Chapter 2 – Rainy Night (Part 2)

Solon slowly opened his eyes.

It was already more than halfway into the month. Each time he attempted to open his eyes, dense amounts of data emerged in his mind. Countless 0s and 1s flashed through his mind, causing him to feel a brain-splitting headache in a split-second. He realized that his body’s awareness was very weak, and that there seemed to be an electric current within his entire body making chaos to his calm electric field. Although he could hear and sense everything outside, he was unable to move at all, not even lift a finger!

Not good!

I want to awaken!

I must wake up!

Although he didn’t know why he would be reborn in this mysterious world, Solon did know that young girl outside was in danger.

That young girl who continuously attentively attended to him was in danger!

She was called Vivian and was 8 years-old this year. She had beautiful light golden long hair and when she smiled, two small dimples would appear.

She was Solon’s half-sister.

She was also the target of many slave traders in the slums because they were certain that this little girl would become a great beauty in the future. As long as she was raised for a bit, she would be able to be sold for a good price. There wasn’t an easier target than a girl without parents, and an elder brother that was unconscious with life or death unknown.

This was an evil world!

Solon had already heard people trying to break in for this half month in many occasions.

If not for them being afraid of that old dog named ‘Heath’, perhaps Vivian would have already fallen into their evil schemes.

“Not good!”

“I must definitely awaken!”

Solon’s heart produced a bellow for the first time, causing his former lifetime’s memories become fuzzy. Then, the other Solon’s memory became weak and the only thought was to awaken, to protect that pitiful young girl.

She was already in quite a lot of danger!

It was impossible for a pretty barely-eight-years-old girl to survive in the slums.

From what he perceived, there were two evil people already discussing in how to poison that old dog named ‘Heath’, then sell Vivian to the woman named ‘Sofia’.

All this was about to happen!

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If he didn’t wake up, the young girl would face an incomparably tragic fate!



Boundless darkness.

There were still countless 0s and 1s in Solon’s mind. A fine electric current jumped around in his body. He could vaguely recall some things from his previous lifetime, along with some additional fuzzy memories.

Naturally, it was a very painful matter!

In this soul-wrenching pain, he gradually recalled the life-support cabin. At the time that his consciousness had already entered the virtual space, the scene of an additional memory soon after appeared. It was a wizard enveloped by a black mantle. The wizard faced him and pointed, then innumerable electric arcs flashed over, seeming to shatter his soul with lightning!

An indistinct hazy moon appeared.

A young and inexperienced-looking youth with black eyes and flax-colored hair appeared before him.

He stretched his palm towards him and solemnly said: “Protect her!”

“Do not let her receive any injuries!”

Solon’s consciousness became fuzzy once more. It seemed like he had a dream, and inside the dream, a lot of things happened. There was another person’s memories.

He had already thoroughly faded away!

Only one name remained, because he thought that he shouldn’t let his name be not left behind.

After all, Solon felt that his ego had already given himself up, and he could waken up from dormancy!

His name was Solon.

Therefore, he was called Solon.

As for what he was once called, it already didn’t matter.

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The most important thing to do right now was to wake up, then drive off the scoundrels that were about to begin to that young girl named ‘Vivian’ that he had to protect.

Countless electric arcs were still inside his body.

However, the neverending 0s and 1s seemed to gradually stop and a faint feeling that his soul was full appeared. Then, there seemed to be an extra baseless spiritual strength suppressing the electric current and 0s and 1s in his body. Soon after, an abrupt depressed clap of thunder resounded inside his brain!


Solon opened his eyes. A familiar image appeared in front of him.

Name Race
Solon Half-Fairy
Strength 12
Agility 19 (+1)
Constitution 15
Intelligence 18 (+1)
Perception 15
Charisma 16
Faction: Lawful Evil
Level 5 Commoner Level 1 Thief 【Base Class】
HP: 12/12
EXP: 150 (Not allocated)
Skill Points: None
Attribute Points: None
Condition: Weak (Soul resurrecting)
Profession Skills
Sneak 20
Steal 35
Pick Lock 45
Snare 15
Legendary Skill
Omnipotent Dextrous Hands【Sealed】(Weak Soul)
Personal Ability
Deft Left Hand Eidetaic Memory


“This is?!”

Solon’s consciousness gradually sobered up. When he saw the image before his eyes, he immediately recalled the accident in the life-support cabin, how he was in the middle of a certain virtual reality game. It was no wonder why so many 0s and 1s emerged in his mind for the past half month. It turned out that when the accident occurred in the life-support cabin, the game’s data stream was also transmitted along with his consciousness. This time when he opened his eyes, it seemed like that dense data stream thoroughly fused with his mind.

