Chapter 3 – Contract Ceremony

“In the end, what is this thing?” Lin Wei stood up, stretched his neck, and looked towards that ‘Contract Selecting Cloud’ floating towards the mountain peak in the distance.


Plump Red apparently wasn’t too clear on what was happening. It looked dazed for a moment, then lowered its head and continued on annihilating its grilled fish.


“Stop eating you two, together……let’s take a look together!” The Iron-skin Rhinoceros elatedly said.


Follow together? Lin Wei stared blankly. That place was in such a far away area from this lake; going there would be too dangerous.


Suddenly, Lin Wei finally noticed something he didn’t discover previously——in the lake’s open field, the amount of beasts suddenly increased by a lot! Furthermore, they basically scuttled from the forest, went around the lake, and ran to the forest on the other side. The direction they were going in was the direction that ‘Contract Selecting Cloud’ was floating in. The strangest thing was that among these beasts, there were all kinds of statuses. The lowest was naturally Beastly Servant, but the highest status was Low Level Beastly Guard! It was so strange that wolves, rabbit, and sheep were harmoniously running together! All the beasts had a type of indescribable excited mood, as if they were going to participate in a grand event.


Plump Red scratched its head. Suddenly, its mind luckily sharpened and an excited look on its face rapidly surfaced. It stood up, patted off its butt and abandoned the grilled fish in its hand, following after the Iron-skin Rhinoceros who was running towards the forest.


“Hey, wait……” Lin Wei yelled at once: “What’s going on? What is this ‘Contract Selecting Cloud’?”


“In a while, I’ll inform you, quickly run!” The Iron-skin Rhinoceros shouted. It was already disappearing into the concentrated beast crowd.


Regardless, I should first go and take a look! Lin Wei thought in his heart. Looking at the 5-6 Plum Flower Deer-looking small beasts running by his side, he promptly followed and mixed into the middle of them, using them to safeguard himself.


Just like this, he followed the large forces to pass through the entire forest, cross several rivers, then saw the Contract Selecting Cloud’s speed gradually slow down.


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At this moment, the amount of life forms in all directions constantly increased!


Yes, the words ‘life form’ had to be used here because, besides from those gigantic Treants and plant class creatures, Lin Wei could also see some completely different life forms that didn’t have shapes like ordinary animals.


The one that appeared the earliest was an unfixed clay-shaped life, and on that gray-black body were two whirling eyeballs. It was twisting on the ground, rolling around, and its speed was quite quick.


After concentrating his attention on its body, a line of information with more words than a common organism appeared:


Pottery Clay Monster, Attribute: Earth, Shape: Semi-entity Life Form, Status: Beastly Servant.


“Semi-entity?” Lin Wei stared blankly for a moment: “What does it mean? Could it be referring to its unfixed shape, its ability to twist and deform?”


Lin Wei pondered for a moment but was unsuccessful. However, he very quickly saw another even more magical thing——it should have flown over from his left rear. It appeared to resemble a ball of mist and while flying, it emitted red or orange rays of light. Inside of it, there seemed to be a silver electric snake twisting and flickering. It’s speed was extraordinarily quick, sweeping past low altitude with a low cry.


Silver Electric Red Silk, Attribute: Lightning, Shape: Elemental Class Void Body, Rank: Bronze, Status: High Level Beastly Soldier.


“Heavens! What is that Contract Selecting Cloud in the end? It unexpectedly attracted this many living creatures over. Even a Bronze rank Elemental Class ran over!” Lin Wei glanced at the Contract Selecting Cloud floating on the mountain summit in the distance and discovered that it had basically stopped.


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“You wanna know?” Suddenly, a tender pouting sound echoed besides Lin Wei’s ears.


Lin Wei was shocked by this sudden voice. He turning his head to look and saw the Silver Electric Red Silk that had just flown past him. It wasn’t known when, but it had appeared on his right with its illusory figure was floating. Although its figure didn’t have substance, Lin Wei could still feel an attentive gaze. Moreover, this gaze was tinged with curiosity.


