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Chapter 1 – Turning Into A Beast!

Currently, Lin Wei had already recalled everything before he transmigrated!

He was in the school library reading a thick profound book, a book that was bound parchments. The book was called 《Ancient Summoning Technique》1.

After he opened this book, he only felt himself being hypnotized by some intangible power. For the rest of the day, his whole person was muddleheaded. Ultimately, he apparently climbed up the school’s main building roof, then jumped down.

As a result, he turned into his current appearance!

Lin Wei stood foolishly at the lakeside for a long time, looking at his reflection on the lake water, remaining silent for a very long time.

How should he describe his present figure?

Looking at it holistically, there was an extra long tail which actually resembled Earth’s kangaroo tail by 40-50%. However, the shape of his ‘hind legs2’ changed into one resembling a carnivorous dinosaur and his ‘forelimbs3’ were longer than that of a kangaroo. His figure was slimmer and more well-proportioned than that of a kangaroo. His upper body skeleton was much more obvious and seemed closer to the physique of a human body. His head was an adorable oval with two high erect pointed ears. The most important thing was that he had four ‘fingers’ per claw and could grasp things!

Slowly bending down, he lowered his head and extended his tongue to lap up a mouthful of lake water. Then, he noticed that his tongue was slender and soft.

It seems……not too bad?



“Ah!!!How can it be ‘not too bad’?!Why is it that when other people transmigrate, they would be a ‘Crown Prince’, ‘Princess’, or at the very least, an ordinary person, but when I transmigrated, I become an animal?!!” Lin Wei felt himself simply want to suddenly storm away.

I’m definitely dreaming! I’m definitely dreaming! Lin Wei exerted all his effort to slap his face, attempting to make himself wake up.
“Hey! Quiet down, it’s noisy.” The large rhinoceros on the side that was drinking water couldn’t keep on watching, so it opened its mouth to talk. Its body was extremely grandiose; just its shoulder exceeded Lin Wei’s height by more than 50 centimeters. Its body’s length exceeded 4 meters and from head to toe, its rhinoceros skin seemed seemed just like iron, holding the faint glittering luster of a metal.

“Quiet down? How can I calm down?” Lin Wei’s eyes turned red. He turned his head to stare at the rhinoceros and gnashed his teeth: “Everything here is false, you don’t exist! I will now prove it to you!”

As Lin Wei was speaking, he sent out force through his legs, sparing no effort to dash and collide with the rhinoceros.

“Hold on……” The rhinoceros was startled, but it didn’t have enough time to prevent him; Lin Wei’s head had already bumped into him.

A muffled ‘peng!’ sound resounded. The rhinoceros stayed in position motionless, but Lin Wei actually bounced back several meters and fell onto the ground dazed. A big blood-red bump swelled up from his forehead.

Quite sore! In particular, in that split second when the strike just hit, a counter-shock strength was transmitted from the rhinoceros’ hard skin and spread all over his body. It was as if his entire body wanted to fall apart.

“You, all right?” The rhinoceros promptly asked: “You stupid? The difference between us is too large. I, Beastly Soldier, you, uh……you bumping against me, wounded?”

What? Beastly Soldier?

Lin Wei held his head since he was still dizzy and opened his eyes to look at the rhinoceros. He then noticed that when he concentrated his attention to look at the other party, the other party’s body seemed to faintly send out some type of radiance. When this kind of radiance entered his line of sight, a magical line of information unexpectedly appeared in his mind:

Iron-skin Rhinoceros, Attribute: Gold, Status: Intermediate Level Beastly Soldier.


After about half an hour, Lin Wei’s strength finally came back to him. At this time, that Iron-skin Rhinoceros had already drunk its fill of water and long gone away.

Lin Wei massaged the big bump on his forehead and crawled to the waterside, then drank several mouthfuls of lake water in succession. He gasped for mouthfuls of air, falling on the ground without care for his image as he looked up at the sky. Just now, what was going on?

