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Chapter 15 – A Fresh Start

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Author: Bankuru Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2543 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1464 words
Editor(s): Fire

I was awoken by the chirping of birds. So the royal capital has some small birds too, huh. While thinking about that nonsense, I sat myself up.

「Ruti. Ruti, wake up.」
「Mn? Fwa~…… Morning Natsuki.」

Beside me, Ruti also sits herself up even though she’s a bit sleepy. And as our eyes met, though I don’t know who started it, we touched our lips.1

「…… Shall we take a bath?」
「… Let’s do so.」

We were starting to get in the mood but I noticed that our bodies are sticky right now2, so we decided to take a bath. We have work today as well.

After getting refreshed, we headed to Sanrook while holding each other’s hand.

「「Good Morning!」」
「Morning. It’s probably going to be busy today, so let’s do our…」

Ryzna-san said so while he was turning to face us and stopped when he saw our hands.

「…… Congrats?」
「Thank you very much?」

Somehow it turned into a weird exchange, but well, it doesn’t change the fact that it made me happy, so who cares.

A while after we opened the shop, all of the tables were mostly filled. With this many people coming in this early in the morning, what about their jobs? Anyway, since we aren’t that busy yet, I peacefully take everyone’s orders.

「A cafe au lait, yes? Understood.」

As I got used to it, I was returning after taking a certain customer’s order when…


It was just for a moment but I felt something feeling up my butt.
!! The instant I realized it, I suddenly got goosebumps all over my body and I felt awfully disturbed.
I immediately turned around but the suspected groper was feigning ignorance. It doesn’t seem like anybody else noticed it. In this situation, even if I complain about it, he’ll just talk it off…. It’s frustrating, but I’ll just step away for now.

「…… Natsuki, is there something wrong?」
「N-Nope, it’s nothing.」

Crap. Was it obvious from my face? Still, I didn’t want to worry her, so I kept it to myself.

I get back to work while paying attention to the molesting pervert. I don’t want to get felt up anymore but if he does it again, I’m absolutely going to make him cry. More like, he’s definitely staying too long….

Ding! Ding!

As I was getting annoyed by him, a new customer came inside.


And when I shifted my gaze to the entrance door, I saw two familiar people.
It’s Cain and Firu. Weren’t they supposed to be at Zanbul? Are they touring the royal capital or something? Well it’s been a while, so maybe I’ll try asking them while I take their orders and things.

While thinking so, I ended up letting my guard down for an instant.


He got me! Still, I can’t afford to miss this opportunity. While bearing the disgust running through my body, I turn around to grab him.


「……… Excuse me?」

I heard a loud noise all of a sudden, and at the spot where I was about to reach out for, the table where the molester was sitting at…. was blown away with him. In its place was a pillar of ice that appeared.

It’s a pillar so it’s fine, you could probably use it on the Great Pillar Festival.4 Too bad it’s made of ice. Yup, wooden ones would really look the part.

… Okay, let’s face reality, me.5

「You, what do you think you’re doing to my Natsuki?6

While I was still blanking out, Ruti approached the molester.

Eek! Ruti’s making a face no maiden should have. With a disgusted downward gaze, she’s overflowing with killing intent. It’s more than I’ve felt from a magic beast or a monster. I almost feel the scales of my tail getting ruffled up. I’m gonna piss myself.

「Natsuki was acting strange so I watched over her, to think that she was molested….. You7, deserve a thousand deaths.」

She mercilessly kicks the molester’s crotch with all her strength. I might have even heard some unpleasant sounds reaching my ears. Memories of the past suddenly flashed to my mind and I reflexively covered my crotch. I wasn’t the one getting kicked but why am I crying?8

「Are you alright? Did he do other weird things to you? Did he grope your breast, or rub his cheeks on them, or lick them all around?」

Uhhh? Rutimo-san, aren’t you getting vaguely out of character? Or more like, aren’t those the things you want to do to me? Jeez~!

「I’m fine! I’m fine so-Mhn!?

Ruti’s rampage doesn’t stop and she blocks my words with a kiss. Ah, stop, don’t use your tongue~!9

「-Pwah! Ruti calm down! Everybody’s looking!」

The other customers, Cain and Firu are all staring at us with their mouths agape. While I was calming Ruti down in the middle of all of this, Ryzna-san puts his hands on both of our shoulders.

「Why don’t we go inside for a bit?」

He said so while keeping a big smile.
… Ah, this is bad.

In the end, we closed shop after that and handed the pervert over to the guards. And now, we’re in the middle of being scolded a lot.

「I understand your feelings and reasons, but that was too much. More than that and Ruti-chan would’ve probably be the one arrested instead, you know? In situations like that, consult with me. You too okay, Natsuki-chan?
We’ll stay closed up until the shop is repaired, so take the time to cool your heads. Got it?」


Why am I, the victim, being scolded too…? Well, it’s true that I didn’t consult with them, so it can’t be helped.
After that we cleaned up the broken table and stuff, and decided to head back to the inn.

While we were silently walking, Ruti began talking just as we were about to reach the inn.

「I’m really sorry Natsuki, but I just couldn’t tolerate it…」
「No, it’s true that you overdid it, but I’m glad that you were mad for me.
If someone did it to Ruti, I’d probably blast them off too.」
「Natsuki… Thank you……」
「I’m the one that should be thanking you, Ruti…」

We were getting into the mood and our lips started to close distance from each other.

「Uhhh, could you mind doing that in your room?」

Just as we were about to get into it, someone called out to us. Who’s the insensitive bloke that decided to talk to us in this timing? I turned my head towards the origin of the voice and standing there was Cain and Firu.

「「Inconsiderate man…」」
「Am I the one wrong here!? Like, I think anyone would probably say that you know!?10」(Cain)

Ruti and I send him an intense stare. Firu is covering her eyes while peeking between the gaps.

「Ehem! Anyway, long time no see. Are you two doing good?」(Cain)
「Well, somehow. I’m sorry about what happened at the café, I got into a bit of trouble, you see.
Still, why are you two here?」 (Natsuki)
「We got a room here. Are the two of you staying here as well?」(Firu)
「Yes, that’s right. I get why you’re here at the inn, But what brought you to the capital?」(Ruti)
「It’s related to a request. Still, since talking here is a bit uncomfortable, why don’t we talk about it while having something to eat? We still haven’t paid you back for that time, so it’s gonna be our treat.」(Cain)

Come to think of it, in the end, we left Zanbul before we could have them treat us to a meal and stuff.
Good timing, time to get treated to some food.



  1. Lyly: Lewd!
    Fire: Says the lewdest person I know
  2. Lyly: Lewd!!
  3. Lyly: 0o0
    Fire: *Shocked pikachu face*
  4. Lyly:
  5. Lyly: Lol, not in japan anymore Natsuki
  6. Lyly: Uh-oh
    Fire: That man is a dead man now
  7. Lyly: Have chosen… Death
    Fire: An unwise choice, indeed
  8. Lyly: Lol
    Fire: It’s because you and many others out there could relate to the pain
  9. Lyly: Lewd Ruti
    Fire: Everyone’s looking, lewd!
  10. Lyly: You think anyone would have enough thick skin to tell a couple to stop flirting in public or to get a room? That’s like something you don’t do. What you do is silently judge them and maybe glare with disgust or something.
    Fire:Inflict judgement silently
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