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Chapter 202 – In the Castle

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Author: SS Samurai Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: rm31439 English Source: Re:Library

It had been one week since Rose left our house. During that week, she came visit us twice, but she seemed to be doing fine. She told us, she had already reached D-Rank.

Mika half-jokingly asked her “Do you have someone you like?”, but Rose told us there wasn’t anyone.
If she already has someone, she has feelings for, only a few days after becoming human, I’d be surprised, you know.

In addition to that, she had started to act strangely formally. She had apparently found out who we were and was worried that she “better address thee with more politeness”. When we asked her not to treat us like strangers, she agreed. While munching down fried rice.

Heh-heh-heh… At any rate, we finally have 10 days of free time!
At last, we can fulfill the promise with Karua and the others, to help them level up! She’s been waiting for one and a half months, in which we also didn’t have the time to play with her…

Incidentally, my birthday will be two weeks from now, you know. Ah-ha-ha.

Mika enthusiastically told me, that she’d prepare something for me.
She’s so cute.

Currently, we were playing together with Karua in her room. It was the first time in one and a half months we stayed there overnight. During that time, even if we had just enough time to visit her, we weren’t able to stay there the night.

We were planning to help her level up, starting the day after tomorrow. The four members of Seinforce were currently doing a quest, so they weren’t here, but they’d apparently return tomorrow.

“Heh-heh… As always, the time spent playing together with you is most enjoyable, Alim, Mika,” Karua stated, while playing a board game, that was originally from this world, with us.
“Is that so?” I asked her.
“Indeed, as a matter of fact, for several days after the festival ended, I talked with princesses from foreign countries and noble daughters on several occasions, but… I dislike their probing words, that always seem to be looking for something, and them speaking ill of people that are absent.”
“I see, I think I get what you mean.”

“Alim, now that she mentioned it, you told me there were people acting all self-important during the hero proclamation, didn’t you?”

Just as Mika commented, I had talked to lots of people during the hero proclamation and then before the parade1.

It was like that… right before the hero proclamation, there were several girls, who treated me with contempt, weren’t there? It wasn’t all of them, but they seemed to look down on commoners… Besides, they also seemed to dislike something about my appearance.

Then, right before the victory proclamation and parade, they did a total 180, didn’t they?

I guess many who talk like that also have parents, that are the same. Come to think of it, that father of some noble girl who talked to me was the worst. I also happened to see her badmouthing others together with some kids! You shouldn’t do something like that, you know.

“Heh-heh… Oh, I finished first.”
“Wah… again…?”
“You have some insane luck.”

One round took one and a half hours. From 9 o’clock in the morning until now, we had played two rounds… and Karua had won both of them. This game relied a lot on chance… and her luck was amazing, after all.

“I’m getting somewhat bored of this game. What should we do next?”
“Should we play Reversi or Sugoroku? Or maybe Jenga…?”
“Hm~… Oh! What about Alim giving us a swimsuit show?”

Mika sometimes made these outrageous suggestions, which was rather problematic.

“I reject that!”
“I won’t do it, even if you ‘Aw…’ at me… It’s currently fall.”

“You’ll have to put up with this, then.”

Mika thrust her finger into my cheek. Of course it’d turn out like this…

“Oh, me too, then,” Karua poked her finger into my other cheek.

They both repeatedly squished my cheeks.

“Ah~, no matter how often I touch them, they feel incredible.”
“Right~…? Still, Karua.”
“Alims chest feels even more… soft2.”
“Wha-!? I won’t let you touch me there, you know?”

Crap… It’s always like that. Whenever Mika and Karua are together, they are treating my body like some damn toy.

“Of course, I will not touch your chest. Still, the thought of how it would feel…”
“Yeah, it’s like…”

Mika was about to go into detail, when there was a knock on the door. It was a maid, letting us know that lunch had been prepared.

Phew… I’m saved…

Mika, Karua, and I went to the dining hall. The food had already been lined up on the tables, and the king plus Karuna were also there. Those two were awfully lovey-dovey.

On that note, my old acquaintance, the Mephilad castle’s head chef… I’m pretty sure his name is Nisrock3. Well, whatever his name was, he had recently improved his cooking again, apparently due to a title.

If we’re just looking at cooking skill, is he closing in on me…? To be honest, he’s probably an amazing cook, isn’t he?

We took our seats and ate the delicious meal.
Oh! I wonder, isn’t that getting really close? It wouldn’t be an exaggeration, to say that it is on the same level as my cooking, right after I obtained Item Master.

While eating, we made idle talk.
On second thought, I’ve been having meals with the king on several occasions, but isn’t that something rather incredible, you know?

“You visited us rather often, even while you were busy, Alim, Mika.”
“Indeed, your Majesty, thank you for indulging us.”
“Please keep being good friends with Karua, even in the future, will you?”
“Of course!”

Come to think of it, I wonder what happened to Mr. Mitsuo. I know that they still have Mr. Herrel stay in the castle, but…

“I just remembered, your Majesty, what did you do with Mephistophales?”
“Oh, the former demon? He is still in the gaol, you see. We have decided on his ultimate sentence, but… we cannot immediately act on that judgement, since we still have various information to extract from him.”
“I see.”

Hrm, looks like he properly accepted his punishment. Though I still haven’t forgiven him for causing Mika’s death.

However, I need to send him back to Japan at some point, you know… The question is when I should do that. Right… From how it sounded, I guess he’ll be executed… so taking his corpse, bringing him back to life with an Amrita, and then sending him home might be best.

We chatted for some time and were about to finish our meal. It was at precisely that moment.

A servant, who seemed to be in quite a panic, arrived. With a serious face, they swiftly went to the king.

“Hrm… What happened?”
“I-It’s dreadful, your Majesty… In the northern country…”

TL notes:
After those chapters with Rose, we’re back at the castle and apparently it’s finally time for Alim’s leveling bootcamp. Let’s just hope that this business with the northern country won’t get in the way.



  1. It says “at the parade” in the original, but I assume it means the talks before the victory proclamation.
  2. Dang, now she’s getting their 13-year-old friend (who unlike them isn’t much older mentally) to do that, too.
  3. The original is ニスロク (nisuroku). Alternatives would have been “Nithrock” or “Nisroc”.
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