Lin Wei blankly stared at the sky. An extremely long snow-white bird with a red tail flew past. Lin Wei concentrated his attention on its body and very quickly, information appeared again in his mind——

Red-Tailed Snow Pheasant, Attribute: Fire, Status: Beastly Servant.

Lin Wei sat up with great effort and began to look all around. In this area of lake water and mountain peaks, there were approximately 400-500 animals in his field of view. He visually estimated that there were 50-60 different species, either soaring or running, resting or playing. He began to sweep across the bodies of these beasts.

Turquoise Wind Fox, Attribute: Wind, Status: Low Level Beastly Soldier.

Small Leaf Long-Armed Ape, Attribute: Wood, Status: Beastly Servant.

Horned Hippopotamus, Attribute: Water, Status: Intermediate Level Beastly Soldier.

Red Kite4, Attribute: Fire, Status: High Level Beastly Soldier!

Long-eared Earth Rat, Attribute: Earth, Status: Beastly Servant.

Brown River Raccoon Dog, Attribute: Water, Status: Beastly Servant.


After reading the majority of it, the overwhelming majority of the beasts’ statuses were ‘Beastly Servant’——from the literal meaning, they should be the lowest level existence similar to a slave or cannon fodder. It was even to the extent that there were levels like low level, intermediate level, high level and they all didn’t feel like differentiating. Above Beastly Servant was Beastly Soldier; they should possess the basic level of battle capability. Moreover, every animal species had their respective attributes. From what he had currently seen, there was ‘Wind’, ‘Wood’, ‘Water’, ‘Earth’, ‘Fire’, and ‘Gold’; the six types of basic attributes. Lin Wei had even seen a rare ‘Lightning’ attributed ‘Lightning-Evading Peregrine Falcon’.

Lin Wei continued to turn around his head to scout. When his gaze turned to the several tall and sturdily built gorillas by the lakeshore, his head seemed to have been suddenly hammered heavily and he involuntarily retreated several steps. What was different from the other beasts was that there was an extra “Rank” term:

Vigorous Vajra Ape, Attribute: Gold, Rank: Bronze!!! Status: Low Level Beastly Guard!!!

The appearance of the new ‘Bronze’ rank and new ‘Beastly Guard’ status caused Lin Wei’s mind to feel a stab of pain. Especially ‘rank’! This seemed to be an even higher level type of bloodline, sufficient for all other common rank organisms to agree that they would be rolled over by an overwhelming gap! Disparity, this was an absolute disparity of quality.

Just then, Lin Wei felt a formidable pressure pressing down on him and he felt similar to a small boat within a storm. One of the Vigorous Vajra Ape’s suddenly let out a great roar and stood up its 3 meter tall body. Afterwards, it turned towards Lin Wei and went over. It had sensed Lin Wei’s attentive observation and felt that its dignity received offense. Thus, it became angry!

Bronze rank ‘Beastly Guard’! Lin Wei spit out a mouthful of blood that bubbled up his throat. He could practically determine that the opposite party could instantly erase his existence!

Run without delay!!!

When the Vajra Ape was approximately 100 meters away from himself, Lin Wei began to turn his head and sent more strength into his legs, breaking into a dash.

Could he run away? The answer was ‘definitely not’——the roaring behind him was getting closer and he could infer that Vigorous Vajra Ape was quickly pulling the distance between both sides closer.

Wherever that Vajra Ape went, the average rank beasts would avoid its way with incomparable eagerness while trembling. An Iron-skin Rhinoceros that wasn’t able to get away in time bumped into it and flew horizontally 3 zhang away5 with its life or death unknown.

Too scary, the original solid tank-like Iron-skin Rhinoceros, an Intermediate Level Beastly Soldier, was like paper paste in front of the the Vajra Ape!

Lin Wei’s scalp tingled and he powerfully increased his pace. The amount of time he could do two steps in became three steps. ‘Sou!’, he rushed into the forest by the lakeside, hoping to possibly draw help the dense trees to slow down the other party’s pursuit.

