Chapter 9 – Sneak Attack

Three days later, Lin Wei returned to the other world once more.

“What?” When Heavenly Wolf General heard Lin Wei’s news after returning, it stood up its body: “That villian, wants to fight with master again?”

Actually, what Lin Wei had said was that Fan Minyue was planning on challenging Xiao Xun in the clan’s great competition next month. But because of the circumstances of his current fighting strength, Xiao Xun was already prepared to avoid battles as a matter of fact. However, Heavenly Wolf General’s comprehension ability clearly wasn’t too strong; it subconsciously thought that this fight was already imminent.

Even so, the counterpart’s summon beast was precisely that fearful Open-arm Devil Ape. The result of this fight was already set in stone.

It was reckoned that the Devil Ape only needed to cry out once to blow Lin Wei face-down——the disparity between a Beastly Servant and Beastly General could be said to be the difference between heaven and earth!

Heavenly Wolf General paced back and forth inside the cave. To the side, Lin Wei and Plump Red were looking at each other in blank dismay.

“Heavenly Wolf General, it’s actually not necessary……” Lin Wei opened his mouth and said.

“I!” Heavenly Wolf General suddenly turned its head, a firm look appearing in its eyes: “I will kill it!”

“Who?” Lin Wei and Plump Red asked in unison.

“Open-arm Devil Ape!” Heavenly Wolf General gnashed its teeth and said: “Kill it! Kill it! This way master will be safe!”

Kill Open-arm Devil Ape? It was already impossible for Heavenly Wolf General to become Xiao Xun’s summon beast, so since it was like this, it prepared to directly kill the Open-arm Devil Ape in the other world! Without doubt, this was the best method. But the question was——was it possible to kill it? In last time’s fighting competition, Heavenly Wolf General had been defeated by the Open-arm Devil Ape and even suffered injuries……wait a minute! Lin Wei recalled Heavenly Wolf General’s reserved pressure boundary; could it be possible that Heavenly Wolf General already made a big breakthrough? If it’s like this, then killing that Devil Ape boss isn’t necessarily impossible.

“Do you have assurance?” Lin Wei’s heart was full of expectation as he rather nervously asked.

Heavenly Wolf General was silent for over ten minutes, then shook its head and said: “It very strong. I, don’t have certainty……”

No certainty? How is this possible? Could it be that merely achieving ‘reserved pressure’ was, in reality, no fighting strength promotion at all? Lin Wei’s heart slightly sunk. Although Xiao Xun prepared to avoid battles, it couldn’t be considered a long-term plan in the end. According to his growth speed, it was feared that he was incapable of being assistance to her in short-term. If Heavenly Wolf General could settle the Open-arm Devil Ape over here, then he would be able to win a very long buffer time for himself.

Reserved pressure……reserved pressure……wait, I got it! A thought flashed through Lin Wei’s mind.

“Sneak attack! We can set up a sneak attack!” Lin Wei slapped the ground and stood up.

Damn its grandmother, relying on my knowledge as an outstanding student in the supreme educational establishment in Huaxia1, designing a sneak attack plan is nothing. How could it be that I would be afraid of indefinite odds against a self-important bluffing Devil Ape?


On this day, there is a clear sky and gentle brightness, cotton-like floating clouds floating about. The emerald-green forest under the sunshine appeared especially lively and flourishing.

The Open-arm Devil Ape’s governance in this area was already ten days. The former Heavenly Wolf General’s subordinates were basically purged within a radius of 10 li2. All the life forms’ activities once again resumed normal orbit. Not slow, not anxious, regarding the majority of the life forms, a change in rulers had no substantive influence on them.

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It was unknown from which area of the forest that it started, that this piece of news began spreading, stating: Heavenly Wolf General appeared in a small mountain cavity over twenty li east from the lake.

