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Chapter 5 – Magic

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Author: Bankuru Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2234 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1211 words
Editor(s): Fire

「… Hey Natsuki, are we really eating those?」

Seeing the meat and grass on the kitchen table, Ruti said so.

「I don’t want to say this but… those plants are poisonous, you know?」
「What did you… just…」

It seems like almost all the wild grass I’ve been eating up until now were poisonous. It’s now confirmed that the stinging sensation I was feeling was not a spice-like thing but from the poison. Is my body being tough for better or for worse…
Ruti roughly knows which are fine to eat, so I’ll have her pick them out. We get rid of the poisonous ones and simmer the remaining edible grass and the meat in the stone pot.

「I can’t do anything about the taste since I don’t have any seasonings, but it should fill up the stomach, so this should make do.」
「Ah, if it’s just seasoning, I have some you know? Give me a second.」

Saying so, Ruti plunges her hand into her own shadow and pulls out some salt and pepper.
I couldn’t help but stare at her wide-eyed in shock.

「? … Oh, it’s a magic that makes space inside a person’s shadow.」

「Woah, it seems convenient. Can I use it too?」
「Who knows? Whether you can use it or not depends on your affinity with it, but do you want to try practicing it tomorrow?」
「Yes please!」

I’m getting excited for tomorrow. While continuing on, we dished out the finished meals in tableware I carved from wood and it’s eating time. My first seasoned meal in a while was absolutely delicious.
While we were eating, I asked Ruti about this and that.

「Speaking of which, I understand that you crashed, but why were you flying there in the first place?」
Ahhh, so about that…」

It seems that the cause of it all was from the circumstances of Ruti’s birth. So she told me that she was from the Mois Kingdom, a country west of this forest which is called the Great Woods; but said Mois Kingdom has a strong discrimination against people like us who are called demi-humans. Having re-emerged her ancestral traits because of the strong inheritance of a distant devil ancestor’s blood, Ruti became a target of discrimination. So, since both of her parents are normal humans, she ran away from home so as to keep them away from trouble.

By the way, it seems that people who are demonoids like Ruti, who have distinct devil features, or dragonoids like me are all generally referred to as demi-humans.

「So because of that, I was heading for Arst Kingdom, where there isn’t any discrimination, but…」

Originally, she was supposed to enter west of Arst Kingdom via a country called the Harvest Federal Republic in the south, but it seems like Ruti got lazy and decided to cut through the forest. And because the forest was a lot bigger than she expected, she ran out of food and since it was all a sea of forest below her, she couldn’t have much rest; so she tragically fell from the sky above and now we’re back to the present.

「Now that I think about it, I could have even died at that time. I was really lucky that you were there to help, Natsuki. Once again, thanks.」
「You’re welcome. I’m also glad that I have someone to talk to after a long time.」

After that, with dried grass as blankets, we lie down while enjoying my first conversation in a long time.


The next morning, I immediately asked her to teach me magic.

「Magic is when you materialize and release the magic power in your body with an image in mind. So then, the trend of what you imagine is usually something you call an affinity, but first of all, do you know anything about magic power?」
「Nope, not at all.」
「Well, that is how it usually starts… Would you give me your hands for a bit? I’m going to try moving magic power now so grasp the feeling, okay?」

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Saying so, she held my hands and began concentrating.
Soon after, I feel something that seemingly flowed from my left hand to my right. It’s a bit ticklish.

「Right now, you should feel something moving inside your body, that’s magic power. So, just imagine that turning into fire or water and release it out.」

That’s really vague for an explanation. For now, while the feeling is still fresh in my mind, I try imagining various things and test things out. But no matter what I try, it’s doing nothing at all.

「That’s weird… Usually, you should be able to have formed at least something by now but… Hm? Speaking of which, I noticed it this morning too, but how did you ignite the stove, Natsuki? You don’t use a flint, right?」
「How? Just like this?」

Saying so, I breathe out a flame.

Ahh, now I get it. I would have known earlier if I just saw you do that.」

Now that she said it, I hadn’t shown Ruti how I ignited the stove. But what does she mean by that?

「You see Natsuki, you probably can’t use magic unfortunately.」

I was told a shocking truth. Asking her more about this, it seems like some species can only use specific forms of magic. In my case, that form seems to be my Breath. I drop my shoulders in shock.

「Well, come on, don’t be that depressed. See, now that you know how to use magic power, this should mean that you can adjust your Breath a lot better. Try letting out a strong flame.」

Hearing that, being a bit feisty from the shock, I imagined the strongest flame I can and tried to breathe it out.
The next instant, I feel an intense wave of heat and the burning ground near us began melting down.

「Stop! STOPPPP!?」

Ruti screamed while immediately scattering water with magic, panickingly starting to extinguish the flames. But the flames were too hot and wouldn’t quite die out. 

「Natsuki, help me out here! Can’t you do something about this!? Like a water breath or something!」
Ehh! Umm, hmm, go!」

While rightfully panicking in this disaster, I try imagining water this time. But because I was in a rush, while I did manage to let out water, the pressure was too strong and now everything is blown away. The situation got worse.


In the end, we finally extinguished it after I used an ice breath to freeze the entire area.

「I thought we were going to die…」
「It’s also my fault for just casually telling you to try it, but isn’t this a bit too much?… Achoo!

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I extinguished it with cold air, so naturally, it feels very cold now. The whole place is pure white, it’s like we’re in Alaska or Russia.1

「I hope this melts by tomorrow…」
「I think that’s going to be impossible for a while you know…」

I started a fire to keep us warm and with that, today’s practice has ended.


  1. Fire: This little dragon girl set the whole place on fire, tried to put it out by summoning water that instead had a tsunami-like pressure, and then made a winter wonderland unintentionally. How cute but also very, very scary.
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