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Chapter 9 – Work

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Author: Bankuru Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3149 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1971 words
Editor(s): Fire


Waking up in the morning, I set my hair up with the comb and scrunchie I got yesterday. I don’t really know how to braid and such, so I went with an easy low ponytail. I actually wanted to try wearing twintails, but my horns were in the way…… This is probably the first time I felt unhappy1 with my horns.

I noticed it during yesterday’s shopping too, but I’m surprisingly having a lot of fun with being a girl.2 I also feel that my thoughts have been leaning considerably on the feminine side too. Maybe it’s because I’m trying to not think too much about the past.

「Now then, since I’ve got some clothes now, I need to work and pay back the clothes and other things.」
「Like I said…… Well, fine. In any case, if we don’t work, we can’t buy anything to eat after all. After breakfast, why don’t we drop by the Union?」

The Union? Is that the usual guild-like thing? Asking Ruti, it’s basically the same-ish. However, it’s called the 『Entrustment Union.』Can’t they make the name better or something……3 In the past, it seems like there was an 『Agent’s Union』 that offered something like daily employment, and a 『Hunter’s Union』 that offered hunting commissions for vermin control, fresh meat, raw goods, and such. But because there were a lot of complaints about work that was simply too vague to distinguish between the two unions, they fused in the end and became what it is today.

After finishing the relatively delicious breakfast from the moderately cheap inn, we went to the Union.

「It’s completely different from what I thought……」

I expected a slightly dirty building with a big swing door, the ones that usually come out in stories, but it’s actually a neat wooden building with a normal double leaf door.
Going inside, it’s clean as expected. The part that was somewhat close to what I imagined is an adjoined break corner that serves light meals. Even then, they don’t seem to serve alcohol.4

「Well then, first, let’s get you registered. I’m already registered in Mois, so I can be your guarantor.」

It looks like the Union card can be used in other countries. However, the management is different from country to country so the standard reward for work varies a lot, she says. Rather, I know about the registration, but a guarantor… I’m really glad that I met Ruti.

Receiving a form from the reception desk, I fill in the needed information. Name… at this point, I’ll just go with Natsuki. Sex is Female, Race will be Dragonoid, and… Age? I already looked like this in the first place, so I don’t really know my age.

「Hey Ruti, this part about my age…」
Hm?… Oh, right, that huh…. Hmmm. Well, we’re about the same height so why don’t you just write down 14, same as mine?」

After staring at me for a while, she said so. Come to think of it, I didn’t even know how old Ruti was. That5 when she’s only 14 years old… It’s fine, I’m sure that I’m still in the middle of my growth period. Definitely.6

Hm? Something wrong?」
No, not at all.

I unconsciously stared at her, so I quickly look away.

After filling the form, I handed it over to the person in charge. Then, seemingly surprised, they looked back and forth between me and the document.

「Is there anything wrong?」
「Oh, I’m very sorry. It’s my first time meeting a Dragonoid, so…」

It looks like Dragonoids are quite few in number, so you don’t really see them a lot. Demonoids aren’t that many too, so it seems like we’re a rare character combo.
「Now that I think of it, I haven’t seen them too,」 Ruti says.7 Did you really just realize that now……

Since it takes an hour to publish the Union card, we decided to check the requests available.

「I wonder what’s good?」

I casually flip the pages of the binder8 with the requests.

「Natsuki, what can you do?」
「I can pretty much do most things, I guess… But I don’t really know if I can use my experience in this world.」

「Then since you’ve been hunting in the forest, things related to that should be safe to pick,」 she said as she brought the binders with vermin extermination and hunting type requests.
Opening it, I even see entries with monster or magic beast types. So they do exist in this world. For monsters, the usual goblins and orcs and stuff are written there. But for magic beasts, there isn’t anything like that written.

「I understand monsters, but what is this magic beast thing?」
「Magic beasts? Magic beasts are animals that grew big from taking in mana, the magic power floating in the air. The ones you usually hunted in the forest, Natsuki.」

So that was a magic beast… makes sense why it seemed so huge. Rather, I actually thought that was just the standard size for this world.9 Scanning over the binder, it looks like monster and magic beast types give bigger rewards as expected.

「I’m curious about how strong the monsters are and the reward is good too, so can we pick from those?」
「I see, I’ve never hunted monsters before, so I want to try it too.」

Then that settles it. We pulled out a safe goblin extermination request.

After receiving the newly issued Union card, we immediately accepted the request. According to the reception lady, goblins are weak so it should be safe, so we merrily went to the specified place… We did, but…10

「Say, Ruti?」

「What is it, Nastuki?」
Boom! Splat!

「I’m pretty sure that those aren’t goblins, don’t you agree?」11 Creak!