Behind him came a loud sound. Lin Wei hurriedly turned his head to take a look and was immediately frightened out of his wits. He saw the Vigorous Vajra Ape arbitrarily dashing over, destroying all the trees in the way like they were stalks of wheat. Its speed didn’t receive any influence, moreover, the distance between both sides was already pulled to approximately 20 meters. Lin Wei could even see its angrily glaring bloodshot eyes and saliva flowing down the corner of its mouth.

The distance of 20 meters, regarding the Vigorous Vajra Ape, was a distance that could simply be neglected. It jumped up high and crossed the distance in a flash, its entire body heavily smashing onto the ground.

I’m done for! I’m screwed……Lin Wei lifted his head and saw the gigantic ape extend his palm and press down with all its golden hairs standing up. At this moment, Lin Wei already didn’t even have the strength to lift a finger.

I’m dead, I’m dead, I’m dead. Transmigrating into such a miserable role, perhaps death is rather a type of extrication. Lin Wei powerlessly closed his eyes.

After that, a very strange striking noise resounded. The reason why it was strange was because Lin Wei was very certain that this wasn’t the sound of the opposite party’s palm striking him.

Huh? What’s going on?

Lin Wei waited several seconds, but that palm still didn’t press down.

“As a Bronze Beastly Guard, bullying a child is very shameful.” An aged voice conveyed.

Lin Wei slowly opened his eyes, only to see a slender and robust tree trunk branch extending from an ancient tree and blocking the Vigorous Vajra Ape’s palm from going downwards. No matter how the Vajra Ape sent out its strength, it couldn’t move a single bit! Lin Wei’s heart began to beat quickly and a premonition emerged from his heart. He gulped and his sight focused on the branch.

Hundred-Year Treant, Attribute: Wood, Rank: Bronze, Status: Intermediate Level Beastly Guard.

The one that kept off this fatal blow for him was a tree, a Bronze rank ‘Hundred-Year Treant’ with the status of Intermediate Level Beastly Guard. Its rank and status was very high, but unexpectedly, it absolutely didn’t have the kind of pressure that the Vigorous Vajra Ape had. On the contrary, there was the feeling of a kind of cleansing spring breeze around it. Lin Wei turned his head, trying hard to clearly look at the Treant’s appearance, but could only see the enormous girth of the Treant’s tree trunk, and above that was the omnipresent lush treetop. Furthermore, there wasn’t that human-shaped face as imagined.

The Vigorous Vajra Ape was apparently quite afraid of the Hundred-Year Treant as it resentfully scratched its head; “I’m just, joking with him, haha……”

After it finished speaking, the Vigorous Vajra Ape withdrew his palm and turned around to leave.

“This place is very dangerous, little fellow.” The treant said: “Don’t provoke those rough fellows again.”

Compared to the previous Iron-skin Rhinoceros and Vajra Ape, this Hundred-Year Treant pronunciation and expression level simply incomparable.

Little fellow? The Iron-skin Rhinoceros from before had said that it and I differed, but this Hundred-Year Treant regards me as a little fellow? Lin Wei blinked and at this moment, he recalled a very important issue——

What species am I right now? Furthermore, what rank and status?

Lin Wei concentrated his own body and the line of information appeared.

Lin Wei, Attribute: None, Rank: Lower than average, Status: Lower than Beastly Servant




Three minutes later, Lin Wei spit out a mouthful of blood. The sky and clouds seemed to already have lost its colors in his eyes and he couldn’t hear the sounds of insects and bird calls all around him. I unexpectedly can’t even compare to a Long-eared Earth Rat. I would have better been off dying a moment ago……this was Lin Wei’s sole thought at this moment.


  1. TLN: Anyone reminded of ‘Ancient Strengthening Technique’? 
  2. TLN: In Chinese, they differentiate between humans and animals by calling the legs ‘后肢’ or ‘hind legs(animals)’. 
  3. TLN: Same for the arms, which they call ‘前肢’ or ‘forelimb(animal)’. 
  4. TLN: The type of hawk, not the one we humans fly. 
  5. TLN: Zhang = 3.3m 
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