This piece of news spread around very quickly until it passed through the Open-arm Devil Ape’s ears. Then, a large group of Vigorous Vajra Apes soon after killed towards that mountain cavity. After a chaotic spell, it was ultimately confirmed that it was only a frail elderly Iron-back Wolf, but its appearance was actually quite similar to the Heavenly Wolf General. Since it was a mistake, it was only natural to drop it at this point.

After an interval of two days, another piece of news disseminated, stating: This time, Heavenly Wolf General truly appeared in a river’s ravine southwest of the lake.

As a result, the Vigorous Vajra Ape army once again pounced towards that ravine. After a thorough search, there wasn’t even a trace of the Heavenly Wolf General. However, they did discover a cave with some excrement and wolf fur remains.

The following day, another piece of news disseminated, stating: More than ten li southwest of that canyon, Heavenly Wolf General appeared again. It seemed to be wounded and is escaping this forest.

This time, the Open-arm Devil Ape practically sent all the Vigorous Vajra Apes out, only leaving several of them behind to take care of things. After a while, it simply left one behind to take care of things and brought two Vajra Apes with it to go over.

To reach its destination, the quickest path was to pass through that ravine. When the Open-arm Devil Ape led two Vigorous Vajra Apes through the ravine, it discovered that two figures stood in the middle of the road. One was a tall-figured, Intermediate Level Beastly Soldier statused Red Bear. The other figure seemed rather strange; one of its front claws was holding a long wooden stick. The wooden stick’s tip was exceptionally sharp, but its status was unexpectedly Beastly Servant. Quite obviously, the ones blocking the road were Red Plump and Lin Wei.

When the Open-arm Devil Ape saw Lin Wei, it couldn’t help but be startled for a moment. This was because, as a summon beast itself, it could see that Lin Wei was unexpectedly a summon beast! A Beastly Servant level summon beast!

“You are forbidden to chase to kill Heavenly Wolf General!” Lin Wei loudly shouted out.

“Right!” Plump Red braced itself to agree, but its legs couldn’t help but tremble.

“Kill them!” Open-arm Devil Ape shot a despising glance at them. From what it could see, that Red Bear was a waste, and that strange looking summon beast’s status was too low and also a waste.

The two Vigorous Vajra Apes responded by immediately raising their bodies and beating their chest. Then, after letting out a loud bellow, they went in different directions and threw themselves at Plump Red and Lin Wei. Plump Red let out a wailing shriek, then opened its mouth, sprayed out flame, turned around and took to its heels and ran away3. Meanwhile, Lin Wei took a step backwards and suddenly ran in another direction to evacuate. These days, the effects of Xiao Xun’s trainings finally appeared. His running speed had been upgraded by several-fold compared to before.

Plump Red and Lin Wei respectively4 went to the left and right, drawing away these two Vigorous Vajra Apes in these two directions. Everyone, my dear readers, you’ve guessed correctly, this is exactly Lin Wei’s plan; fortunately, the Open-arm Devil Ape happened to have two Vajra Apes by its side. If the amount of Vajra Apes were more, then he would have to use alternative plans. If it was like that, the work would be a little more complex.5

The Open-arm Devil Ape disdainfully sneered and prepared to continue hurrying on. At this time, above the left side’s cliff, an old hoarse yell suddenly yelled: “I want, to prevent you from killing Heavenly Wolf General!”

Along with this exclamation, a rather conspicuous stooped figure threw itself down. The Open-arm Devil Ape raised its head to take a look and just happened to meet the sun’s blazing light. That figure came over extremely quickly and it6 saw a lump of black shadow raiding at a high speed. Although the Open-arm Devil Ape couldn’t see clearly, in its’ perception, it could make out that this figure’s aura was very weak. Although it was much stronger than the two wastes from before, it was at most at the level of an Intermediate Level Beastly Guard.

