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Chapter 201 – The Girl who used to be a Dragon – 4

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Author: SS Samurai Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: rm31439 English Source: Re:Library

“Great~, then… since I already provided you with clothing and a magic bag… next would be a weapon, since you’ll need that as an adventurer! Rose, did you decide what kind of weapon you want to use?” I asked her.

Though it would be fine if I end up crafting a complete set of sword, spear, bow, and staff for her.

“We… fight mostly with magic.”
“Huh, is that so? I remember you only raging around…”
“‘Twas because thou defeated Us, before We could show Our magic…”
“Oh, I see. In that case, you’ll need a staff!”

I wonder what kind of staff would be best… Oh, that’s right. The staff changes depending on the user’s magic specialty. What kind of magic is Rose strong at?

“What magic do you mainly use?”
“We can make use of every kind up till the highest rank. Still, Our forte is wood, or rather plant magic.”
“Plant magic, huh…?”

Should I make a staff that strengthens plant magic…? No, wait.

In that case, there’s already that one among our unused treasures. The one we found in the dungeon. It should be fine, if I modify it, so it becomes stronger, and then give it to Rose! And it’d also help clearing out my inventory.

“As a matter of fact… Rose. We have a legend grade staff we found in your dungeon, which should be perfect for you.”
“Wh-What? Didst thou say… a staff thou discovered in Mother Labyrinth? Didst thou receive it from the treasure chest, when thou didst conquer the dungeon?”
“Yep, we did.”

I’ll get that staff from my magic bag… let me think… what was its name again… erm… Go… Golden Rose…? No, it was different. Go… Go… Goldie… Yep, that’s it, Goldie Rose. It has almost the same name as Rose, right?

At any rate, I brought out Goldie Rose.

“Here it is.”
“Wait… Our apologies, but might that be the one thou didst obtain…?”
“Hm~, but is that alright? It seems to be a memento of your mother, but…”
“Moreover, the name of this staff… ‘Goldie Rose’, is similar to your full name, Rose… so perhaps…”
“Hm… Mother Labyrinth might have created it with Us in mind… That be what We would like to say.”

Rose timidly reached out her hand towards the staff and grasped it. I let go of it, leaving it to her. Then, for some reason I didn’t understand, she sniffed it.

“How nostalgic… It smells of Mother Labyrinth…”
“Well… that’s because we immediately placed it in the bag after obtaining it.”
“…Might this truly be alright? That thou giveth this to Us.”
“It’s all good, you know.”
“We see, thou hast Our gratitude.”

Rose embraced the staff, as if it was incredibly important to her. It looked like it made her rather happy, which was a good thing.

Oh, that’s right, I wonder, shouldn’t I add some enchantments to it?

“Would you like me to improve its enchantments?”
“No… ’tis fine. ‘Tis perfect as it is now.”
“Gotcha. Then, let me just give you these things I just made for you.”

As a matter of fact, during those few seconds Rose was hugging the staff, I crafted a rose hair ornament and a rose bracelet. Of course, they were legend grade. For materials, I mainly used the rose scales of the Golden Rose Queen Dragon and things I had obtained in the dungeon. They had the effect of speeding up automatic recovery, raising her stats and… increasing the power of plant magic.

“A rose shaped hair ornament and… a bracelet? We assume they are of legend grade?”
“Yep. Both are made from magic beast materials I obtained from your dungeon. They mainly raise your stats. I’ll explain the other effects to you later.”
“Thou hast Our gratitude.”

Rose took the hair ornament and bracelet, while still clinging to the staff. Then, she put them both on. In that moment, Rose, once again, showed an expression of surprise.

“We feel it… We are overflowing with power.”
“Ah-ha-ha, right~!”

Indeed, it takes some getting used to, you know, but the first time I put on an item that significantly raised my stats, I also felt this surge.

Afterwards, I used Dark Matter to create Items she’d need for her daily life and gave them to her. A magic room… several hundred Legend Potions1… a dismantling knife… and various other things.

“In the end… thou didst give Us a mountain of items, nay?”
“Don’t worry about that, I only did what I wanted to do,” Rose showed a contented smile, while patting the magic bag I’d given her.

From then on, we taught her the skills she’d need as an adventurer, gave her information about this country and famous people, and also told her about good inns2. The reference books I had read before said that dragons were rather intelligent, which seemed to be true, since Rose quickly absorbed all that knowledge.

Oh right, speaking of her, she possessed all the skills we had obtained as cards after defeating the Golden Rose Queen Dragon… “Howling Lightburst Rose Garden”, for example. To be honest, if it hadn’t been for us, that dungeon might have been impossible to clear.

Then… Among those hectic preparations, a day passed in a flash.


Mika and I were currently at the mansion’s front door.

“Sorry for not coming with you up to the gate, Rose. We’d absolutely draw attention, if we came out of the mansion.”
“Nay, We are grateful, just for thou seeing Us off.”
“Please contact us by message every now and then, will you?”
“Yes, We will.”

“Also… there’s this,” I gave her enough money, so she could stay at an inn for five nights, and an item.”
“We do not need money, dost thou not understand this?” she replied, refusing the five gold coins3, I was trying to give her.