A short moment of absent-mindedness.

Very quickly, a thought came into Solon’s mind. He attempted to concentrate his attention as he inwardly thought: “Could it be that I’ve really fused with that data stream? If so, doesn’t that mean my brain has become a self-conscious brain?”

“Don’t know if it’s really like this!”

“Allocate 150 EXP to Commoner profession!”

The trace of a warm current emerged.

Solon amazedly discovered that he could unexpectedly feel the existence of his four limbs, that the electric current inside his body was gradually melting, and threads of vitality were revolving in his body.

“Commoner profession has advanced to Level 10! Base Class has reached Level Limit!”

“Obtained 25 Skill Points.”

A line of familiar text appeared before him.

A surge of happiness welled up from Solon’s heart because everything before him was exactly the same as the virtual reality game that he was in.

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Before his accident happened, he was right in the middle of the virtual space, and his consciousness was just about to be transmitted to game 《Clash of Titans》. This was a very popular game at that time. While other virtual games stayed somewhere around 75% reality, it made a high-profile claim that there was a technological breakthrough and had achieved 100% reality.

This caused an enormous vibration through the Earth Federation!

Just like the countless amounts of people were attracted to enter, Solon was also attracted over at that time. There was even the magic-esque game cabin that they released to exclaim in admiration about. Following that was unexpectedly an imitation of a enchantment spell-based cabin. In the period of time before he was reborn, the virtual world was a very significant domain because the Interstellar Age required a great amount of talents. Talents that had a grasp of a great amount of complex and astonishing knowledge. This demanded a powerful memorization ability and calculation ability.

The most initial studies of the virtual world was using slight electrical currents to stimulate the right brain lobe. The result was that it strengthened calculation and memorization, making the human body’s right brain development increase by 3% – 10%.

It could be said that there was research into the human body’s brain to some extent, so much that it would be likely to have a required intelligent chip implementation.

However, this advancement pace was relatively slow, and demanded a great amount of resources.

Therefore, the cheaper virtual game domain was ultimately expanded and turned into quite an important sector.

“Games are everything young children (animals and humans) subsist on and have the ability to bring about conscious want to imitate exercise.” —— Plato1.

In the previous learning system, games were a very important simulation method.

Ordinary learning gave rise to an uninterested mood that would irritate the left brain, causing any knowledge learned to become very easy to forget.

Therefore, any exam-oriented learning would be more or less already forgotten.

On the other hand, the right brain was an active state of mind. In addition to possessing ultra high speed processing and a great amount of memory, it could be considered photographic memory to its truest sense, having 1 million times more memory than the left brain!

The potential disparity between both sides was over 100,000 times!

Therefore, development in the brain domain was a very important field in the Interstellar Age. Even many jobs required that one had to have 12% brain development degree or higher. So long as one could meet this requirement, then one would be able to very quickly grasp the knowledge of the related specialty. The massive amount of machinery used caused the demand for high-end talents to increase, while the overwhelming majority of the lowest rung labor force was replaced by machinery. Thus, virtual games, this type of low-cost and significant field that could alleviate social contradiction, became unprecedentedly prosperous.

There was research that stated it clearly.

Under the virtual world simulation of all kinds of extreme, nasty, or complex environments, the usage of a human’s right brain could rise to 300% or higher!

This had an impact regarding development of the right brain that was hard to imagine.

Although this situation was had the subconscious mental suggestion that ‘everything is false’, it was still several-fold more stimulating than ordinary learning.

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Therefore, the more real a virtual game was, the more obvious the effect of exciting the brain area would be.

The degree of improvement for development would also be higher.

Although the premise of the ‘higher’ was from promoting 1% to 3%, and the pace wasn’t very obvious, it was already considered quite a major breakthrough.

After all, the highest stimulation degree of reality was only 1.5% at the highest.

Thus, those who previously possessed work qualifications entered the virtual game world was a lot of people. It was something that the had to experience and would waste a massive amount of time to process it.

This process would be quite long!

Because the brain’s mystical domain of decision-making that was full of unknown properties.


Before this accident occurred, Solon had been right in the middle of controlling his ‘Legendary Thief’ game character to prepare to infiltrate Shadow Shrine, with the objective to steal half-god to god-tier Epic ranked gear. This was because he had become aware of the limits of the thief profession. If he didn’t have or run half-god to god-tier attributes, then he definitely wouldn’t have any advantage in the future of ‘Clash of Titans’.

