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Chapter 204 – Mid-Air

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Author: SS Samurai Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: rm31439 English Source: Re:Library

When they noticed, Shuu, Kanata, and Sakura had appeared high in the air. A light-blue magic circle had been deployed in the place where they appeared, but it immediately vanished.


That was all they were able to say. After all, they had no idea at all what was going on. With no way to resist, each of the three went into a headfirst dive.


Due to the influence of the wind, the three drifted apart, little by little, but Kanata barely managed to grasp Sakura’s hand and pull her to his side. Only Shuu gradually got separated from them.

(Crap… the hell is this…?)

Shuu couldn’t help but think so. When they had been at the funeral hall, a magic circle appeared, and before they knew it, they were in mid-air. However, while he was in the middle of crashing down, maybe because the situation was way too absurd, he was strangely calm.

(I’m not sure what’s goin’ on, but… For now, I gotta help those two.)

Shuu frantically moved his body and reached out his arms to try to get closer to the two he had been separated from due to the wind current, but even so, it was for naught, and he got further and further separated from them.

On the other hand, Kanata had also stretched out his hands towards Shuu, but when he realized, that he couldn’t get any closer, he used them to hold Sakura, once more. Then, he tried to get below Sakura.

Sakura, who had tears in her eyes, since she’d been at her big sister’s funeral just before and kept crying due to being scared by the sudden fall, noticed her arms being moved because of Kanata’s strange behavior.

“You idiot… hang on… what… are you… doing?”

Kanata, who had somehow achieved placing Sakura onto his back, turned his body around, so he’d face her. There were also tears welling up in his eyes, as he spoke to her.

“At this height… we probably won’t survive…” he said, while holding her in his arms. “Still, there might be a chance… even if it’s less than 0.000001%, that you might survive, Sakura, if I act as a cushion.”

Sakura was so perplexed, she cried even more.

“Huh… wait… what’s going on…? I don’t understand what’s happening… I don’t have my glasses, so I can’t see…”

Even while she asked that, they gradually got closer to the ground.

(Jeez… is that it…? Crap, what the hell is goin’ on? Why did this happen… where did the two of them end up…?)

Shuu’s body disappeared among the trees.

“Shuu!? Damn…” Kanata shouted, as he saw that.
“Eh… huh? Shuu? Where did he go? I can’t see, what happened to Shuu?”
“…Just you, Sakura… you absolutely have to…”

The ground spread out right in front of their eyes.


When Kanata had finally prepared himself to crash into the ground, their bodies glowed light-blue, and they came to a stop just above the ground. As he registered that, the glow immediately vanished, and Kanata and Sakura, somewhat roughly, landed on the floor.


Maybe because the air resistance was gone, the two of them ended up embracing each other.

“We’re… saved?”
“What… what happened…? I don’t get it…”

Sakura moved her head and tried to look around, but naturally, since she didn’t have her glasses, she could make out barely anything. While she was doing that, she felt someone touch, or rather lightly tap her back.

“Ah… sorry, would you mind getting off me…?”
“Oh… that’s… ah… erm… You idiot1!”

Sakura called Kanata an idiot, as if that was a completely ordinary occurrence. She retreated from him a bit violently. Then both of them got up to their knees.

“That earlier… erm… that’s… You tried to shield me, so… t-thank y-…”
“You’re welcome.”
“You idiot… wait until I finish talking!” she yelled at him, while blushing from embarrassment.
“At any rate… where are we?”
“I don’t know… What is going on…?”
“Oh… right, you don’t have your glasses. Just now, we fell from the sky and now we’re in a forest.”
“Eh… but just now, we were at big sis’… *sob* big sis’… funeral…” Sakura started crying again. “Wah~… Big sis… Big sis… I’m scared… where is this… please save me.”

She slowly entrusted her body to Kanata and cried on his chest. She was sad due to the loss of her sister and scared of the unknown.

Kanata was gently stroking her back, when he noticed someone getting close and, without changing his posture, glared in that direction.

“Are these the sages? It’s even both of them.”

The one who said that was a distinguished looking man on a horse carriage, with a large group of warriors wearing the skins of animals, that resembled cheetahs, and women in armor, who seemed to be guarding him and the carriage.

TL notes:
We finally find out what happened to the kids at Mika’s funeral. After Alim and Mika appearing in decidedly not safe forests after their reincarnation and now this, maybe whoever manages reincarnations/summonings in Anazumu simply has a penchant for messing with people.



  1. As the character showcase mentioned, she seems to be a tsundere. I guess we better strap in for this to be a common thing.
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