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Chapter 10 – Sect’s Receiving Disciple

The might of the two skills’ collision was greatly astonishing; the sound’s noise was so loud that even the deaf would be able to hear it. The fluctuation wave extended in all directions at terminal velocity, affecting the cliffs and vegetation in the surrounding of the ravine.

Right after the fluctuation wave from the attack dispersed, while the result was still undecided, Lin Wei’s silhouette appeared in a distant place. He ran over there at a lightning speed, and the Vigorous Vajra Ape that was chasing him from before had unknowingly disappeared without a trace at this moment.

The dust gradually scattered.

The Open-arm Devil Ape and Heavenly Wolf General’s figures once again appeared.

He saw the Open-arm Devil Ape sprawled facing downwards on the ground. On top of its head, on its right shoulder, and on its back were several visible bone-deep claw marks. Among these, the most terrifying one was on its head; it was practically already a broken skull with the injury reaching its brain. On the other hand, Heavenly Wolf General’s chest, abdomen, and four limbs were all hit by stone gravel, creating rivers of blood. Its abdomen was even pierced through by a block of stone!

“Heavenly Wolf General! Persist in living!” Lin Wei yelled. Then he accelerated his speed once more, rushing to Heavenly Wolf General’s side in a flash. He carried it on his shoulder, then left the scene rapidly.


The direction Lin Wei fled in was towards the back of the lake, but this time he turned towards the southeast. Previously when he ran about ten li, he had cast off the Vigorous Vajra Ape chasing him.

Lin Wei took a moment to compose himself. He wasn’t flustered, rather, he advanced in a straight line in a specific direction. Due to carrying Heavenly Wolf General on his shoulder, his speed was influenced. On top of the journey being smooth, the Vigorous Vajra Ape gradually started approaching. 100 meters, 50 meters, 20 meters……

After Lin Wei ran over an open space filled with withered dead leaves, the Vigorous Vajra Ape also ran over. It felt the ground sinking, then a large area of the ground broke. It howled in grief and fell down immediately afterwards. Below it, there were unexpectedly several buried sharp wooden stakes. At once, the Vigorous Vajra Ape’s heart was pierced through.

Lin Wei returned to the side of the pitfall, took a look, then turned to rush to the direction of the lake. Heavenly Wolf General’s injury was quite serious, so he had to hurriedly find a safe place to settle it down, as well as safely meet up with Plump Red. Although Plump Red’s status was lacking a lot compared to the Vigorous Vajra Ape, fire attribute has a natural restraint to gold attribute. Adding on the fact that Plump Red only need to run away and not fight, along with the help of Lin Wei’s completed traps, it shouldn’t be too hard for Plump Red to escape safely.

As expected, Plump Red returned to the cave before darkness. It received a small injury, but its entire bear1 seemed very spirited. It seemed that real combat had a very big effect to its advancement. Otherwise, it was unknown how much time it would take before it could break through to High Level Beastly Soldier.

Lin Wei began using some flowers and plant juice that he recognized in these past seven years to Heavenly Wolf General’s wound to disinfect it. After what should be staunched was staunched, what should be wrapped was wrapped. As for the wound from its penetrated abdomen, there wasn’t any better solution at present. Firstly, there wasn’t any needle and thread or any other tools to use to sew it up. Secondly, Lin Wei also didn’t have that skill.


Heavenly Wolf General light-headedly fell asleep. Lin Wei dragged his exhausted body out of the cave mouth, then leaned on a stone to rest.

The greater part of the sneak attack plan had succeeded; the Open-arm Devil Ape already received heavy losses. The only defect in what otherwise would have been perfect, was that it wasn’t thoroughly disposed of. But by his side, Heavenly Wolf General received a serious injury one more time. From this aspect, it could be said that both of them had lost.

Sigh, what could Master Xiao Xun be doing right now? Lin Wei lifted up his head and dazedly thought.


Just like Lin Wei, Xiao Chen was also gazing at the night sky in her garret. However, she was thinking more about Heavenly Wolf General. After all, she and Heavenly Wolf General had been together for seven years, so the emotions between them couldn’t be compared to a several days old newcomer.

“Sky wolf, where are you right now? Are you doing fine?” Xiao Xun muttered: “Could it be that……we can’t meet each other ever again2?”

Outside the window came a burst of cool wind. Xiao Xun tightened her front piece3 and exposed a trace of sorrow in her eyes. At this moment, the outside door of the garret was pushed open and a mature beautiful woman walked in. “Xiao Xun, it’s this late, why haven’t you gone to sleep?”

“Mama,” Xiao Xun replied: “I can’t fall asleep. Why haven’t you also rested?”

The mother walked to the front of Xiao Xun, then affectionately stroked her daughter’s cheeks. “I saw that your room’s lights were still on, so I came to take a look.”

Xiao Xun hugged her mother, leaning her head on her mother’s shoulders.

