Chapter 11 – Great Competition Begins

Six days time passed by in a flash.

In such a short time, it was hard to really make any substantial progress. The only harvest was Xiao Xun and Lin Wei’s spirit communication becoming stronger. Now, it practically required only a meaningful glance for Lin Wei to understand what Xiao Xun idea wanted to convey.

In this short time, Xiao Xun also understood Lin Wei’s superiorities and insufficiencies a bit more——she discovered that Lin Wei’s strongest point was its intelligence. This summon beast was practically the most human-like summon beast that she had seen! For many things, one teaching was enough, a hint was all that was needed. In addition, Lin Wei’s strong powerful hind legs and lightning fast speed were also his strong points.

But the strongest insufficiencies was his status and skill. There’s wasn’t much to say about his status, he was currently still a Beastly Servant. However, the “skill” that every summon beast possessed, Lin Wei unexpectedly didn’t have! Xiao Xun and Lin Wei confirmed this matter after many spirit communications. Lin Wei himself didn’t have any concept to this thing called “skill”, and Xiao Xun didn’t have any induction. Ultimately, she could only dejectedly receive this conclusion.

At 4 in the wee hours of the morning on the seventh day, the clan’s central martial arts competing stage’s large bell sounded out on time! A resonant and melodious bell cry immediately reverberated to every corner of the entire clan.

Several tens of excellent younger generation left their training rooms in high spirits, beginning to dash over to the central martial arts competing stage.

In a small sized training ground by the east side of the clan’s castle, a steadfast tall and straight young man sat upright. Even though Fan Clan was an aristocratic clan, various kinds of resources were still very valuable. This youth being able to enjoy a training ground by himself, no matter how small, it could be seen how much importance the clan attached onto him.

“Young master! The bell has rung, the great competition will be going to begin soon!” A tall and sturdy looking man walked into the training ground from the outside, faced the the figure sitting upright, then respectfully half-kneeled and said.

“Is that so? It’s finally starting.” The young man opened his eyes: “Inside these five quotas, I, Fan Yanxing, must take up one.”

The young man jumped up as he was speaking and took several steps before disappearing from the man’s field of vision.


When this person called ‘Fan Yanxing’ reached the martial arts competing stage, the overwhelming majority of the younger generation were already there. After seeing Fan Yanxing, they greeted one after another: “Big brother!” “Older cousin!” “Older cousin1!”

That’s right, Fan Yanxing is the boss of the clan’s younger generation. He is Fan Xun’s eldest son and Fan Tianlong’s first wife’s eldest grandson. He is 34 years-old this year, and because the clan placed high expectations onto him, and including the fact that he is infatuated with cultivation, he was currently still not married.

When Xiao Xun looked at Fan Yanxing, a trace of admiration flashed past her eyes. Although she and this second cousin2 basically had no interactions, she had heard many things about him. The clan elders all extremely praised him. If she could be half as amazing as he was, then it would be sufficient to rise above the others in this great competition.

When all the younger generation arrived, then the clan’s third generation arrived. Xiao Xun’s bófù3, shūfù4, paternal bófù’s, paternal shūfù’s, all nine individuals arrived. Finally, the second generation trio of Fan Tianlong, Fan Tianhu, and Fan Tianfeng accompanied Clan Head Fan Xun onto the finale stage.

Fan Xun became 100 years-old the past year. His hair and beard were grizzled, he had a ‘dragon forehead, tiger eyes5’, and he was burly, his body very healthy. His father and uncle’s generation died relatively early, and in the year that he became 60 years-old, he became Clan Head. After being in charge of Fan Clan for more than 40 years, he had long ago set up supreme prestige. After sitting in the master seat, Fan Xun looked below, gave a satisfied nod, and said: “Let’s not speak any nonsense, those who want to compare notes or challenge someone to a fight, get on stage to compete right now. Those who want to officially participate in the sect selection, go to your grandmother Tianfeng to register!”

Approximately 20 young people on the scene successively stood up, then walked over to Fan Tianfeng. Xiao Xun also stood up.

At this moment, a voice suddenly said: “Younger cousin Xiao Xun, last time we agreed to compare notes one more time. How about we take advantage of them registering and compete?”

Everyone’s gazes went towards the voice and saw that the owner of the voice was Fan Minyue. Xiao Xun slightly wrinkled her brows and replied: “Older cousin Minyue, I must go over to paternal grandmother’s side to register. Really sorry!”

Hearing Xiao Xun’s reply, everyone present were in uproar!

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The majority of the people knew that Xiao Xun’s summon beast changed, from an outstanding aptitude Beastly General to a trash Beastly Servant. If it was said that the previous Xiao Xun could contest for the first five, then everyone thought that the current her already lost her qualifications. One has to know, for sects receiving disciples, the most important thing was the disciple’s natural aptitude and summon beast’s merits and demerits. Even if other war beasts were stronger, they weren’t popular. It was like Fan Clan’s every great competition, it was stipulated that only summon beasts could be used each time.

Fan Minyue was the first one to burst out in laughter. She immediately covered her heartily laughing mouth, laughed a few times, then perhaps feeling that it was a little too impudent, she hurriedly stopped. She wiped the tears from laughing, then said: “Younger sister Xiao Xun, you don’t need to speak such a joke. You shouldn’t be……afraid? Heh heh.”

Xiao Xun didn’t pay attention to her again. The vision of various people moved to Fan Tianfeng. In front of her was already a line of a dozen or so people. This registration was very simple; it didn’t even need you to fill in your name. Fan Tianfeng acted as the registrant, while her eldest son, Lu Yuan, stood behind her and acted as an assistant. The two of them joined forces to judge the younger generation’s cultivation before their eyes, then filtered them into appropriate subgroups. As a result, it required careful and thorough investigation, so the time spent wasn’t short.

