood from holding the hind legs, not having the slightly thought of escaping.

“You two.” The Vigorous Vajra Ape lazily opened its mouth to speak: “Go to Heavenly Wolf Peak……meet the new feudal lord! Those who don’t listen to the command, death.”

“Yes!” Plump Red practically stood up its body in conditioned reflex. Although it had already promoted itself to peak Intermediate Level Beastly Soldier in the course of the seven years, there was still an immensely wide gap compared to a Beastly Guard.

Lin Wei hastily nodded. New feudal lord?! Heavens! As a person who had transmigrated, Lin Wei immediately understood some things. The Heavenly Wolf General being heavily injured and remaining unconscious from a fight, and at this critical juncture, there just happened to be a new feudal lord appearing. This……couldn’t be a coincidence, right?


One hour later, Lin Wei and Plump Red arrived beneath Heavenly Wolf Peak together.

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At this time, he finally understood what the matter was with the fierce vibration and thick smoke——this place had been razed down in a square with the sides of 100 zhang2, forming an enormous block of open space. A figure of several thousand beasts had already gathered in this open space. In the front of this open space was a block of 50 to 60 meter tall rock, and on top of it was a lofty and towering figure.

Bronze rank! Low Level Beastly General!!!

A tide-like line of information bubbled forth into Lin Wei’s brain, causing it to swell up in pain and practically choke him.

The new feudal lord was of the ape race, moreover, it was an Open-arm Devil Ape that had never appeared here before. Along with its arrival, the ape race in this territory towered up and the wolf race a huge suppression. As for the other beasts, as long as they obeyed, then their security was ensured. However, the wolf race actually faced a savage massacre.

The Open-arm Devil Ape towered above, looking down with half-opened eyes, using a gaze that looked down upon all living things upon all the beasts in the open space. Of course, it was the type of complete despise, the type of look that regarded them as ants. This kind of feeling caused Lin Wei to feel unhappy from head to toe. One has to know, even though the Heavenly Wolf General was proud and aloof, it didn’t use this kind of gaze to look at the other subjects under its rule.

After about half an hour, the open space was more or less overflowing with all kinds of life forms. However, Lin Wei hadn’t seen that Silver Electric Red Silk that he had met before.

The Open-arm Devil Ape turned its head and moved its gaze downwards. Then, the High Level Beastly Guard Vigorous Vajra Ape by its side walked out. Although it3 was in a position lower than the Open-arm Devil Ape, it was still up 40 to 50 meters high. After it scanned the crowd, it opened its mouth and said: “The Heavenly Wolf General……has died!”

Once these words came out, the open space immediately was in an uproar. Lin Wei’s heart jumped and the guess in his heart became a bit more certain. From what it seems, there was an 80% chance that this new Open-arm Devil Ape feudal lord had something to do with the Heavenly Wolf General’s serious injury.

“Died?” Plump Red didn’t react and its face was vacant. It turned to Lin Wei and said: “No way……”

Lin Wei shivered in fright and hastily covered Plump Red’s mouth. He dragged it down: “Don’t say anything.”

“Afterwards, in the future, we follow the Devil Ape General.” The Vigorous Vajra Ape continued: “Those who refuse to accept, get out of here. Those who resist……death!”

In the open space, all life forms palpitated like cicadas in winter4.

“In addition……” The Vigorous Vajra Ape stopped for a moment: “Everyone, pay attention to the wolf race, especially……Iron-claw Wolf.”

All the life forms in the open space began whispering to each other. The Iron-claw Wolf was the Heavenly Wolf General’s clan, but in reality, inside this region, the amount of Iron-claw Wolves could be counted on one hand. The reproduction rate of the Iron-claw Wolf was very low, causing the population to be very scarce. The Vigorous Vajra Ape wanting everyone to pay attention to the Iron-claw Wolf clan was actually quite a strange command.

