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[Vol 1] Chapter 9

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While I was busy with my thoughts…

“Hellooooo~! Gerald-chan!”

Mother appeared carrying a tray with a cup of water. My younger sister Sierra was sticking close to her. The 2 year old Sierra, who hadn’t been weaned yet, had learnt to walk and talk.

“All that’s left is to graduate from breast milk,”

Mother sometimes says with a wry smile. Sierra had yet to meet her expectations.

“Hellooooo~! Niitan ⌈1⌋!” she giggled.

So cute!

Unlike Mother’s hair which was an autumn leaf brown, Sierra had beautiful chestnut brown hair. Her inquisitive reddish-brown eyes darted about, her adorable lips curled into a smile.

It was no doubt what you would call an innocent smile. Simply watching her was enough to make me happy.

“Niitan, niitan!”

she cried out, waddling over on unsteady legs. The sight of her arms reaching out, wobbling left and right as she staggered over brought a smile to my face.

I was overcome with the desire to protect her. I felt – how do I describe it – like something warm was filling up my heart. Her presence alone brought others joy.

What could it possibly be? What is this cute creature?

It’s so cute!

“Sierra, just a bit further. Come on, Oniichan is here!”

Without noticing, as Sierra approached me I ended up calling out encouragingly. Since I was slightly bent over while cheering Sierra on, she ended up snuggling face first into my stomach. She smelt like baby milk.


“Amazing! You did great walking so far!”

I praised her with much enthusiasm. It’s amazing for a 2 year old to walk so far! ⌈2⌋ She made it to me all the way from the back door!

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If that isn’t cute, then what is? I grinned. I wonder why the particular way a child’s face lights up as they smile is so captivating.

I squeezed Sierra in my arms. She’s SO soft…

What a delightful creature. I want to keep hugging her close and go back to sleep. I wish they sold body pillows like this.

“Oww, niitan it hurts!”

“Ah, sorry. Was I squeezing you too much?”

“No, it’s okay to squeeze more!”

This is dangerous. My brain is about to short circuit. So cute! After hugging her tightly again Sierra hugged me back. Ahh, I can’t let her marry anyone.

You need to be oniichan’s wife, oniichan’s. ⌈3

I won’t hand her over to anyone.

Without question!

And so, while I was busy rubbing my cheek on Sierra like a cat,

“Here’s the water. You worked pretty hard today, didn’t you?”

“Err…yeah, thanks. I wanted to test a lot of incantations, so I can use them properly.”

When I conveyed that I didn’t want to make any mistakes like before, Mother returned an affectionate smile.

“I’m glad. I’d rather not waste any food, you know.”

“Yeah…me too. I don’t want to waste the food you cook either. It’s so delicious!”

“Oh dear, still a child and already so good at flattery.”

“D-don’t call me a child!”

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But it’s true, Mother’s cooking is honestly delicious. I hadn’t eaten such delicious food even in my past life. Certainly, since it was a farming village the food was bland and there was no gourmet cooking.

Yet, taste isn’t determined purely by the ingredients and technique. I believe who cooked the food is equally as important. There’s nothing quite like a mother’s cooking. So I absolutely refuse to waste such food again.

“Sierra too! Sierra wants water too!” ⌈4

Sierra complained next to me, interrupting my secret vow. It looks as if Princess Sierra greatly desires some water.

“Okay, okay. Have half of mine.”

I answered and handed her my half empty cup. But then, Sierra was about to drink when the cup slipped out of her hands. The water spilled from the cup, soaking her clothes.


“Oh no…you’re drenched,” Mother and I cried out.

“No choice. Sierra, let’s go change.”

“No, it’s okay. I can dry it now.”

I said and pointed my palm towards Sierra’s wet clothes. Mother looked at me concerned.



“Sierra isn’t like soup; we can’t lose her. If by any chance you…you understand right?”

“It’s alright, I won’t. I guarantee it’s safe this time!”



“I’m trusting you, okay?”

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“It’ll definitely be alright!”

“Nothing will go wrong?”

“There won’t be any problems!”


“Like I said, it’ll be alright!”

“I’m trusting you, okay?”

“I’m 100% sure about this!”

“…nothing will go wrong?”

“Nothing will go wrong! How long are you planning to do this?! Didn’t we just repeat ourselves?! Scary!”

For a moment, I saw a future where we continued to the end of time. I cleared my throat, breaking the infinite loop.

“It’ll be fine, look. Drive away the dampness, the abominable clamminess!”

A warm breeze was released from my palm, instantly drying Sierra’s damp clothes. The effect of this ridiculous incantation was to dry things. It had the power to dry wet things.

With this, it was possible to quickly dry clothes even if it’s raining. If the washing line was inside, it won’t become humid and would prevent the clothes from smelling.

“Amazing, Gerald-chan! I believed you could do it!” Mother exclaimed overjoyed.

She was excited like a child. I didn’t know whether to feel proud or insulted by her reaction, due to her lack of confidence not so long ago.

“Niitan is amazing!”

Yep, Sierra was still innocent and cute. So adorable. What a wonderful creature.

“That’s weird, I was sure Mother was extremely skeptical before.”

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“That was your imagination.”

“My imagination, huh?”

“Of course. There’s no way I wouldn’t believe in Gerald-chan. You’re my child!”

I couldn’t help but smile wryly.

It was very much like something Mother would say. So much so, that I was almost fooled by it. Maybe it’s inevitable that I’ll always fall for her tricks.

“Come on you two, let’s have dinner. I’m starving!”

“Me too.”

“Sierra too! Sierra’s hungry too!”

Holding hands, Sierra and I followed Mother inside.


  1. Oniisan -> Niichan -> Niitan, for those of you who haven’t seen this before. 
  2. No, it’s not. In fact, you should be worried she’s developing so slowly. 
  3. sigh 
  4. In Japan, it’s common to find children referring to themselves by name (instead of using a pronoun). 

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