When his advanced profession became Level 20, the special skill that he chose for his Legendary Profession was——Omnipotent Dextrous Hands!

“Omnipotent Dextrous Hands 【Legendary Skill】: Legendary Thieves possess incomparably deft hands. When carrying out any profession-related judgements, +5% judgement success. At the same time, when using any weapon to fight, automatically master the above-mentioned weapon specialty.

Theoretically, Omnipotent Dextrous Hands can use any Quest Item!

No matter what kind of mysterious treasure or weapon with an explicit limitation, Omnipotent Dextrous Hands can effortlessly use them.”

Omnipotent Dextrous Hands.

It was a Legendary Thief’s advanced special skill, as well as the shameless skill that made many people envy and gnash their teeth in anger in the game.

If not for thieves having insufficient fighting ability after entering the ‘Legendary’ domain, perhaps some people would have already felt discontented at an earlier time. After all, after learning Omnipotent Dextrous Hands, a thief would be able to use the majority of the weapon equipments. Not to speak of a Wizard’s high-level Arcane Scrolls, there were many artifacts with harsh requirements which a Legendary Thief could flexibly use.

Furthermore, there practically weren’t any side effects!

Clash of the Titans!

Profession advancement in this virtual game was extremely demanding. When an ordinary profession leveled up, they didn’t receive any attribute points, including being unable to upgrade the foundation life value.

One could only obtain 25 skill points.

Only when one advanced to an advanced profession could one obtain a bit of precious attribute points every 2 profession levels.


Solon gradually regained awareness of his body.

By the time Solon opened his eyes once more, it was already the next morning.

Vivian’s petite body had fallen asleep lying on the bedside. Ever since he had opened his eyes yesterday, the little girl excitedly stayed up all evening, only lying down by the side at dawn and dazedly going off to sleep.


A burst of soreness and pain.

Solon attempted to lift a finger, but was immediately assaulted with the feeling of an electric shock throughout his entire body.

The electric current was still within his body, and the data streams were still emerging in his brain. This made Solon doubt whether or not his brain had accidentally transformed into self-conscious brain. Because, in the domain of science, there was already proof that a human’s brain could become the core component of a super-intelligent brain. Once, there was a top-notch scientist, who advanced Earth’s civilization pace by a huge margin, that was willing to donate his brain to conduct a scientific research.

The smart microchip was also developed on this foundation!

An arc of electricity jumped within his body.

However, along with the disappearing of this electric shock pain, he gradually restored control of his body, then swayed as he sat up.


Vivian blankly opened her eyes, then was immediately incomparably pleasantly2 surprised as she embraced his arm and sobbed: “Wuwuwu……”

“You are finally good!……Vivian was extremely worried!……”

“Many bad people!”

“They wanted to catch Vivian to sell!……”

“Fo……fortunately there was Heath!……Otherwise Vivian would have been snatched away by them!……”


Vivian had opened her eyes to turn around and look at the door. Suddenly, her body shook. She let go of Solon’s arm and darted to the doorstep to hold the old dog’s body. She spoke in an alarmed voice: “Heath, what’s wrong?”

“Don’t scare me!”

“Don’t scare Vivian!”

“Quickly wake up? Cry out? Please cry out, okay?”

Tears fell drop by drop.

Vivian quietly sat in the corner holding the black-yellow dog’s body as she cried large pea-sized tears. The old dog’s body was already ice-cold.

It lied in the doorway quiet and unmoving.

It slept very peacefully!

It was called ‘Heath’ and was a glass hound. During its prime, it could fight with a cheetah, but at present it was already quite old.

Even since Solon began his coma, it had tightly followed after this little girl named Vivian.

It had been protecting her.

It hadn’t rested properly this past half month because there was only it to protect Vivian from any harm.

It was awfully exhausted, as well as very hungry.

Because there was a scarce amount of food, Vivian starved the entire time, so it could only find the time to catch some mice that it once disdained to spare a glance.

Unfortunately, it was already too old.

It had been starving for a very long time, barely relying on its instinct to protect its master. Only then could it support itself for so long at its age.

Now, Solon had finally awakened.

Its duty was accomplished.

It was really, really already too old. Thus, it lied down at the doorway and serenely went to sleep.

Never to wake up ever again!


  1. TLN: Apparently, the Chinese quote is on Baidu and all, but I can’t find an English equivalent for it. It’s probably fake, but who knows. 
  2. TLN: Chinese authors with their crazy amounts of adverbs. 

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