The Open-arm Devil Ape didn’t have any time to think; it tightened its gigantic hand into a fist and immediately pounded over. Although this fist wasn’t all of his strength and was only 50% of its strength, its7 might was still enormous and brought the ‘sousou’ sound of fist wind. In its opinion, its counterpart was only at the level of a Low Level or Intermediate Level Beastly Guard, and it was absolutely impossible for it to dodge its fist. It8 thought that it would spray blood as it moved backwards five steps with its life bereaved, dying a horrible death, not even having any dregs remaining.

Yet, just as its gigantic fist was on the verge on contacting that shadow, the shadow suddenly sped up. It saw the shadow lower its waist, then instantly smashed a huge fist over from underneath. At the same time that the left claw was going over at the speed of electricity in the form of a fist, the right claw’s cold tip flashed directly to the Open-arm Devil Ape’s ribcage.

Just at this time, Heavenly Wolf General’s aura and pressure suddenly burst out. The Open-arm Devil Ape was dumbstruck upon this discovery; the target of its chase to kill was unexpectedly right before its eyes. It wanted to retreat, but there already wasn’t enough time. Heavenly Wolf General’s long and sharp claws pierced through its skin, ferociously penetrating its left lung.

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However, the Open-arm Devil Ape was worthy of being called ‘Devil Ape General’; after it bellowed out in pain, it counterattacked. Its right fist whizzed forth with the complete entirety of its strength, while at the same time, its left chest muscles sent out force to make it hard for Heavenly Wolf General to smoothly withdraw its right claw.


The fist struck Heavenly Wolf General’s body and the Heavenly Wolf General’s four steel-like long and sharp claws broke apart, then it seemed like an artillery shell as it was sent flying.

Heavenly Wolf General fell onto the floor and spit out big mouthfuls after big mouthfuls of blood. The Open-arm Devil Ape wanted to approach to pursue and attack it, but it trembled due to the pain from the wound in his left lung and could only stop.

The current situation was that both sides were seriously injured. On the surface, Heavenly Wolf General’s injury seemed a little heavier, but the Open-arm Devil Ape’s injury in its left lung brought an immense influence to its breathing and moving.

“Kill you! Kill you! ……” Heavenly Wolf General widened both of its eyes in anger, swaying as it stood up. Afterwards, its left claw began fiercely vibrating at a high frequency and its body also started to be suffused with a metallic radiance.

Seeing this scene, the Devil Ape stared blankly at first, then immediately howled violently. Both its arms buffed up and then it half-squatted, urgently breathing as its whole body produced a yellow-earth colored ripple.

Skill! This was a summon beast’s unique skill! Although Heavenly Wolf General was deprived of its summon beast identity, it had retained its skill. But in the other world, very few summon beasts could actually utilize their skills because there was no coordination with their master. Thus, the skill’s effect would greatly fall.

“Aooo! Sky Wolf’s Vajra Blade Edge!” Heavenly Wolf General loudly shouted and waved its vibrating-at-a-high-frequency left claw.


It could be seen that the four blade edges rapidly took shape in the air, moreover, a layer of metallic luster spread out in a flash. It seemed like the four were true existing metal blade edges. They cut open the air, whirling towards the Open-arm Devil Ape!

“Devil Ape’s Ground-shattering Strike!” The Open-arm Devil Ape also let out a thunderous roar and both its fists smashed the ground. The entire ground exploded with a rumbling and countless pebbles quickly flushed over.

Both of their skills practically and physically clashed each other!


  1. TLN: An old name for China. I believe that it’s still being used in China though. 
  2. TLN: 1 li is about 500 m. Therefore, basically 5 km. 
  3. TLN: Sorry for the amount of commas. 
  4. TLN: Doesn’t specify which went left and which went right, but assumed that it’s respectively. 
  5. TLN: It’s an author’s note right in the middle of the text without writing an author’s note or parenthesis to signify that it’s an author’s note. 
  6. TLN: Open-arm Devil Ape (Devil Ape General) 
  7. TLN: The fist 
  8. TLN: Open-arm Devil Ape (Devil Ape General) 

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