Fan Minyue took a look at Xiao Xun, then let out several sneering laughs. In her opinion, Xiao Xun was definitely using this method to avoid battle. When it was time for the competitions near the end, she could randomly fight some recognized-to-lose people, thus by-passing fighting with her. Thinking up to here, Fan Minyue also stood up and walked to the line. When she reached the back of the line, there happened to be two people between her and Xiao Xun.

“Younger cousin Xiao Xun, I truly feel embarrassed, I will also be registering.” Fan Minyue smilingly said: “I think that we should be the worst cultivators here, so when the time comes, we can properly compare notes.”

Everyone in the surroundings began whispering again. Fan Minyue’s summon beast was an Earth Attribute Bronze Rank Open-arm Devil Ape Beastly General. Within the fourth generation juniors, her summon beast was undoubtedly very strong. Within the fourth generation women lined up, entering the first five absolutely shouldn’t have any problem. But now that she purposefully said that her cultivation was the worst, wasn’t this bullying?

The male in front of Xiao Xun bitterly smiled, turned his head, and said: “Xiao Xun, why do you bother with this?”

“Older cousin Mo, feel relieved. Xiao Xun is aware of what she’s doing.” Xiao Xun gave the male a smile. This was one of Fan Tianlong’s grandsons, as well as one of the several people that were the best to Xiao Xun.

“You……” Fan Mo shook his head. He knew that Xiao Xun had a stubborn disposition, so he no longer urged.

The line dwindled until it was finally Xiao Xun’s turn. She walked to the front of Fan Tianfeng, saluted, and said: “Paternal grandmother, Xiao Xun has come to register.”

Fan Tianfeng looked at Xiao Xun and solemnly said: “The selection of the sect’s receiving disciple isn’t child’s play. Everyone will be using all their strength to fight against each other. You, have you thought it over?”

“Xiao Xun’s intentions are already decided.” Xiao Xun tranquilly replied.

Fan Tianfeng went silent for a moment, then said: “Good, then release your body and mind. Let your uncle Yuan perceive the DouQi in your body.”

Xiao Xun stood in place without making the slightest resistance. Lu Yuan slightly responded, then bent down and whispered into his mother’s ear: “Xiao Xun’s DouQi has improved again, and has already achieved high level warrior.”

“Oh?” Fan Tianfeng gave Xiao Xun a look full of praise: “Xiao Xun, what is your summon beast’s rank and status?”

“Rank: Lower than average, Status: Beastly Servant.” Xiao Xun enunciated each word with great difficulty. After the whole thing was completely said, she let out a sigh of relief, on the contrary feeling a burst of relaxedness.

Fan Tianfeng and Lu Yuan gave a glance to each other, then once more confirmed: “Xiao Xun, are you sure you want to participate?”

“Yes.” Xiao Xun nodded and give a simple and clear answer showing that she understood.

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“Then good……” Fan Tianfeng lowered her head to the paper and wrote several strokes: “Go prepare. Next.”

Very quickly, it was finally Fan Minyue’s turn. She first said a pile of praises to Fan Tianfeng and Lu Yuan, then stated that she wanted to register.

“Minyue’s DouQi is also high level warrior.” Lu Yuan said into his mother’s ear.

“Minyue, your summon beast?” Fan Tianfeng asked.

“My summon beast is now a Bronze Rank, Low Level Beastly General.” Fan Minyue said with a smile. There was a trace of unrestrained complacence.

“En, not bad. You should also go prepare. Next.”


The registration ended. Altogether, 23 juniors registered. In accordance with the Clan Head and his three children’s plan that came from their discussion, they first arranged the 23 juniors by strength. Then, they began from last place, where the lower ranked could challenge the higher ranked. Of course, the first five places were forbidden to challenge, because that would be wasting strength in vain. The side that lost the fight would directly be eliminated. Starting from the last in line, every person that wasn’t eliminated would put forth a challenge and start one round. In this way, round after round was executed, until the first five places weren’t eliminated or challenged.

Within the 23 people, Fan Yanxing was first place. His strength was high and only the second place, Fan Zhong, could rival him. The third place Lu Jing also had a relatively distinct superiority over other people. Thus, everyone’s fighting focus was the fourth and fifth places.

In order to prevent all the people from challenging fourth and fifth places, an additional rule was raised. That rule was that only the sixth to tenth place could challenge the first five places.

Xiao Xun was currently placed last, whereas Fan Minyue was placed fourteenth. According to the rules, Xiao Xun possessed the privilege to challenge first. She stood up, let out a breath, then abruptly looked at Fan Minyue: “Older cousin Minyue, didn’t you just say that you wanted to compare notes with Xiao Xun? In that case, please bestow your teaching!”


  1. TLN: The first ‘older cousin’ refers to Fan Yanxing being their older cousin on the male side. The second is referring to Fan Yanxing as an older cousin on his/her female side. 
  2. TLN: 再从兄 means you have the same great-grandparents as person ‘x’, and from what I searched up, second cousins have the same grandparents. 
  3. TLN: This is probably the first time I’ve used the Chinese pinyin. Bófù means “father’s elder brother”, so Xiao Xun’s uncle that’s older than her father. 
  4. TLN: Shūfù means “father’s younger brother”, or Xiao Xun’s uncle that’s younger than her father. 
  5. TLN: Means that ‘heroic’. As in, his forehead shines, eyes shine, anime-style. 

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