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Chapter 2 – Surviving

It was Lin Wei’s first night sleeping in a desolate and cold climate in this other world. He slept next to the Hundred-Year Treant. When the sun rose up into the sky the next day, the Hundred-Year Treant had already left and Lin Wei woke up crying.


He dreamed about his parents.


It wasn’t known for what reason, but transmigration always bought an enormous convenience in another world. The language would always unobstructed, the surrounding environment would always be considered safe, identity and status would have the probability of being a little special, and talent possibly being one in a thousand……but undeniably, this was another world. It wasn’t their original “home”. It could contain many many things, but it couldn’t contain their original family members, it couldn’t contain their original emotional fetters of their family members. It was impossible for you go free and easy, so thoroughly, so worryless.


Transmigration. It wasn’t a child’s naive delusions; it was a reality, an ice-cold reality. Because everything in this place was unfamiliar, if you couldn’t mix in, your heart would freeze over forever. And unfortunately, you couldn’t find the road home.


This place didn’t have a time-measuring tool. This place’s day and night seemed to be different from Earth. But based on experience, roughly around 20 hours had passed. Lin Wei crawled up and curled himself into a ball.


Twenty hours. The school should’ve already notified his own parents. He suddenly went missing. He wondered the worried or grieved appearance that his parents should have.


How can I go back?


That ancient parchment book definitely had problems! It obviously influenced his consciousness, causing him to become sickly and completely lose his ability to think. Otherwise, he absolutely wouldn’t run away to another world in spite of having parents and relatives!


The cool early morning breeze blew past and Lin Wei’s whole body trembled. He used his claws to rub his body for a while so that he could warm up a bit. He took a look all around and could see some beasts starting to move around in the jungle. In the area several dozens of meters in front of him, there was a bizarre armadillo-like beast slowly moving its body.



Yellow-shelled Spotted Beast, Attribute: Earth, Status: Beastly Servant.


Good, this one seems relatively docile, let’s go and greet it. In an unfamiliar world, more friends equals more to depend on. At least there is some common knowledge that I don’t know and need to ask a lot about.


Just as Lin Wei prepared to move, suddenly, an arm-thick big green-ringed snake came out from the shrubbery on the side. It opened its bloody mouth wide and bit the spotted beast’s neck. Then its whole body quickly followed, circling its prey tightly. Lin Wei was frightened! He watched the Yellow-shelled Spotted Beast do its utmost to struggle, flopping around causing the dust to rise, but unable to struggle free. The big green-ringed snake incessantly coiled its body, tightening as it coiled.


Sky-encompassing Snake, Attribute: Poison, Status: Low Level Beastly Soldier!


The Sky-encompassing Snake’s green skin could cause it to be undiscoverable inside the shrubbery, making it a perfect assassin!


Lin Wei sucked in a breath of cold air. This was the first “Poison” attributed life form he encountered after transmigrating! He promptly held his breath and slowly retreated by crawling backwards step by step. Luckily, the Sky-encompassing Snake was single-heartedly dedicating itself to handling the great meal in its mouth and seemed not to have noticed Lin Wei, who was behind its body.


The line of sight inside the jungle was obstructed, so retreating to the lakeside from yesterday was safer by a bit! Lin Wei bent his waist and began relying on his memory to move towards the direction of the lake. On one hand he was slowly moving and on the other, he nervously looking at the shrubbery all around and the branches above him, afraid that another ferocious beast would come out from some place.


After about ten minutes of walking and stopping like this, he finally saw a corner of the lake water through a small crack in the branches and leaves. Lin Wei cheered in his heart, I’m safe!


But just at this moment, the sound of something breaking came from behind him! He tensed up and appeared to see a huge shadow roll over, collapsing into the thickets near a tree with a ‘boom’. Lin Wei’s heart suddenly jumped into his throat and practically without the slightly hesitation, he took to his heels and ran. He didn’t dare to turn his head to look! Under the shroud of death, he already exerted even the strength to suckle breasts, fearing that if he was even a bit slow, he would be patted into a wide-open bloody mouth!