The mother funnily looked at her daughter’s childish intimate actions, softly patted her back, and asked: “Why can’t you fall asleep? Thinking about Lin Wei?”

Xiao Xun shook her head: “No, I’m thinking about Sky wolf……”

The mother let out a sigh and said: “My child, I know that the sentiment between you and Sky wolf are deep. Your father left early, you had no playmate as a child. Sky wolf was the companion that accompanied you for the longest. But Xiao Xun, you cannot immerse yourself in the past. Right now Lin Wei is your summon beast, have you thought about it? If you can’t shift your attention to Lin Wei, then how should it grow? In the future, how should you grow?”

In Qifeng Continent, it wasn’t that everyone could only have one war beast, it was that those others could only be regarded as “Contracted War Beast” or “Sealed War Beast”. These were those various kinds of beasts that the people of the continent caught; ‘Monster Beasts’, ‘Magic Beasts’. They used spells from the ancient times to set up a contract or used seal stones to apply the seal.

Summon beast, in the true sense of the term, used a kind of incomparably age-old divine ceremony. During the ceremony, if your aptitude was outstanding enough, then the antiquity rule would open a vortex channel for you and send a summon beast that suited you from another mysterious space! Only this could be considered a true summon beast. It followed antiquity rules by using your body measurements to choose. As long as its aptitude was outstanding enough, it would get an extra gift and skill! But this sort of true summon beast, every person could only have one.

As far as Xiao Xun was concerned, her summon beast changing from Sky wolf to Lin Wei, without a doubt, this was an extremely painful shock. Although she had other war beasts, her summon beast downgrading from Beastly General to Beastly Servant made her future in the clan already unoptimistic.

As a just-20-years-old girl, how could she not feel sad, how could she not pace back and forth?

At this very moment, her mother’s words was like a cool and refreshing spring, spreading through her mind.

Xiao Xun bit her lip, stayed silent for a moment, then said: “Mama, I know what I should do……”

The mother-daughter duo relied on each other for survival, for a very long time, a very long time……


The next day, a piece of information disrupted Xiao Xun’s resolve and plan to prepare to avoid from fighting.

Qifeng Continent’s Five Large Sects Alliance released an announcement, stating that they would open their gates to receive disciples after half a year. The five large sect’s receiving disciples standard is very rigorous. On a whole, every major aristocratic clan had to do all it could to grow one generation of an extremely talented loose cultivator to be selected.

Soon after, Fan Clan’s Clan Head Fan Xun released an order: The upcoming great competition will be used as an important competition to filter out the clan’s cream-of-the-crop younger generation. In this time’s great competition, the first five people who win will obtain the clan’s overall resource support. After half a year, they will go participate in the five large sect’s disciple selection.

This opportunity was the one Xiao Xun had been waiting a very very very long time for——starting from when she had just contracted her summon beast, she had been waiting all along for the five large sects to recruit disciples. In Qifeng Continent, aristocratic clans could only be considered as local tyrants in a rural place, while the five large sects were in the most pinnacle apex positioned giants. Only by joining a sect could one’s ability truly soar. The Xiao Xun who had lost her father as a child, especially long for this. She earnestly wished for being able to change her and her mother’s status at home with her own hard efforts. If she succeeds, then those upper echelons in the clan wouldn’t dare to uninhibitedly bully their mother-daughter pair.

The time left to the great competition in the beginning of next month was a short six days. Within this time, she had to make Lin Wei rapidly grow and make herself become even more formidable. Only then could she go contest for the position of the five seeded players! ——This was simply an impossible mission, but she had no other choice. She could only resolutely give her all in this fight!

Thus, at first thing in the morning, Xiao Xun arrived at her training room and summoned Lin Wei to begin training. It wasn’t only her; the entire clan’s several dozens youth generation all began immersing themselves in training hard. Of course, the overwhelming majority of the youth generation were males. After all, in the area of summon battles, males had superiority. And it seemed as if the majority of the youth generation’s women were destined to marry into a rich and powerful clan, especially Fan Minyue, who was to marry into Tian Clan, was happily at ease. The clan’s great competition this time was merely a way to escape from this custom, and even more to enjoy watching a bustling scenery. These past few days, Fan Minyue didn’t even feel like progressing in her cultivation, thinking that such violence didn’t suit her, this about-to-become rich and powerful clan’s young madam. At present, the only thing she wanted to do was to ruthlessly humiliate Xiao Xun during the great competition.


  1. TLN: The raws says ‘entire bear(整只熊)’, which I assume to be the author being funny because Plump Red is a ‘Red Bear’. 
  2. TLN: The phrase ‘ever again’, strictly translated, is supposed to be ‘in the future’ or just ‘again’. However, taking into consideration that it’s a young adult that just “lost” a longtime friend, I loosely translated it to ‘ever again’ to make it sound more “real”. 
  3. TLN: Front piece of this
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