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Chapter 170 – Showdown of the Star Performers

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Author: SS Samurai Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: rm31439 English Source: Re:Library

“Then, your Majesty! Should I go and bring down the demon god?” I asked the king, while patting Mika’s head. She looked like she was satisfied.
“Yes… I shall leave it to you, Alim.”

As I took my hand off Mika’s head, she looked at me with upturned eyes and said, “Alim… I told you this several times, but… Don’t do anything reckless, will you?”
“I get it, I’ll be fine…” I replied to Mika and then dashed up into the sky.

Everyone inside the barrier called my name and cheered me on. Still, there couldn’t be anyone to join me in my battle. For some reason, it needed to be a one-on-one fight between the hero and the demon god.

Why was that the case? Apparently because the very first hero said so in his will. He didn’t explain the reason in particular, but all heroes of the past abided by it, so it had become common sense.

For the time being, I finally arrived where the demon god was. Despite demons being annihilated the moment they appeared, the upper echelon having been defeated, and us clearly being superior, she hovered in place with her arms crossed, looking calm, and was not about to move away. Moreover, it seemed like Mika’s rain had no effect on her.

“Erm… Henceforth, I shall bring you down… or something?”

For now, I tried to call out to her. Then, Samaeyl, who’d borrowed the shape of a beautiful woman, fluttered her twelve wings, uncrossed her arms, and opened her mouth.

“What can a fake hero, who doesn’t hold the Brave title, do? Besides, We are rather sure, you have yet to obtain the Hero’s Sword. On Our way here, We found it on a peak of the Tria Erial mountains,” she said, and in a space where nothing should have been, she created a round shape that looked like a mass of darkness, thrust her hand into it and took out something. It was a Hero’s Sword, still in its sheath.

I thought there was nothing except for demons and magic beasts crawling out of it, but from above, it looked like a dark-black mass was expanding and coming out from there, too.1 

No, I just didn’t notice it, did I?

“Heh… We have the Hero’s Sword, and you are no true hero… How are you planning to seal Us?” Samaeyl gloated and, once again, stored the Hero’s Sword away in the darkness.
“We defeated almost all of the Shaytan’s leaders, and your fellow demons and magic beasts are blown up by the rain, the moment they appear from the black clouds or this black space… No matter how you look at it, we have the upper hand, you know?”
“From Our perspective, mere demons and such are insignificant,” Samaeyl replied, after laughing scornfully. “We can bring out as many as We want, as long as we fulfill the requirements. You are right about the leaders. Still, the five who have been brought down, were nothing but sacrificial pawns for Us, you see… It would be simple for Us to bury all humans here in an instant.”

She looks pretty confident. Does she still think, she can win? I may have missed the real Hero’s Sword, but I can make as many of them myself as I want.

“Heh… That’s true. However, I also prepared a Hero’s Sword,” I said, producing the Great Hero’s Blade from the Magic Pouch and showing it off.
“Oh ho… That surely is the Hero’s Sword… However, the one in Our possession is also the Hero’s Sword… How in Anazumu can that be?”

Samaeyl was in an awful state of shock.
This humbled her somewhat… right? To be clear, the intimidating air around Samaeyl isn’t anything half-baked, but I still managed to shock her.

“Well… you’re right, it’s like this, you see.”

While I said that, I turned the palm of my hand upwards and created Dark Matter there. Then, I gradually changed the shape of it, until it became a sword. Finally, little by little, I modified the sword, until its appearance and effects perfectly matched the Hero’s Sword.

“I see… In short, you created it by yourself, little girl… With the power of that skill.”
“Yup, that’s how it works.”

It looked like Samaeyl’s expression of calm had disappeared. Then, she took some distance from me.

“We understand, why you were made the hero, little girl! You are quite the nuisance! We must destroy you at once!”

She pointed the hand, that wasn’t holding Droprot, at me, opened its palm and thrust it forward, as if to push something out. From her fingertips, a round shape, looking like the dark-black one from before, was created.

From there, an insane number of demons crawled out. The way they emerged was a bit like a catch being unloaded from a ship and the fish coming out from the pump. All of them, even while they were destroyed by Mika’s rain, came my way.

I swung the Great Hero’s Blade in my right hand once. And then, the demons simply collapsed.
This probably defeated all who’d just come out.

“Heh… Of course, this much would not be enough… As We are now, We are in the best condition We ever were among the countless times We were resurrected, but…”

Whoa… This phrase was totally like a villain’s from the world of mangas and video games. It’s a bit late for it, but that’s what I think.

As I inwardly entertained these useless thoughts, something like a black haze emerging from Samaeyl came within sight. Her wings also started to shine suspiciously.

“We have several abilities, but… Little girl, We cannot hold back with you. We shall become serious.”

She charged at me.

…I should probably deploy the Zone and go all out, shouldn’t I?

TL notes:
Looks like it’s time for the final boss; she certainly talks like one. I still think Alim takes her wayyy too lightly, but I guess the next few chapters will tell.



  1. This sentence is weird, there might be a typo in the original I didn’t recognize as such, which changes the meaning. The “it” where enemies are crawling out from might be the black clouds or the black thingy Samaeyl pulled the sword from…
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