After running 20 to 30 meters, the sound of being chased couldn’t be heard from behind him. Lin Wei kept running as he turned his head to take a glance.


Huh? Lin Wei immediately discovered that the single huge shadow lump was actually two! One was a Wind attributed Long-tailed Storm Fox and the other was a Wood attributed Green-haired Jackal. It was unknown for what reason they were wrestling together, but since the two were both Low Level Beastly Soldiers, they were thus evenly matched. The long-tailed fox bit the Green-haired Jackal’s tail, while the Green-haired Jackal clung the long-tailed fox’s hind legs and held them together. They rolled here and there, unable to deal with the other.


Lin Wei let out a long breath. So it was a false alarm. He patted his heaving chest and promptly sprinted several steps. When he arrived at the lakeside, he immediately collapsed onto the ground, breathing in mouthfuls of air.


This world is really too dangerous! Must find a way to go back!


Early morning at the lakeside was tranquil. The amount of beasts was a little less compared to yesterday and those several Bronze Rank Vigorous Vajra Apes weren’t present. After taking a glance, he found that the highest status was an Intermediate Level Beastly Soldier Horned Hippopotamus.


As Lin Wei drank up several mouthfuls of lakewater, he now felt that his belly was hungrily calling ‘gugu’.


Right! Gotta find food, I must continue on living!


Lin Wei concentrated on his own body and even more information appeared: Biological entity, Omnivorous.


En……omnivorous, omnivorous hurray! Omnivorous means not picky about food and his survival possibility will be much bigger. I can capture fish to eat……right! I can still drill wood to make fire! I am someone who transmigrated, so this is absolutely my advantage!!! Isn’t roasted fish much more delicious than raw fish? Lin Wei happily thought.


Afterwards, when he turned head to prepare to capture fish, he happened to see a Fire attributed Red Bear spit out a flame onto a pile of firewood, then throw 10 fish on top of it, calmly roasting them.








Fine, I can do it even better than you! I can use bamboo sticks and use them to pierce through the fish, then roast the fish! Can it do that? Lin Wei indignantly thought, then jumped into the lake to prepare to capture fish.


Barely 10 seconds later, Lin Wei did his utmost to kick up and climb ashore, exerting all his effort to throw up all the lakewater in his lungs……


Can’t swim! Before transmigrating, he couldn’t and after transmigrating into this damnable appearance, he still couldn’t.


Lin Wei lied on the ground, unwillingly howling in his heart: I was a bookworm! Otherwise, how would I be struck by such tragedy? Not even able to catch a fish?


After resting a while, Lin Wei looked for some fruits in the vicinity to fill up his stomach.


In the period of the following several days, the lakeside beasts could always catch sight of a big kangaroo-looking guy running all over the place. It would occasionally go into the forest to the side to look for some flexible vines, occasionally pull up some weeds inside shallow water.


On the fourth day, Lin Wei finished weaving a large net that he could use by himself. Then he used a broken wood and pushed it towards the water. Afterward, supporting the broken wood, he carefully drew it into the water in an area with a relatively concentrated amount of fish and cast the fishing net.


After that, the fishing net floated on top of the water……


It was made of things that were all lighter than water, how could it not float? ……The bookworm smacked his head; he forgot to add something heavy.


Approximately 3 hours later, Lin Wei once more arrived at the place of the fishing net with a tiny stone as a weight and threw the net again.


This time the fishing net submerged smoothly and covered some fish. Lin Wei restrained the excitement in his heart and spared no effort to pull it up. Completed! The first batch of fish is finally going to be caught!




Uh……used strength too abruptly, net leaked……


Lin Wei’s tears nearly streamed down his cheeks. Four days of effort, just to waste it like this. Is this what is called ‘something a person cannot endure’?