Lin Wei’s heart suddenly had a burst of understanding. Apparently, the Open-arm Devil Ape actually wasn’t very certain of the Heavenly Wolf General’s current condition. It should only be able to determine that the Heavenly Wolf General was seriously injured, but unable to determine whether or not it was dead. The reason why it had disseminated the Heavenly Wolf General’s death was definitely to crumble the faith in the crowd. As for this strange command, it was to present any fish slipping through the net. Seeing the Heavenly Wolf General’s beasts truly be pitiful, once this command was issued, if there was a beast that saw the seriously injured Heavenly Wolf General, they could only regard it as an ordinary Iron-claw Wolf and afterwards report it to the ape race.

After staying in this other world for seven years, Lin Wei had a general judgement of the intelligence situation of all the life forms here. The overwhelming majority of the life forms were fairly rich in mood and they had a certain degree of thinking. Compared to Earth’s animals, they were already highly advanced, approximately equivalent to the degree of a 5 or 6 year-old baby. A small number of species had an even higher intelligence level, emotional and thinking capability. But even then, it was only approximately equal to a 10 year-old juvenile. However, this Devil Ape General before him was the most fierce person that Lin Wei had met in these past seven years. Its strength was about the same as the Heavenly Wolf General’s, but its intelligence was obviously higher as it could plan; it already touched the level of “scheming”. Despite only being at a very shallow level, it was still a type of qualitative leap.

In this place, Lin Wei didn’t fear the opposite party’s strength being formidable, he feared that the opposite party was intelligent. One has to know, as a transmigrator, the largest superiority was his innate intelligence and knowledge that he had brought over. If this aspect was pulled closer or even surpassed, then he truly wouldn’t have any superiority.

The Open-arm Devil Ape’s eyes were halfway open, having not one bit of interest towards the crowd of innumerable ants below it. After shooting a glance, it prepared to leave. Suddenly, empty space began hissing and violently twisting. This present situation, Lin Wei was already accustomed to and didn’t wonder at; this was a summoning space vortex! The space vortex appeared 3 to 4 meters above the Open-arm Devil Ape’s head and the Open-arm Devil Ape’s appearance all of the sudden became humble and respectful. Although it didn’t stretch out its tongue and shake its tail, compared to that ‘disdainfully looking down upon all living creatures’ attitude, it seemed like two different apes. It’s Master was summoning it! The Devil Ape General prepared to leave through this space vortex.

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But just at this time, a bellow sounded out: “Heavenly Wolf General, is unlikely to be dead!”

A shadow soared through the air, suddenly throwing itself towards the Devil Ape General who was about to enter the space vortex.

Naturally, it was a White-back Swordtooth Wolf, a Bronze rank Beastly Guard! Its bloodline was on the same level as the Iron-claw Wolf in this area, but it was a kind of wolf clan with even less members. The opportunity that the White-back Swordtooth Wolf chose was very timely, practically the split second that the Devil Ape General was summoned. If it attacked right at this moment, then its success rate was absolutely the highest!

Yet, a trace of a taunt flashed past the Open-arm Devil Ape’s eyes. It didn’t even stop its footsteps, still walking into the space vortex. It simply lifted its left arm that was still outside and suddenly pounded downwards. Without any mercy, it just happened to bash the top of the White-back Swordtooth Wolf’s head. An immense strength ran through it and the White-back Swordtooth Wolf’s head immediately smashed into the ground. While a very loud rumbling noise was resounding, the ground cracked. The crack extended from all the way from the rocks they were standing on to the front of countless dumbfounded life forms.

The Open-arm Devil Ape then entered the space vortex and disappeared.


  1. TLN: The first ‘it’ refers to the Ape. The second ‘it’ refers to the front-most Ash-fur Wolf 
  2. TLN: Zhang = 3.3 meters, so 100 zhang = 330 meters. 
  3. TLN: Vigorous Vajra Ape (I swear this is the most confusing **** ever) 
  4. TLN: Cicadas don’t chirp in the winter. Thus, this means that all the life forms’ hearts topped beating. 

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