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Chapter 203 – Unsettling News

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Author: SS Samurai Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: rm31439 English Source: Re:Library

“The northern country, Y-Yggdrasil1, is about to start a war with us, your Majesty… We gained this information from undercover soldiers there.”

Will there be another war?

The northern country Yggdrasil… Though even if we called it “northern country” it was simply in the north when seen from here, so it shouldn’t have been a very cold region.

That country was peculiar for having more people of the magic races, like elves and dwarves, and demi humans living there, than other countries. As slaves. Different from this country, where slavery had been completely abolished, thanks to Uruto, it flourished in the country of the holy tree Yggdrasil.

People of the human race went around the territories of the magic races and demi humans, capturing them as slaves. It looked like those of the human race occasionally also became slaves due to selling themselves, bankruptcy, or abductions. To be honest, I also got the impression, that public safety was poor, to the point where I didn’t want to go there.

At any rate, if they are trying to pick a fight at this time… are they trying to take advantage of the reduced military strength due to Samaeyl?

No, that can’t be it.
It should have been known throughout Anazumu, that this country suffered practically zero losses.

Moreover, it’d be baffling for them to think like that, after hearing about my exploits, you know. I think they understand what’d happen if someone like me got involved there. Wouldn’t that be like coming here to commit suicide?

Or could they have a way to deal with me and the other SS-Rankers, of whom we have more than any other country…?

“I see. Good work getting that information. Still, I wish you had chosen a better time. We are currently in the middle of eating, with children present.”
“Oh… erm, my apologies, your Majesty!”
“Well, no matter. You can leave.”

The servant left the dining hall.

“I am sorry, everyone. That was an unsettling story, but… for the time being, let us finish eating.”

Of course, there was no way to eat comfortably, after hearing something like that. Lunch had abruptly turned into a sullen affair. Once everyone had finished eating, the king stood up.

“The disturbing news from just now…”
“Is it possible that those things are the reason for it?” I asked him.

By those things, I meant Amritas.

“No, the likelihood of that should be exceedingly low.”
“Then, why might they do that…? Karua wondered.
“We have been on bad terms with that country since time immemorial, but…” the king shook his head. “I honestly do not know their reason at this time… Still, for caution’s sake, Karua. Do not leave the royal capital for some time. I do not want something like that night to happen to you again. I will tell this to Tuhl, and Ruin and his friends, too.”
“Huh, then… what about training with Alim and the others…?”

Karua showed an awfully dissatisfied expression.
She’s not wrong, in other words, that promise, for which she’s been waiting for one and a half months, will be delayed even further.

“…I am sorry, there is no other way but to bear with it for a few more months. Even though we were looking forward to having the hero train our children and their friends… You have my apologies, Alim, Mika.”
“No, we don’t mind, as long as it is when we have time. Right, Mika?”
“I see, please excuse me.”

With that, the king returned to his room. Mika, Karua, and I also returned to her room.

“Sorry, Karua.”
“No… It is not your fault, Alim, Mika… Moreover, I do not want to cause trouble for everyone like before,” Karua smiled at us.

Still, deep within her eyes, you could see that she was truly vexed.

Is there some way to cheer her up…? That’s it, Karua has never been at our house. Even though it is so close, you can see it from the window in her room.
Let’s go with that.

But first, I should ask Mika via message, whether she’s fine with Karua staying at our place.

[Karua seems rather depressed, doesn’t she?] 
[You’re right… Isn’t there anything we can do to make her happy?] 
[I’ve been thinking about that, how about we let her stay at our house?] 
[For those 10 days?] 
[No, I also want some of those free days to spend time with just you, Mika… How does a week sound?] 
[Jeez… I love you, Alim! I think that should be fine.] 

Great, in that case, it’s settled. Now we only need the king’s permission. In any case, Karua will probably want to come.

“Hey, Karua! Once we stayed here for the night, there’s something we could do in exchange for the training.”
“Yes, what might that be?”
“Why don’t you… come to our house? And stay there for a few days.”

The moment I asked her that, Karua’s face lit up like a spotlight.

“W-Would that be fine!?”
“Of course! But please get the king’s consent, alright? By the way, we were planning for a week…”
“One week… Staying at your house for a full week… Understood. I shall discuss it with Father right away.”

Karua sent the king a message. Then, she immediately turned to us with a smile.

“I received permission! If it is your house, it is probably safer than the castle… that is what Father said2.”
“Gotcha… Then from the day after tomorrow on, you’ll come to our house, right? You know where it is, don’t you?”
“Indeed, you can see it from here, after all!”

With that being said, it was decided that Karua would come to our house for a week.
Oh, but if Rose visits during that time… I better tell Karua about her.

At this time, I didn’t know it yet. I had no idea, we’d end up going to the country of the holy tree Yggdrasil…

Author’s note:
From the next chapter on, part two of this novel will begin.

TL notes:
Well, I guess now we know where to find all that fantasy racism that’s been absent in the story so far. But on the bright side, Karua will get to experience the pure insanity that is Alim’s mansion. Also, after what he said in the last chapter, you’d think Alim would avoid a prolonged situation with just him, Mika, and Karua.



  1. The original is ユグドラシル (yugudorashiru). After reading what a nice place it is, I was tempted to translate it as “Yuckdrasil”, but I’ll keep the proper name for now.
  2. He’s not wrong. Alim probably made that house the safest place in the world, simply because he could.
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