「Right, those definitely aren’t goblins.」
Snap! Crack!

While continuing that conversation, what we are fighting are… definitely trolls. Yup. Moreover, how many of them are there even…
The request only said that there were 6 goblins but instead, there are trolls and 20-ish of them even.

Ahh!! There’s blood on my clothes!」
「Stupid Natuski, if you just hit them from afa… Ahh! There’s blood on me too!」12

They’re not particularly strong, so I’m not worried about getting hurt. But because I ripped and Ruti blasted their limbs and stuff off without any care, we got showered and drenched in their blood. The clothes I finally got were ruined, so somewhere along the lines, I was just letting out some steam.

Ugehh, it’s sticky…」
「Mine is pretty horrible too…」
「The part for the proof of extermination is… I don’t know, so let’s just go with the ears.」
「That should be good enough…」

Once we get back, I’m definitely complaining to the Union.13

After collecting the ears, we hurried back to the town and went straight back to the Union.

「What’s the meaning of this!?」

We throw the Union’s doors open and raised our complaint. Naturally, we attracted everyone’s attention and they were startled from our bloodstained look.

Um, what do you mean?」14 「Don’t what me! We were told that there were 6 goblins, why were there 20 trolls instead!?」
「!? P-Please wait a moment!?」

Union Chief! Union Chief! The reception lady yelled as she went inside the back of the building.

「Oi!? Are the trolls for real!?」

Saying so, a short-trimmed and well-built old man appeared. Definitely looks like a physical work-type person.

「You’re both soaked in blood but are you hurt?」
Ah, no, we’re fine. More importantly! The info on the request was absolutely different!」
Ahh, I’m really sorry about that. Well, it’s not really something that can be solved with a simple sorry, but… There seems to have been a misreport… actually it’s an error way beyond the level of a misreport… so as the representative, I truly apologize for what happened.」

Saying so, he bows his head and mutters; I’ll need to have a talk with the one who gave us the info, too…

「For now, before any casualties occur, we need to immediately form an extermination squad. Excuse me, but would you mind telling me the exact place and number of the trolls?」
「The place is exactly as the request says and there were 20 of them. Anyways, since we already got rid of them all, there’s no need for an extermination squad. More than that, the reward money should increase in cases like these, no? Thanks to those, our clothes got ruined.」15

If it was just little things like goblins then I could’ve handled it by smacking them with only my tail but because the big tough trolls appeared, we had no choice but to attack them with considerably more force. As a result, we’re drenched in blood.
So what are you going to do about this? I glare at the Union Chief…. Huh? He’s a bit stiff.

「… Ahh, sorry. Can you say that again? 20 trolls exterminated? Don’t you mean orcs by that?」

What are you doubting us for? I suddenly got annoyed and unconsciously slammed my tail to the floor, shaking the whole building.16

「Woah!? Wait, sorry about that, but normally it takes 3-6 people to deal with a troll. It’s not really something you can beat with two people.」
「Then how would you explain the blood and these ears, huh!?」

I pushed the ear filled bag towards him. And seeing the contents of the bag, the Union Chief’s eyes opened wide in surprise.

「1, 2, 3… There’s really 20 of them. And these are definitely troll ears… Are you for real?」

Saying so, he looks at us with a dumbfounded look.

「That’s why I told you so…」

I’m getting really tired now. I just want to go and take a bath already.



  1. Lyly: … big sad?
    Fire: The return of sad Natsuki
  2. Lyly: Yes, let go. Have the fun only you can have
    Fire: Embrace your true self now since you’re forced to either way
  3. Fire: Nope, got to follow the isekai guild cliché~
  4. Fire: So there’s none of the typical loud drunkards? Damn
  5. Lyly: Lol, some part you really notice, eh?
    Fire: Who wouldn’t notice heh. But still, quite a growth spurt Ruti went through lol
  6. Fire: She has high hopes, I’ll give her that. The chances I would say are low though. We will see what happens in the future~
  7. Lyly: Lol, you noticed now?
  8. Lyly: Well that’s quite nice, more fantasy worlds should use binders rather than waste paper by ripping the document off.
    Fire: Look at them, even they are saving the environment of the other world
  9. Lyly: Fair point
    Fire: I would expect that too when you only encounter that size
  10. Lyly: Lol, easy peasy right?
  11. Lyly: Lol, and both of you are still fighting
    Fire: They’re acting so casual about it too
  12. Lyly: Lol, jinx
    Fire: Should’ve not said that
  13. Lyly: “Bring me your manager!”
  14. Lyly: Poor unfortunate receptionist
  15. Lyly: Lol, the clothes
    Fire: She has her priorities straight
  16. Lyly: Dragon is a bit angy
    Fire: You better not anger the little dragon or it will be goodbye building and maybe even worse
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