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Chapter 7 – Something Forgotten

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Author: Bankuru Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2560 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1375 words
Editor(s): Fire

After following the highway for a day, a town (which seems to be called Zanbul) surrounded by a wooden wall is now in view.

The reason why we walked instead of flying here is because it seems like some centuries ago, there were frequent attacks from bandits flying in the sky, so it became an international rule to forbid flying at areas that are visible from towns. Lately, it looks like it’s somewhat allowed if you’re flying at low altitudes, but they’re still going to be cautious and people don’t really like when you do that too.

By the way, if you ignore this rule, they’ll shoot you down, no questions asked. And it seems like in bigger places like the Royal Capital, they might even shoot you with a ballista or something depending on the situation. Just thinking about that gives me the chills.

While being taught that as we were walking, we passed through the gate in no time at all.
I was confused that we entered the town without anything happening, so I asked about it.

「Don’t they have like some identification check or some charges when going through these?」
「We don’t have those in Mois too, and it seems like they don’t do it in Arst as well. But I heard that since Harvest was originally a collection of small countries, they still do those there. 」

I see, with my question now answered, I take a look at the town.

The town’s street reminds me of the Middle Ages in my former world… but has a disorganized variety to it. 
Some houses are made of stone, some wooden, and some are even made of bricks.
The reason for the different kinds of building might be because of the times too, but it’s most definitely a money problem. Even an amateur like me can clearly understand these kinds of problems. It’s a tough world…1 

(Why am I feeling depressed…)

Seeing a realistic aspect in this fantasy world I was excited about, I ended up having a faraway gaze… I’m just honestly happy that the roads aren’t littered with filth like how the Middle Ages really was.

「Natsuki? We’re getting a room as soon as possible, so let’s hurry up!」

I didn’t notice but I seem to have lagged behind, so I was being called with a loud voice.
I moved slightly faster while replying to her. I pulled myself together, and took another look at the town.

Unlike the buildings, the people are exactly like in a fantasy.
There are people with pointed or dog-like ears, and different kinds of tails come in sight. 
With this, I was relieved that I won’t stand out in a crowd.

I caught up to Ruti and we entered a random inn. We took a double room with free breakfast and dinner that is worth 4 large silver coins a night.
Incidentally, there are 5 types of coins: Large Gold Coins, Gold Coins, Large Silver Coins, Silver Coins, and Copper Coins. For me, it feels like they’re probably worth a hundred thousand, ten thousand, one thousand, a hundred, and ten yen respectively. So, the room was about 4,000 yen. Compared to my former world, it’s cheap.  

Hah, as expected, that was tiring-!」

As we reached our room, Ruti sat heavily on the bed.
I followed and sat as well. I can’t call it fluffy, but it’s soft enough to warrant a surprised 「Oh?」 from me. This world’s cultural standard seems to be surprisingly high.

「I’m still conflicted on whether we go to a clothing store or a shoe store first, but in the meantime, I want to freshen up before we go. So, why don’t we bathe first?」
「That’s true~. It’s better to go feeling refreshed.」

I wonder why. I think I’m forgetting something but I feel too tired, so I agreed without thinking too much about it.

「Of course, right…」

In front of me is a big sign with the words『Women’s Bath.』 So what I thought I forgot about was actually my own gender.2 It felt weird for me in the beginning, but it’s been some time since I arrived in this world, so I’m completely used to this body and forgot. Since I’m used to it, I can’t really go 「It’s embarrassing to go inside!」 but it’s not like I’m completely fine with it now.

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「What’s wrong? Aren’t you going inside?」

Noticing that I froze, Ruti calls out to me when she was about to enter inside.

「Well, it’s just, I’m originally… you know?」
「But you’re different now, right? Then it shouldn’t be a problem.」
「No hesitation at all… Don’t you find it weird, Ruti?」
「Weird how? I don’t really know how you originally looked in the first place, and you already looked like that when we first met. I just normally think of you as a girl.」

Hearing her say that, maybe I’m just worrying about it too much. I probably won’t ever turn back after all; most of all, I’m starting to think that I don’t really mind staying this way, so maybe it’s best not to think too deeply about it.

「… Then, I’m going in-」
「Good, good, you’re just overthinking the complicated stuff, Natsuki. Past is past and present is present, alright?」

This and that happened, but I finally got to the bath’s dressing room to get undressed.
Still, the only thing I’m wearing is a cloak, so it’s hard to call this undressing.
So I quickly took it off and went to the bathing area.

「It’s been a while since I used soap.」

Not only soap, it’s been a while since I’ve been in a hot bath. Since it seemed difficult to have a hot bath that needed a ton of firewood to maintain, I made do with cold water up until now.
After roughly lathering my hands, I wash myself all over.

「Stop, if you wash yourself that roughly, you’re going to damage your skin and your hair, you know?」

Coming in late, Ruti scolded me and immediately begins a bathing lecture.

「You should first rinse your hair and scalp, lather them well with soap then rinse it off. Massage gently when you do it and don’t be too rough. Don’t scratch with your nails, okay? When doing the body, lather yourself with soap and gently rinse it off on a caressing manner.」
Mmmm It’s unexpectedly bothersome…」

It seems to take a surprisingly lot more work than washing a man’s body. So is this one of the reasons that people say women take longer baths?

「Oh, also, after washing your hair, mix this in hot water and pour it on your hair. After rinsing it off, it should get rid of the waxiness.」

Saying so, I took the mysterious liquid and… it’s vinegar. If I remember, this neutralizes the soap and removes the waxy feeling. I’ve done it a few times when I ran out of money.
But it smells pretty strong. In the future, I want to find a lemon to use as a replacement for this.

After finally getting done with washing, I was about to get in the bathtub, but I was told, Wrap your hair in a towel or something so it won’t get wet-.
I’ve never done it before, so for now I just try to make it look like that.


Feeling a mysterious sense of accomplishment, I warm myself up. When my face was melting from how good the heat felt, Ruti finished washing and went in the tub as well.

Ahh ahh, your hair’s all messed up…」
「It’s my first time, so give me a break. Rather, it’s really hard to do, I’m bringing a hair clip or something next time…」
「Using a towel is easier when you’re used to it, you know? Look, just do it like this and…」

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Saying so, she fixes up my towel and hair.

Woah, It feels a lot better now.」

Now completely in relax mode after having my hair fixed up, I warm myself up to my heart’s content.


  1. Fire: Welcome to the real world, buddy.
  2. Fire: He forgot his old buddy. Well, I won’t blame him lol.
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