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Chapter 8 – Shopping

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Author: Bankuru Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2071 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1098 words
Editor(s): Fire

「「So hot…」」

After boiling ourselves red, Ruti and I lie on top of the bed.

「We stayed a bit too long…」
「Well, it’s been ages since we had a proper bath. It can’t be helped…」

I lightly blow a breath of ice to cool the room. 

「「So cold~!」」
「From now on, I’m going to need Natsuki in the summer season~」
「Treating me like I’m some item… Wait, there are summers?」
「Well, naturally. It’s not like the season stays the same throughout the year, you know?」

It seems like there are actually different seasons. So it’s spring right now and it’s going to get hotter soon.

「So with that, we’re going to buy you some light clothing. Let’s head out after cooling down a bit more, okay?」
「Got it~」


「Welcome! This is Zanbul’s Number 1 Clothing Store, Putieveil!」

Since we were suddenly greeted with high spirits, I almost instinctively wanted to say that we were in the wrong store, but I endured it.
In the first place, there are only 2 clothing stores (each of them only selling men’s and women’s wear respectively) in this town, so calling it the number one is a bit…
I stare at the lady with a doubting gaze.

「What might you be looking for!? Our store offers underwear, pajamas, and even dresses for sale!」
Ah, well, we’re here to buy her a complete set of clothes, starting from her underwear…」

Even Ruti is a bit weirded out.

「Understood! Now then, please allow me to take your measurements!」

Saying so, she suddenly grabs my coat
and takes it off.

The whole store froze instantly. Well, naturally, I’m not wearing anything underneath, after all…

The saleslady (culprit) is dripping out weird sweat while being frozen stiff. As expected, my face is hot with embarrassment as I took the coat back. Although I may be an experienced nudist, this situation is really awful.

「… Can we do this inside?」
「… Yes.」

I follow the saleslady, who replied with an almost shrinking voice, to the inner part of the store.

「I’m very sorry for what happened earlier… We will add a discount to the price charges, so please forgive me…」
「Well, we can’t change what has already happened… But we’ll be taking the discount, okay?」

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I replied while slightly hanging my still hot face and had my measurements taken.

「Then first, let me bring some underwear that would fit your size.」
Oh, if possible, please make the bras strapless.」
Ah! Right, then I’ll make sure to prepare ones of that type.」

The saleslady said so and went to the underwear corner to choose some for me.


Ruti explained to me that it’s the type that doesn’t have shoulder straps. It seems like it’s for people with wings like us since the shoulder straps tend to be obstructive and exposed because of our clothing needs, so we would usually pick out strapless bras.

「Thank you for waiting. How do these ones look?」

What the saleslady brought back was a plain light blue pair. I like how simple and refreshing it looks. Since I did like it, I asked how to put it on and took a look at the mirror. Nice.

Come to think of it, this is the first time I ever saw myself in a mirror. Now I know that my eyes are gold. They’re vertical slit pupils, really dragon-like.
So this is how my face looks… Very adorable, while still being cool, if I say so myself. And while I was busy praising myself, the saleslady brought the clothes.

It was a white halterneck blouse and a knee-length light aqua blue flare skirt. Both of them have buttons and slits designed with tails in mind. She was a bit iffy at first, but this saleslady seems to be good at her job…

While choosing some spare clothes, she also taught me about the different kinds of clothes and stuff.

「Are you done~?」

Before I even noticed, Ruti bought herself clothes too. Moreover, she already got changed.
It’s a white above the knee halterneck dress with a light crimson pattern. Also, spats. The dress is designed to expose the chest quite a lot, she’s definitely showing them off. Curse you1

「Natsuki, if you don’t wear something like this as well, then people are going to see it when you fly, you know?」

I see, so that’s why she’s wearing spats. Come to think of it, she did wear spats even before this.
After contemplating for a while, I chose a three-quarter length leggings.

We got too carried away and ended up spending a considerably long time picking clothes. We’re running out of time to go to the shoe store so we hurriedly got our purchase totaled. On top of getting a considerable discount, we were also given some accessories like a comb, scrunchie, and stuff. I have all sorts of nothing on me right now, so I’m honestly thankful.

「Thank you for your purchase. Please come again.」

Ignoring that first happening, we talk about how it was a really great store and next head to the shoe store.

Reaching the shoe store, we scoured about for shoes.

「I’d really like to wear these sort of things every once in a while…」
Ruti grumbled while picking up some high-heeled pumps.

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「Then why don’t you?」
「Well, you know, I can’t move quickly while wearing something like this…」

It’s a footwear for fashion only, unusable when traveling and working. It looks like she’s hesitant about buying it because there isn’t really any much opportunity to wear it. True, since you can’t really use it for decorating and stuff; it’s really hard to justify buying it.

「You say that but I have even less of a choice, you know. 」

Why do I say that? Because of my toenails. If I wear footwear that doesn’t let my toes out, I won’t be able to use my claws when I need it.

The world just isn’t fair. With a wry smile on our faces, we head to the corner with the low heels lined up. We picked a pair of high-laced short boots for Ruti and sandal boots for me, and ended our shopping for today.


  1. Fire: Flat is justice! Though, I don’t mind some big one’s once in a while
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