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Chapter 16 – A Change of Pace

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Author: Bankuru Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2105 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1265 words
Editor(s): Fire

The four of us moved to a nearby shop. Since it’s about time for autumn to come, everyone orders with warm or chilled food in mind.

「Come to think of it, I haven’t eaten rabbit meat in a while, huh.」(Natsuki)

Although there is a good circulation of goods, they generally don’t hunt here in the royal capital. So the meat comes mainly from domesticated animals like chickens and pigs. They’re good and all, but remembering the chewy rabbit meat we had while we were living in the forest made me miss it.

「Why don’t we go back to your house sometime? It’s quite comfortable there after all.」 (Ruti1)
「I worked hard after all!」(Natsuki)

Humph! I puffed my chest up triumphantly.

「Again, going inside your own world…… Rather, you two are dating each other?」(Cain)

Hearing that, I couldn’t help but smile. The two of us let out a weird voice.

「I’m an idiot for asking…」(Cain)

Cain looks at the sky dumbfounded. How rude.

「So, why are you two here again?」(Natsuki)
「Yeah, weren’t the two of you working at Zanbul?」(Ruti)
「If you say it like that, aren’t you two the same? Just suddenly coming to this place.
So, I talked a bit about it earlier but we came here for a request.」(Cain)
「What kind of request needs you to go to a different place? Escorting or something?」(Natsuki)
「Nope, escort requests don’t happen except for emergencies. And even if there are, there’s too much competition for it, so I doubt we’ll be able to accept it.」(Cain)

In the middle of the conversation, he took a bite of the food along with a gulp of the ale we ordered. That looks so good…

Since there doesn’t seem to be any drinking restrictions in this country, I can actually drink if I want to but… Seeing how Ruti is today, it might just be a bit dangerous.3 In a lot of ways.4

「I got a bit out of topic. So to sum it up, the request we took was something put up by the country. There’s been a huge outbreak of slimes in a mountain north of here, so they want them exterminated and such.」(Cain)
「Since it’s a request made by the country, it was posted at the royal capital, of course, and at other places as well including Zanbul.」(Firu)

Slimes, huh. Since the shop is still closed up, if it’s still available, why don’t we blow off some steam?

「Is that request still open for accepting?」(Natsuki)
「Since it said that we’ll be gathering before going to exterminate them, you could probably still join in, I think? The gathering is still on the day after tomorrow.」(Cain)
「It’ll be a relief if the two of you can come as well. Let’s go together.」(Firu)

Well, if Firu is saying that too, we should go to the Union immediately tomorrow and…

「But Natsuki, won’t the shop take only about a week to repair? Can we make it back in time? 」(Ruti)

Crap. I forgot about the travel time. I wonder how long it would take to reach the mountain?

「Ahh, speaking of the northern mountain, roughly how long will it take to complete the request?」(Natsuki)
「It takes roughly 5 days to reach the place. So just the trip would need 10 days, and if you think of the time it would take to exterminate them, there’s no way you’d make it back here in time.」(Cain)

Hmmm, I should try asking Ryzna-san just in case… It’s our first extermination request in a long time after all. I really want to go.

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「Don’t worry about it Natsuki, if needed, I’ll break it in a way that’ll take them just a little more time to fix.」(Ruti5 )

With a refreshing smile, so said Rutimo-san… We might need to have a talk about this later. Why did it come to this?

「Definitely don’t do that, okay? I don’t want you to get arrested, you know?
For now, we’ll talk to Ryzna-san… ah, the café’s owner tomorrow and if it goes well, we’ll go directly to the Union and accept the request.」(Natsuki)
「Gotcha. It’s not one of those requests that give fewer rewards when there are more people, so try to join if you can.」(Cain)

「Since it’s practically decided that you two are joining, let’s end this topic here then.
This time, there’s something we were wondering about but… Why did the two of you come to the royal capital? There should have been no problem with the work at Zanbul, right?」(Firu)

Ruti and I froze up. And yet, we can’t stop sweating. I absolutely forgot, of course, you’d be curious about it…6

「W-Well, you see…」(Natsuki)

I thought of withholding it from them, but I couldn’t take it anymore and ended up telling them everything. Still, even if I talk about it or not, it was still so nerve-wrackinggg!

「Just, wow… It’s not like I don’t have anything to say about that but wasn’t it just an unfortunate accident?
It’s not like you did it on purpose after all and because you two did some damage control, there weren’t any casualties.」(Cain)

「Still, this means that those marks were made by you two, right? What did you even do to leave those kinds of scars…. 」(Firu)
「Well, we were just playing around under the pretense of training and then that happened.」(Natsuki)

Ah, they’re speechless. We couldn’t help it, we were having so much fun that it just happened.

「How does playing around even result in that…. But that means it’ll need that much strength to kill a troll in one hit, huh?」(Cain)
「I couldn’t even understand what was happening for a moment. Just when I thought I saw something flying towards me, the trolls suddenly collapsed.」(Firu)
「Still, if the two of you can join the slime extermination, that’ll be a great help.」(Cain)
「Um, I was curious about this earlier but was the damage done by the slimes so bad that the country needed to put up a request?」(Natsuki)

If you talk about slimes, they’re the poster weak monster7, even weaker than goblins. I even heard that they’re so weak that you don’t normally see requests for them.

「There doesn’t seem to be that much damage yet but there’s just a ton of them. I even heard that there’s so much as far as the eye can see, they gush out like a carpet or something. So, they probably want to mobilize an extermination team before the damage spreads.」(Cain)

「And since there’s also a mine nearby, some even speculate that the country wants to settle things before the damage reaches the mining area.」(Firu)

I see, the mine is definitely one of Arst Kingdom’s major source of income. So that’s why they’re going all out on this. Hmmm, since it seems that we can go all out on this, we’ll definitely need to convince Ryzna-san somehow.8


  1. Lyly: And have hardcore FUN in the privacy of the abandoned cave!
  2. Lyly: That’s damn cute
  3. Lyly: So is Ruti dominating?
  4. Lyly: Lewd~!
  5. Lyly: Uhhh, Ruti?
  6. Lyly: Naturally, lol
  7. Lyly: Poor slimes
    Fire: Rimuru would like to disagree
  8. Lyly: … Literal boss fight?
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