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Chapter 171 – Overwhelming Power

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Author: SS Samurai Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: rm31439 English Source: Re:Library

“Grah~!” I shouted and deployed the Zone, while confirming Samaeyl was coming at me.

Then I switched the Great Hero’s Blade for the Divine Sword.

Of course, my level is off the charts. Even the demon god looks like she’s come to a stop.

And so, I closed in myself and slashed at her about ten times in succession with the Divine Sword. Naturally, it didn’t cause any injuries, due to the sword’s effects.
I promised Karua and the others, didn’t I?

However, supposing Samaeyl uses the MP system, it should’ve gone down to zero because of the sword’s ability to suck out MP. I took distance from her and cancelled the Zone to watch how she’d react. Samaeyl, who’d been charging at me, hurriedly came to a stop. The black haze had dispersed somewhere, too.

Well, at this time, it doesn’t matter where it went, you know.

For the time being, she looked like she was in an awfully bad mental state. That one… The one you get when you run out of MP. I was like that, recently. I understood, just how harsh it was.

“O-our MP has been erased…? Impudent brat… what have you done?!” Samaeyl glared at me.
“Hm… Well, I’m sure you can make a guess. I can create whatever I like… So, creating an item to instantly remove MP… that’s mere child’s play, you see,” I replied, showing a pleasant smile. I also made it a bit insulting.
“You are a true nuisance…”
“Yep, but from my point of view, Samaeyl… For someone with the name ‘demon god’, I wondered how strong you’d be, but… you’re a total let-down, you know,” I told her my true feelings.

She’s seriously a disappointment. I thought she’d be stronger…
After all, the humans from the past… They passed down stories of her fight with the hero… In video game terms, wouldn’t she be the final boss? I… probably leveled up too much.

Rather than disappointment… this feels a bit nostalgic.

Back on earth, when I played RPGs, I always, always hit the level-cap before tackling the last boss. That was how I felt whenever I defeated a last boss at those times. No thrill or anything.

Naturally, rather than fighting such an opponent, leveling up is much more fun. Wait… I no longer need to level up, so going on a date with Mika and having fun with Karua would be more worthwhile.

“What did you… just say? Miserable wench… Are you mocking Us, the demon god?!”
“It’s because you’re really weak, aren’t you…? You can’t even reach my speed.”

I deployed the Zone once more and circled around to Samaeyls back. Then, behind her, I dissolved the Zone and patted her on the shoulder. When Samaeyl turned her head my way with a look of surprise, I repeatedly poked her cheek with my finger and smiled at her.

This is also known as “going insultingly easy on an enemy”.1


While she was still turning around, Samaeyl swung Droprot, looking flustered. I reactivated the Zone, just before it hit me, and circled to her back again.

Then I was about to cut off Karua’s mother’s… Erm, I think her name was Karuna2? I was about to cut off the wings growing from her back in a single strike at their roots with the Great Hero’s Blade I’d taken out of the Magic Pouch3. However, I couldn’t sever them for some reason, due to the sword being repelled by a strange force. When I tried it with the Divine Blade, I was able to cut them off.

It’d probably have been better, if I fought with the Divine Sword from the start, instead of the Great Hero’s Blade.

Then, I cancelled the Zone.

“Our wings?!”

Samaeyl went into a headfirst drop.
…That’s dangerous, if she crashes like this, Miss Karuna will be injured.

Once more, I entered the Zone, carried Karuna on my back and descended to the ground.
At our current position… we’re roughly 200 meters from the base, right?

Then, since I had a bad feeling4, I created national treasure grade restraints and fixed her in place. Afterwards, I dissolved the Zone.

“We are… not falling? And… additionally… We are bound…?”

Samaeyl could only move her head, which wasn’t restrained, and surveyed our surroundings in apparent wonder. I pointed the Hero’s Sword at her chin.

“Well… I think you understand from what you see, but… It’s my win, isn’t it?”

When I said that, Samaeyl looked shocked at first, but then she gradually started to smile.

“I see… But still! You are unable to kill Us! Since we are a spirit… Quite unfortunate, is it not, fake hero5… Muah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!”

Well, I’ll find a way to render her powerless permanently after she’s sealed, no matter how long it takes. But that doesn’t matter now. Before she’s unable to do anything ever again… should I ask her some things?

Yeah. I’ve read the stories and have quite a few questions, so it’d probably be a good idea to ask the person herself, you see. Generally, these last boss-like beings should have reasons to do what they do.

TL notes:
Well, that sure was a brutal humiliation for Samaeyl. It’s too bad there are no drawings of her, or I could’ve tried to make that Simpsons meme. Let’s see how getting some decent answers from such an insanely haughty being will work out for Alim next time.



  1. The original uses 舐めプ, most likely a shortened version of 舐めプレイ (a combination of “to lick” or “to look down on” and the English word “play”).
  2. The original is カルナ (karuna). She was called Marua in chapter 159. After checking how often Karuna and Marua appear in future chapters, it looks like Karuna is the proper name.
  3. For some reason, the original uses マジックバック (“Magic Bag”) here instead of マジックポーチ (“Magic Pouch”).
  4. Not sure I got this one right. The original 悪いとは思いつつ means something like “while feeling/thinking/judging/believing (something) bad/evil/ugly/wrong…” so this might mean something else.
  5. It’s 真の勇者 (“true hero”) in the original, which I assume is a typo since it doesn’t make sense.
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