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Chapter 10 – Day Off

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Author: Bankuru Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2247 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1553 words
Editor(s): Fire

Yesterday was the worst.

After getting back his sanity, the Union Chief asked us about the details of this and that while they were preparing our reward, but in the end they couldn’t provide the reward on that day and told us to come back tomorrow, so we went back to our inn and threw away our bloodstained clothes in tears, worked hard with Ruti to wash away the blood sticking to my hair and finally went to sleep.1

So with that, we’re off to get our money. Together with Ruti, we both poutily head to the Union.

「Union Chief~, we’re here to get the money~」

Entering inside, I let out a clearly I’m-not-in-a-good-mood aura while calling for the Union Chief.

O-Oh… I’m really sorry about yesterday.」

I reflexively glared at him.

「So, in the end how much was it?」
「About that…」

According to the Union Chief, all in all there’s the reward for the extermination of 20 trolls, the compensation for the misinformation, and the fact that they avoided the need to form an extermination squad. In total, they sum up to 30 large gold coins. In my old world it would be about 3,000,000 yen… Mmph, I almost ended up breaking into a smile.2 I mean, in the first place, the reward for the goblin request was just 6 gold coins.3 We did have a really bad time, but this… right?

「W-Well, if you insist! I’ll forgive you with this! D-Don’t get the wrong idea, okay? You insisted after all!」
「… Tsunderes aren’t trending anymore, you know?」

Being told that with a cold stare was extremely humiliating. I’m definitely blushing red right now. Why was a cliché from my old world understood here… Curse you
After receiving the money, I ran out of the Union and we immediately head to Putieveil.4 We’re going to buy replacements for yesterday’s ruined clothes.

「This time we need to buy some clothes for work too…」
「Agreed, perhaps we need to choose ones with colors that won’t make the bloodstains stand out.」

And as we were nodding in agreement, we began choosing our clothes. After thoroughly contemplating on them, we tried them on and showed it off to each other. I picked a carmine short-sleeved chiffon blouse, a maroon above the knees fishtail skirt, and black leggings. As for Ruti, she picked a wine red short-sleeved frill blouse, a bordeaux corset miniskirt, and black stockings.


We both slowly put our hands over our faces.5

「「The colors are… aaaaaaabsolutely not for summer…!」」

「Geez, I shouldn’t be the one saying this after choosing these colors, but what exactly is that? We’re not going for autumn clothes, you know? Can’t we do something about this?」
「Still, if you think about the color balance, it’s going to end up in that hue, okay… Still better than the work clothes, right?」
「Well, true but…」

As expected, we already had enough of yesterday’s bloody polka dots so we actually looked at the work clothes sold in the shop, but it’s too much. I hate it.6 Compared to that, well… we already bought it so it’s no use complaining and if I just bear it until autumn, then it’s not that bad. Ah, but the short-sleeves… I should just stop thinking about it.

So with that, we’re once again tired just as yesterday and after deciding not to work today, we’re currently chilling in a sidewalk café.7 After all, we already got the money and I already paid Ruti back for the clothes and things. She really didn’t want to take it, though.8

The pancakes we ordered has just arrived. It was a fluffy pancake with a thick layer of syrup and cream on top. As our well awaited pancakes arrived, I immediately went for as much as I can get, and took a bite. A moment of bliss…. Every interval, I take a sip of a slightly bitter iced tea to reset. I could go for a ton of these.

「I hear that the pancakes here are delicious, but looks like they really are.」

In the first place, Ruti was the one that heard rumors about this place and brought me along. A lot of things happened today and yesterday, but with this, I feel all my efforts have been rewarded.

「Excuse me~! Another pancake please!」
「You really make it look so delicious… Say, Natsuki?」

While responding, I stuff my mouth with a pancake. Mmmmm, delicious.

「… You’re going to get fat, you know?」


Right now, time has stopped. I’m sure of it. After all, my hand also froze midair.

「See, they put a lot of syrup and cream, right? So considering that…」
「Don’t say any more of that.」

My time finally started moving forward again.
In the first place, if I just think calmly about it, just eating a bit too much doesn’t mean that it’s going to actually be a problem.
After all, I’m in my growth period. A part of my body is still bursting with hope. I’m sure of it. Probably…
Although I’m eating pancakes, for some reason my hands are shaking like I’m lacking in sugar, and then the additional pancake arrived.

… In the end, I couldn’t win against the pancakes.10

After having the fill of pancakes, we went to the shopping district.
What are we going to buy in the shopping district?… Lemons. The smell of the vinegar we used when taking a bath was really bothering me, so we’re here to buy some.
And while we’re at it, we bought some perfume and oil for dilution. Our targets might end up noticing the scent, but I convinced her that it’s better than smelling bad. I can’t really do something about the nature of our work, but I don’t like smelling like blood.

Other than that, it seems like Ruti also wanted to buy some accessories so we went to a general store. I also picked out a hand-mirror, ribbons and other things. While doing so, I found a weird tube thing.11

「What’s this?」
Hmm? Ahh, the magic item that blows out hot air. It’s used for drying up your hair. Come to think of it, I always thought of buying one after reaching Arst but I still haven’t bought one.」

So it’s a dryer12, huh. Or rather, there really are magic items.
It seems like you use it by touching the part equivalent to a switch and pour magic power in.

After telling her that I’ll pay half the price since I’ll also use it, I went to take a look at the other magic items.
There’s a magic item used to light a fire and even one that works like a lamp. So this was what they used in the inn.
And then there’s… Ohh, is this a shaver? It has been so long already since I used one. I don’t grow facial hair anymore, so I don’t need… Hm?

I suddenly got curious, so I went to Ruti and whispered to her ear.

「Say, Ruti, I just remembered but how do you deal with armpit or leg hair?」
「Me? I don’t actually have those. Probably one of those Demonoid traits, I guess. I’m really grateful to my dear ancestors for that.」

What a convenient racial trait. Naturally, Humans and Beastkins seem to grow body hair, so I can imagine how enviable it is.

「Seriously… I’m still good for now, but I wonder if I’ll have some?」
「Let’s see… I heard that scale people don’t have those, so perhaps you’ll be fine too, Natsuki?」

Scale people are what are commonly called Lizardmen in my old world. Dragonoids should be somewhat similar, so maybe it is alright.

While I was relieved, I ended up having a distant look as I noticed that my worries have become completely feminine now.13



  1. Lyly: It was so bad that she didn’t even stop to speak in separate sentences
  2. Lyly: Lol, poor ex freeter
    Fire: Well, at least she’s quite rich now
  3. Silva: 6 gold for goblins? Gold? Not copper? Wao… the goblins in this world must be stronk…
    Fire: Or the people in this world are weak… heh
  4. Lyly: Binge shopping~
    Fire: Let’s hope the clothes doesn’t get ruined again~
  5. Lyly: Lol, facepalm
  6. Lyly: Lol, just, I hate it
    Fire: Straight to the point lol
  7. Lyly: … Date?
    Fire: What is this quick development?
  8. Lyly: Good friend Ruti, ex poor boi Natsuki
  9. Don’t speak while you’re eating kids. This advice is brought to you by Lyly~
  10. Lyly: Who would, lol
  11. Lyly: …
    Fire: …When taken out of context, it sounds very… “suggestive
  12. Lyly: … Oh, that
    Fire: This is some wholesome stuff Lyly. No unwholesomeness in this novel… yet
  13. Lyly: Join the dark side, Natsukin!
    Fire: She’s too far gone now for better or for worse
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