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Chapter 14.5 – Discovery

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Author: Bankuru Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 1299 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 729 words
Editor(s): Fire

One night, I was woken up by some sounds. What could it be?… Don’t tell me, a thief?
I’ve heard from one of the customers that there have been a lot of reports about thieves targeting inn guests lately.
If that’s the case, it’s dangerous to move without a plan. To have a grasp of the situation, I silently strain my ears.


Huh?This voice, Ruti…? Rather, this sounds like…2

「Wai… !…」

Ehhh!? Wait, this is awkward!3 Why did you wake up, me!? A thief would’ve been better… no, wait… yeah, it would’ve been better! This is going to be too awkward later!

「Natsuki… !


I was so surprised after hearing what she said, that my tail unintentionally tensed up and smacked the bed.4

「Eh, Natsuki…?」

Ruti is definitely staring at me. I’m asleep, I’m absolutely not awake…. Yeah, I’m really pushing it. After all, you can even see my tail out of the blanket. So although it’s really awkward, I honestly sit up on the bed.

「Uhhh… I don’t know what to say but, I’m sorry.」

Ruti sits up on the bed as well. However, she’s hanging her head. Her disheveled pajamas are so sexy. Wait, not that.5

「Um, I heard you call my name… so…?」

Yeah, if I haven’t heard her say that, I would’ve been able to keep pretending that I was asleep.

Ruti’s body quivered for an instant. And then, she began sobbing.

「Uh… I…」

While I was suddenly flustered by her tears, Ruti stammeringly began her explanation.

In the first place, it began on that day, it seems that me doing it was what set her off. So she noticed that…. It’s so embarrassing, my face is feeling absolutely hot. I want to disappear.
And then, she says that she thought that my moans were adorable when she heard it that time. I just feel my face heating up more.
And it seems like from then on, she couldn’t stop being conscious of me. So that’s why she kept on staring at me and wanted to hold hands….6

「So, then, before I, I noticed! I fell, fell in love with you!」

Even while she was sobbing, she confessed to me.

「Eh, but… you know… I was male before, but I’m female now… And, I don’t even know what I really am…」

Hearing me say so, Ruti vigorously shakes her head.

「That doesn’t matter! You are the one that I love, Natsuki! If I cared about that stuff in the first place, I wouldn’t have stayed together with you!」

Ruti has stopped sobbing and glares at me with her red still teary eyes. It startled me and for some reason, I started tearing up.

「…… Eh?

My tears wouldn’t stop falling
Huh? Why?… Ahh, I see. I was so relieved, so happy right now, that I teared up.
Both my race and my gender changed, and I accept it and intended to think positively but; deep inside my mind, I might have actually been anxious about everything. Well naturally. After all, the world and everything else is unknown to me.

The sadness I felt when Ruti told me that she was leaving for the town might have been also a result of my anxiety after thinking that I’m going to be alone again.

Even though I’m a vague, unknown thing, Ruti told me that she loves me. Regardless of my gender and everything, she loves me for who I am.
And for a person that thinks of me like that, there’s no way that I wouldn’t love her back.

As I was filled with warm feelings, before I noticed it, I was already holding Ruti tight in my arms.

「…… Thank you, Ruti. It really made me happy when you said that you love me. Ruti… I love you too. 」

Ruti hugged me back as well.

And on that day, we became lovers.7



  1. Lyly: … Uh-oh
  2. Lyly: Yep, familiar right?
    Fire: All too familiar
  3. Lyly: Absolutely agree
  4. Lyly: NATSUKI!?
    Fire: Play dead, Natsuki. She totally won’t notice
  5. Lyly: Yes, it’s not time to be ogling Natsuki!
  6. Lyly: Yes!
  7. Lyly: Ruti! Natsuki!
    Fire: It’s official everyone! Cheers!
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