By the time Lin Wei dragged the broken net ashore, he unexpectedly discovered that there was a tangled fish inside the broken net! This fish used all its might to struggle by flopping, but its fin, gills and tail were all coiled around, causing it totally unable to get away.


And like this, after trying hard for a long time, Lin Wei finally ate his first roasted fish——of course, the fire was borrowed from that Low Level Beastly Soldier Red Bear. He wasn’t dimwitted enough to really go drill wood to make fire.


There was probably 12 or 13 roast fish in front of the Red Bear, but Lin Wei only had one. However, this ‘one’ had a bamboo stick pierced through it and appeared out of the ordinary.


Once Lin Wei opened his mouth to take his first bite of the fish meat, the Red Bear extended its bear paw and patted Lin Wei’s shoulder, saying: “You, messing around for such a long time, was just, in order to eat fish……speak earlier, next time, I, divide you some!”




Lin Wei lifted up his head, tears finally flowing down his cheek. Sigh, in the end, should I cry, or should I smile? Apparently, the people from before saying bookworms have high IQ low EQ were quite reasonable.


But no matter what, Lin Wei had finally made his first friend in this other world, this not-the-smartest Red Bear. Apparently, besides from himself, the beasts in this place didn’t have their own names. In order to distinguish it from other Red Bears, Lin Wei called it ‘Plump Red’.


On the tenth day, several Green-haired Jackals attempted to steal their roasted fish. Although all of them were Low Level Beastly Soldiers, Plump Red’s physique was clearly tall and wide, plus the ability to shoot flames, it had an obvious attribute restraint. With Lin Wei’s assistance, they finally fended off these several uninvited guests.


On roughly the thirteenth day, Lin Wei made his first full circle around the lake and recorded down the approximate density of the woods in the surroundings.


Finally, on what seemed to be the seventeenth day, Lin Wei convinced Plump Red to follow him in a certain direction to explore. The two beasts walked for 3 days and 3 nights, but being unsuccessful, Plump Red gave up and pulled Lin Wei back to the lakeside.


On the……eh, time was already unable to be measured accurately. It should soon be one month since Lin Wei arrived at this world. During this time, Lin Wei had come across a big crisis; an Intermediate Level Beastly Soldier status Sand Wolf attempted to prey on Lin Wei. The Sand Wolf was an Earth attribute, so it mutually restrained Plump Red’s Fire attribute. However, Plump Red’s status was below it by one rank. Plump Red tried to protect Lin Wei, but even though it had the will, it didn’t have the strength. In the most critical moment, a predestined friend of Lin Wei’s, the Iron-skin Rhinoceros, hurried and saved his life. Plump Red received an injury, but after ten days, it recovered completely. Lin Wei then discovered that Plump Red faintly had some changes, seeming like it was a little stronger than before. Could it be that Plump Red was going upgrade to an Intermediate Level Beastly Soldier?


Lin Wei had been unable to research what ability was needed to go back the whole time. At least in the scope of this lake and forest that was searched, he didn’t see anything similar to a space vortex or transmission gate.


Today, Lin Wei lied on the lakeside facing upwards, gently sighing. He was currently somewhat discouraged. His strength was too weak, so he was simply unable to go to a farther place. What could he do about this?


Light red clouds floated by in the sky. Ai, this world’s air quality was truly good. Lin Wei sighed in his heart. Blue skies, white clouds, clean without impurities……


Uh, white clouds……




Huh? How can there be light red clouds?!! Lin Wei instantly sat up. It was not just him; all the beasts in his surroundings also lifted up their heads, looking towards these unusual clouds.


When he concentrated his attention on it, a very brief line of information appeared:


A Contract Selecting Cloud!


There were only these four words, no additional information. What was the meaning? A series of question marks currently floated in Lin Wei’s heart.


This strange ‘Contract Selecting Cloud’ floated around with a very quick speed, halting over each beasts’ head for a very brief instant, then continuing to float more.


“Red cloud, came again!” The Iron-skin Rhinoceros suddenly raised its head, exceptionally excited: “Red cloud came!”

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