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Chapter 6 – Departure

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Author: Bankuru Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 1798 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 960 words
Editor(s): Fire

A few days have passed since I turned the surrounding area into a winter wonderland.
Since I’ve been diligently practicing my Breath, I can now use my fire breath like a heat ray, my water breath like a water cutter, and my wind breath like an air hammer. Still, I don’t have any magic similar to the one Ruti used. It seemed really convenient so that’s extremely unfortunate.1

Still, I’m really glad that I can do more things, so while I was making today’s dinner, I unconsciously began humming.

「Aren’t you in a good mood?」
「Well, yeah. Now that I can do a lot more, of course I’m going to be in a good mood.」

Well true that; Ruti replied while she helped me with the preparations. It really is nice to be with someone. It’s really comforting to have someone to talk to. I’m probably living a more fulfilling life compared to when I was living on my own as a freeter. Well, except for the fact that I’m still naked.2

「Natsuki, I want to talk about something later, but are you free?」

Hearing her question I replied, “Then just tell me while we eat,” while carrying our food.

「So, what do you want to talk about?」

I ask her while eating my deer steak. Since it’s seasoned, it’s really delicious.3

Ahh well, since I’m fully rested and my food supplies are looking good, I was thinking that it’s about time for me to go for Arst.」

That’s right.4 Ruti crashed here on her way but she was traveling to Arst in the first place. It’s just been a few days since, but it was so fun to be together with her so I completely forgot.

「I see… It really felt like we would be together for quite a long time, but that was the plan in the first place after all… 」5

Feeling indescribable loneliness, I feel downhearted.6

「So it’s just a suggestion, but would you mind coming with me as well?」
Eh?… Well, I don’t but… Is it okay? Or rather, I don’t have any clothes you know?」
「Exactly. I’ll lend you my cloak in the meantime, so let’s buy you some clothes once we reach a town. I do have enough money for that, after all.」

I was really hesitant after hearing that she’ll pay for me but Ruti insisted that I should at least let her do this much for helping her. Still, I do want some clothes, so even though she was reluctant, I convinced her that I’ll pay her back for the clothes and other needed expenses in the future.

「You don’t really need to pay it back, though.」
「No no, you need to be rigid when it comes to money.」
「You’re really stubborn with weird things… Well, alright then. In that case, we should spend the whole day tomorrow to prepare and depart the morning after that.」

After that, we swiftly decided on our rough plans.


「Ruti! Wait for me-!」
Ehh… I’m already going really slow, though.」

Finishing our preparations, we excitedly started our trip but we encountered an unexpected problem.
I’ve practiced my Breath a lot, but as for the crucial flight practice, not much at all.
It’s not a problem if I’m just flying in the surrounding area around the shelter, but this time I’m flying for a long distance, and at quite a high speed on top of that. But because I didn’t practice, I can’t get any speed and I get tired quickly.

Hii… Hii…!」7 「Come on, keep it up. Just bear it until you get used to it. For now, let’s fly until we reach that big tree, okay?」
「Too far-!」

Ruti you monster! Screaming so in my mind, I continue flying while regretting that I didn’t practice.

Haa… Haa… I’m tired…」
「Well, good job! We’re going a bit slower than planned but we should be able to up our pace once you get used to it in about two days, so we’re probably fine. Also, I don’t have anything for your fatigue; but flying uses magic power, so you should be able to speed up if you focus on your wings while using magic power, you know? 」

After receiving the water Ruti took out from her shadow, I drop my shoulders upon hearing her say that and mutter out my complaint;
「… I would have wanted to hear that earlier…」8


I might have gotten the hang of it; since, as Ruti said, I’m now used to flying long distances after two days and now I can enjoy our midair trip.
I did get cocky and did some barrel rolls, loops and such, which resulted in me getting airsick…
I’ll just ignore Ruti’s appalled expression.

And then, after flying over the forest continuously for about a week. The time has finally come.  

「Look Natsuki! We can see it now!」

And at the place where Ruti pointed to, there was a lush and ever-expanding grassland. From then on, it’s now Arst Kingdom’s territory. The sight of the grass being swayed by the wind made it seem like a giant green carpet that absolutely captivated me.
It might seem like nothing special to the people used to seeing it; but for me who has seen nothing but the forest since I arrived in this world, it’s such a moving sight.

「Once we completely leave the forest, we’ll look for a highway, and walk from there, okay?」
「Got it!」

I wonder what the towns of this world look like? Feeling great expectation, and a little bit of suspense, I descend to the ground.



  1. Lyly: Natsuki is still big sad.
    Fire: Very big sad, someone cheer her up. :(
  2. Fire: Kyaa~ She’s still a nudist~
  3. Lyly: Seasoning is important! Just salt and pepper on a plain steak will change your life!
    Fire: I agree. If you don’t season your steak or in fact, any kind of meat and just eat them plain, you’re doing something wrong.
  4. Lyly: Lol, you forgot. But now you remember, you big sad now.
    Fire: Depression ensues.
  5. Lyly: Lol, you’re not even in a relationship yet.
    Fire: Man, Natsuki is skipping lots of steps in a relationship.
  6. Lyly: Natsuki is big sad!
    Fire: We get it Lyly, Natsuki has the biggest sad.
  7. Lyly: Difficult breathing. Asthma? Kek
    Fire: I wonder if she could use her Breath to use as an asthma inhaler lol.
  8. Lyly: Big tired, kek
    Fire: Who wouldn’t be tired from all of that.
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