“You know?” Lin Wei probingly asked.


“Yeah.” Although this Silver Electric Red Silk was Bronze rank, it didn’t resemble that former Vigorous Vajra Ape who sent out a formidable pressure.


“Because my mommy told me!” The Silver Electric Red Silk’s voice was filled with pride.


Faint! Its mother?


“Then where’s your mother?” Lin Wei subconsciously asked. He thought in his heart, is a fully grown Silver Electric Red Silk’s body larger?


“My mommy……” The Silver Electric Red Silk’s voice was tinged with pride, but there was more loss and sadness emerging. Although its status wasn’t high, its voice conveyed exceedingly rich emotion: “In those years, she was chosen by the Contract Selecting Cloud and contracted into a summon beast! But……but afterwards, during a fight, she was……was, killed by a *******……”


After speaking the last word, the Silver Electric Red Silk’s voice broken into a feeble sob.


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Contract! Summon Beast!


When hearing these two familiar nouns, a lightning bolt went across Lin Wei’s mind.


Suddenly, he understood, completely understood.


This place was a summon world! That is, a world where summon beasts lived! All the life forms in this place were summon beasts! No, no! To be precise, only a portion are summon beasts. The remaining portion could be considered as reserve summon beasts.


And this Contract Selecting Cloud came to filter summon beasts! Once it chose, then one would change and turn into a true summon beast.


Him turning into this appearance, transforming into a beast, turning into a member of the reserve forces.


If he could was chosen by this Contract Selecting Cloud in the future, then wouldn’t he……be able to leave this world?!!


Lin Wei suppressed the excitement in his heart and swallowed his saliva. At last, he finally found a way to leave this place!


With this hard-to-suppress excitement, Lin Wei once again look towards the Contract Selecting Cloud. Previously, this group of red clouds already stopped over his head, but very clearly, it hadn’t chosen him. Now that it stopped over that mountain speak, there was a very big possibility that it already found an appropriate life form.


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To turn into a summon beast, what requirements or conditions needed to be met? Lin Wei guessed that it possibly required one to be at least Bronze rank or higher. Possibly at least Beastly Guard status or higher?


When Lin Wei thought up to here, he merely thought to put all his strength into his legs. Je forced his way ahead of the relatively slow beasts and began running towards the mountain peak. He had to make clear the requirements of becoming a summon beast!


Approximately two hours later, Lin Wei finally arrived halfway up the mountain. After arriving here, it became difficult for him to even take a step further. On the mountain peak, unknown whether or not it was because of Contract Selecting Cloud, there was a top-down wind pressure. Moreover, the higher one approached the mountain peak, the stronger the wind pressure would be. Apart from this, those high status beasts could occupy a more advantageous position. When Lin Wei wanted to continue onwards, two ordinary rank wolf class Intermediate Level Beastly Soldiers in the front obstructed him and used an unfriendly gaze to stare at him.


Lin Wei helplessly stopped in his tracks. He was already the number one person among Beastly Servants to approach the summit the most. From this position upwards, one could see innumerable Intermediate and High Level Beastly Soldiers. Close to the end of his field of view, there were already large quantities of Low Level Beastly Guards.


At this time, the Contract Selecting Cloud began to slowly change shape. Its area gradually spread out and it turned thin, with its color deepening along with the thinning. The wind pressure halfway up the mountain also became stronger, causing Lin Wei’s eyes to nearly not be able to open and his figure swayed incessantly.




All the life forms simultaneously cheered.


Lin Wei opened his eyes by a seam with great difficult under the wind pressure and saw this scene——there was a hole in the middle of the Contract Selecting Cloud. A resplendent ray of light came down from the hole. That was just according the light on the mountain peak; the light pillar’s afterglow dyed half of the mountain peak in golden and in the middle of the light pillar, a silhouette slowly rose from the summit. An intangible power sucked it into the sky, causing it to ascend higher until it finally stopped over in the middle of the Contract Selecting Cloud.