However, she has forgotten something crucial, you know.

“That’s for the inn fee. You can’t do anything, if you’re broke, can you?”
“Oh… that also might be true. It had completely slipped Our mind. We shall accept it with gratitude… Then, what about this item?”

While she had accepted the money without much resistance, she apparently was now curious about that item – a pendant – I had also given her.

“That’s an item that lets you turn invisible. When you leave our house, you absolutely must wear it. Otherwise, you’ll have a hard time.”
“Oh… We understand. Shall We put it on right away?”
“Yep, please immediately turn invisible, once you leave the mansion.”
“Right on.”

Without delay, Rose put the pendant around her neck.
Heh-heh, since I designed it with her in mind, it fits her incredibly well.

“Then… ‘tmight be time to go. We thank thee for looking after Us for this one day.”
“Was that single day really enough? Even though you’ve just been born.”
“‘Tis fine. The two of thee art worrywarts, nay? Heh-heh,” she laughed while pushing open the mansion’s large door. “We shall meet again soon! Farewell… Our first friends… Alim and Mika!”
“Yep, see you!”

Rose rushed outside into the light, and gave us an uncharacteristic wave, while smiling happily from outside the closing door. We also waved at her, until it had fully closed.

“…She’s gone,” Mika muttered, somewhat forlorn.
“Yep,” I agreed.
“Maybe… we should have kids.”

Mika suddenly declared that, though I decided to reply in this way, for now.
Children… That’s a story for several years from now.

“When they’re grown up… and it’s time for them to leave the nest4, will it feel like this?”
“No, it’ll probably feel much more intense, since Rose left after only a single day.”
“You know… for her to become independent only one day after being born, that’s some amazing drive.”

We continued talking for some time, while gazing at the door.


Rose was walking through the city. It was her first-time seeing people, seeing things, and seeing the blue sky! Everything was fresh from her perspective.

“Oh, what a wonderful world…! We feel bad, since Alim and Mika said they would take care of Us, but We wanted to see this world as soon as possible… Heh-heh.”

Before registering as an adventurer, Rose came to a halt at a bookstore. Though it bears mention, that this bookstore was only a two-minute walk from Alim’s house.

Her reason for stopping there was simple. She got curious about something that caught her eyes.

“Why… might this be… Alim and Mika?”

Rose picked up the copy of a magazine with realistic depictions. It was titled “Weekly Adventure”. There was only one reason for her to pick up this specific magazine. For some reason, it was the only magazine in that section. The other ones had all sold out, though Rose didn’t know that.

On the cover of that magazine was a rather cute picture of Alim and Mika.

“Thou truly art popular, nay…?”

While muttering that, she flipped through its pages, but stopped at one of them. On that page, the details about an interview with Alim and Mika and their activities were written down. From there, Rose learned who they were.

“Those two are incredible… We see, so they brought low the demon god? We told them, We would come and visit them soon, but… might it be alright, to meet up with people this grand so nonchalantly…?”

Rose was so absorbed in reading the article, that she didn’t notice a plump man… the manager of the bookstore, standing behind her.

“Young lady, would you mind stopping browsing through that?”
“Mh… Wah~! Oh… erm… Our apolo-… I mean, I’m very sorry, Sir…” Rose quickly apologized in a normal manner, rather than the pompous manner of speech used by dragons.

She had knowledge of this due to the power of that skill.

“Well, it’s fine, if you understand it. By the way, are you of the dragon tribe?”
“Y-Yes, I am,” she replied in a somewhat high-pitched voice.
“I see, in that case, you probably just came here from another country, right? Since there are no others of the dragon tribe. In this country, that is. Have you heard about those girls?”
“Uh… erm.”
“What, you don’t know them? In that case, I’ll give you that magazine for free. For whatever reason, there’s only one of them left.
“Is… is that alright?”
“Well, these girls are famous in this country… no, by now, all of Anazumu knows them. So, you should learn about them too, right? Besides, thanks to them, my books have been selling well, recently.”

The apparently generous manager gave a laugh.

“Ah… erm… Thou hast… I mean, thank you very much, Sir.”
“Oh, it’s fine.”

Rose left the store.

It had been two minutes since she started walking in search of this new world. For some reason, the world that had felt so wide until now, suddenly became smaller.

TL notes:
And there she goes. I really hope that she shows up again (and judging from how often her name shows up in future chapters, she apparently will).



  1. I hope he put his “cannot be sold” enchantments on these, or Manet will wring his neck if Rose ever decides to sell them.
  2. The original doesn’t specify “Hikari” here, but I don’t think Alim knows any other inns in the capital. Though maybe he just ran a search in the books he scanned.
  3. Even at Hikari, a rather high-class inn, the best room only cost 12 silver coins per night. Just where does he expect her to live, to give her 5 gold coins (500 silver coins) for five nights.
  4. The original is 手元を離れる時 (“the time/moment (they) leave the nearby/close at hand”). It does sound rather weird, but I don’t think it’s a typo here, so maybe it’s just an expression that sounds strange in English.
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