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Chapter 11 – That Came

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Author: Bankuru Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 1923 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1183 words
Editor(s): Fire

One day, while we were enjoying our days completing requests and eating sweets, that abruptly came.

「My stomach hurts…」

Yes, that’s right. It’s that. That thing that comes every month.1 Even though I was formerly a man, I did hear a lot about it, so I was a bit prepared for this but… This really hurts…

「Don’t complain too much. You’re making me feel worse, you know?」

By the way, we’re also getting along in this respect, so we’re both staying snug at the inn. Still, being together even in these kinds of stuff doesn’t really help much.
But well, I’m really glad that Ruti is here for me. I just felt a bit weird this morning and when I checked it out, it was already a splendid disaster. I know it should be hard on Ruti too, but she still helped me out with a lot of stuff. Geez, I can’t sleep with my back on her anymore.

Since both my pajamas and, naturally, my underwear are dirty now, I need to buy another replacement again. For some reason, I vaguely feel like I’m always buying clothes since we’ve arrived in this town. We’ve been keeping both of our clothes inside Ruti’s Shadow Storage (unofficially named), so I suspect that it’s probably full of clothes. Come to think of it, I’ve stained the sheets so I need to pay for it too… that’s depressing…2

「Mine’s a bit heavy but I didn’t expect yours would be too… We may have to think more about our work pace. 」
「Please don’t talk about work in this kind of situation… Rather, isn’t there something better than this?」

What I’m talking about is this thing squeezed between my legs. It seems like they use cloth in this world. Well, there’s obviously no way that they’d have the same stuff as the ones I used to see in the commercials. Still, it feels super weird to have something in between my legs when there’s usually nothing there.

「If there was, I would’ve had it a long time ago…」

Well, I guess it’s good that this is disposable. If someone told me that I need to wash it while I have abdominal pains, I’d probably cry.

「Ah~, come to think of it. Since it’s happening, does this mean I can make one…」
「That’s if you have a partner~… 」

We continue talking while being under the weather. Partner… A partner, huh… In this case the partner would be a man, right…
Even if my mind is already leaning on the feminine side, I still can’t imagine it. Will I even have that kind of partner in the future?3

Since it got a bit less painful this noon, I went out to buy new pajamas and cloth. Ruti still felt bad, so she’s on house duty.

「Welcome! Ah, you’re the one at that time!… Wait, are you alright?」

As I arrived at Putieveil, the saleslady that made me do a public strip show from before was there. Her name is Trisha-san, it seems. My face and overall mood probably looked horrible. She worriedly called out to me.
When I stealthily told her that it’s just that, she let out an audible「Ahhh…」with an empathizing look on her face.

「Based on your reaction… Trisha-san is yours also a bit strong?」
Ah, no. Mine is on the lighter side. But a friend of mine is, and she always looks like she’s dying every month.」

You’re on the lighter side, huh… good for you. As I sent her a slightly envious gaze, she suddenly clapped her hands and looked like she thought of something.

「That’s right, that friend told me that warming your stomach up seems to make it feel better. Please wait for a bit.」

Saying so, she left to find something and then came back. On her hand, she brought with her… a belly warmer.
She says that it’s the type that her friend likes to use. It has pockets on it so you can put a magic item for heating and such. Maybe it’s a hand warmer kind of thing? It’s a bit expensive but it seems like they sell some at the general store, so I’ll buy some later. While I’m at it, I decided to buy one for Ruti too.

「Thank you for your patronage. Please don’t push yourself too hard.」

Just hearing her say that makes me feel a bit better than before. After thanking her for teaching me about the thing, I head to the general store.

At the general store, I asked a female shop assistant for the magic item that’s used for heating things while showing her the belly warmer and she immediately found me one. Maybe it’s a popular thing.
Just to be sure, I asked her how it’s used and bought some along with the cloth. I wanted to look around for a bit more, but since the pain started getting worse again, I decided to head straight to the inn.

「Welcome home~」
「I’m back~」

After finishing the shopping trip and getting back to our room, I see Ruti is up and drinking tea. It looks like she’s feeling a bit better.
While pouring me some tea, I told her about what happened at Putieveil. When I told her that I bought her a share too, she got really happy.

After finishing our tea, we immediately try them on.

It slowly warmed me up, and soon after, I gradually felt more comfortable.

「I didn’t know about this… It feels really different.」
「You’re right… I’m glad I was told about this.」

Compared to how it was in the morning, we4 felt so much better now so we went to the dining hall and ate dinner there.

After that, when I was about to take a bath, Ruti told me that the water will get dirty, so we can’t use the inn’s bath. Not only does it feel bad, but these kinds of stuff also get inconvenient too? …Just when I’m finally in a good mood, I’m feeling down again. My body and mood are just a mess.

In the end, since it seems like people usually just wipe their body with wet towels at times like these, we decided to wipe each other clean.

Ruti told me that I just need to endure it for a few more days, but on the other hand, I still need to bear with it for a few more days. Completely exhausted, I laid down on the bed.



  1. Fire: The struggles of being a girl kek
  2. Fire: They have been spending quite a bit for lots of stuff in this town heh
  3. Fire: Go do the other route, the Yuri route. You have a perfectly good candidate right there
  4. Silva: We? Ehm….. are you saying Ruti had hers at the same time? wut?
    Fire: Isn’t it obvious that it implied as such in the beginning? Lol
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