This silhouette’s distance was too far, so Lin Wei was completely unable to acquire its detailed information. However, a burst of whooping already began disseminated downwards the mountain like a tsunami.


“Look! Quickly look! Heavenly Wolf Guard!”


“Truly, it is indeed the Heavenly Wolf Guard!”


“Is……is it that the Iron-claw Wolf?”


“En, yes.”


“I heard, it had……been on the mountain the whole time.”


In front of Lin Wei, those two wolf race Intermediate Level Beastly Soldiers were endlessly fanatical. Lin Wei fixed his eyes and took a look: those two Beastly Soldiers were only common rank Gray-furred Wolves. Apparently, this Heavenly Wolf Guard was the wolf race’s common idol.


“It’s the Heavenly Wolf Guard……” It was unknown when the Silver Electric Red Silk had appeared by Lin Wei’s side. It mumbled: “Bronze High Level Beastly Guard! Amazing.”


“Is it very powerful?” Lin Wei asked. Being able to be spoken highly of by the Silver Electric Red Silk, it seemed that this Heavenly Wolf Guard truly was a fierce character.


Heavenly Wolf Guard. This was clearly a name just like Plump Red. However, this name had a penetrating haughty and aloof atmosphere and one could faintly pry into this Bronze High Level Beastly Guard’s mood.


Silver Electric Red Silk actually didn’t say anything.


In the sky, the Heavenly Wolf Guard seemingly extended its limbs, then sent out a howl that even the deaf would be able to hear. And at this time, the Contract Selecting Cloud sent out a slender red light ray that used an extremely quick speed to hit the Heavenly Wolf Guard.


Weng! All the life forms underneath felt their souls shaking, then there seemed to be a formless law descending. All life forms in their soul seas could hear these words:


Metal-attributed Bronze High Level Beastly Guard Iron-claw Wolf has successfully been contracted into a summon beast to Qifeng Continent! Obtained the law’s bestowal of a new skill and new talent. Its skill and talent must be kept confidential. This mountain peak has turned into its permanent governance and has changed names to Heavenly Wolf Peak.


All life forms once again sent out a mad cry and inside this mad cry, one could totally hear the sincerity and reverence from their hearts to obtain an evolution.


Lin Wei’s body jolted. After the contract, there was unexpectedly an additional skill and talent bestowal and land possession! Hard-to-suppress happiness surged up; this was it! I must become stronger and obtain the Contract Selecting Cloud’s approval, so that I can turn into a summon beast!


In the sky, the Heavenly Wolf Guard’s figure became illusory. Afterwards, it distorted and was sucked into the Contract Selecting Cloud with a ‘whoosh’.


“It was summoned to Qifeng Continent!” Lin Wei’s eyelid jumped and his heart was trying hard not to beat. He had been looking for the space transmission gate the entire time; as long as he could pass through that hole, he would be able to leave this place!


In the surroundings of the mountain peak, all the wolf class beasts howled and jumped, appearing to be incomparably excited. But Lin Wei began retreating back, preparing to return to Plump Red and the Iron-skin Rhinoceros’ side.


But after walking several steps, he actually discovered that the Silver Electric Red Silk was closely following him.


“Huh? Why are you following me?” Lin Wei stared at the Silver Electric Red Silk and asked.


“Che, who is following you……” The Silver Electric Red Silk blinked its substance-less shaped eyes: “You……shouldn’t be wanting……wanting to become a contracted summon beast right?”


Having the thing in his heart said, Lin Wei’s heart jumped. But on the surface, he pretended to have a nonchalant appearance, saying: “Too difficult, I don’t have this notion.”


Huh? Wait……


What damned place is this Qifeng Continent? Why wasn’t it summoned to Earth? There simply wasn’t a Qifeng Continent on Earth!!!Could it be that this was another heavenly body? Or perhaps it was——another dimension?!!!

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