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Chapter 172 – The Demon God of Death

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Author: SS Samurai Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: rm31439 English Source: Re:Library

So, I think I should ask Samaeyl a few questions.

“Hey… I’d like to confirm a few things, are you fine with that?” I asked her, while pointing the Hero’s Sword at her.
“Oh ho… A human has questions for Us? This is the first time this happened. We understand it will be meaningless, even should We resist. At great pains, We shall answer you.”
“Hm, gotcha… Then, first of all…”

Huh, she’s awfully straightforward. She hasn’t already given up, has she?

Well, that’s fine. What kind of questions should I ask her…? The one to start with should be… erm… why she attacks the humans… that one’s good, right? I’ll try to ask her that one first, and if I think there’re any suspicious parts in what she says, I’ll follow up on that.

“Why are you assaulting the humans?” I asked her.

Samaeyl readily opened her mouth.

“Indeed… We do not particularly care about destroying all of humanity. Our primary goal is to eradicate the lineage of Mephilad.”

Eh? Why is her aim the Mephilad family?
After all… huh? She can’t bring herself back to life, can she?

“I see… Then, why are you targeting the people of Mephilad? If you end up wiping them all out… won’t it become impossible to bring you, the demon god, back to life?” I asked and, for a moment, Samaeyls expression showed surprise, but she replied once more.
“About that… It is because We must eradicate the lineage of Mephilad… Yes, We must eradicate the lineage of Mephilad.”

Hey, that’s not a reason, you hear!? Isn’t that the same as if she’d say, “I kill because I want to kill1“? Just what is it, that drives the demon god.

“Erm, I don’t get it. What do you mean? Is the Mephilad family some kind of… danger to you?”
“…We do not know.”

That’s useless. Moreover… it feels like I asked her something I wasn’t supposed to ask. I even got an unpleasant sensation running down my back. In that case… let’s ask something that should be a bit easier to answer.

“Understood. Then, ignoring your reasoning… When were you born as the demon god?”
“…Huh? We have no knowledge about that, either. Our apologies, We do not know.”

The same feeling as before ran down my back. Unpleasant sweat covered my hands.

Huh… Did I… end up asking something problematic again…? It kinda feels like when you’re watching a TV show about ghosts and then happen to see the genuine thing. You know, that happens, doesn’t it?

While I thought that, Samayel started to say something. She had a frightening smile on her face.

“Say… fake hero2, this time We would like to ask you something… Won’t you answer?”

Samaeyl wants to ask me something…? What should I do? To be honest, I don’t want to concern myself with her anymore, but…

Well, if she asks me something weird, I can probably just seal her, so if it’s just a bit, it should be fine. Does she want me to tell her something… to take to the afterlife?

“…Fine, what is it?”
“How… did you cut off Our wings? Nothing of this world should be able to injure Us. Unless it is the power… of a god.”3 

Huh, seriously? So that’s why the Hero’s Sword was unable to hurt her. Do I have to give her an answer? But not answering won’t change anything… I might as well tell her.

“Hm… You see, I used this sword.”

After Samaeyl looked at the sword with much more surprise than before, she smiled pleasantly.
What’s with that reaction… I’m getting a bad feeling.

“Eh, what’s wrong?”
“No… it does not matter. It is something that concerns Us.”
“I’m getting curious, if you say it like that.”
“Soon, you will understand… probably. If you are lucky. Our apologies, but We cannot say more than this, you see.”

A strong will could be sensed from Samaeyl.
It seems like she won’t answer any additional questions. Can’t be helped… It’s about time to seal her, isn’t it?

“Hm, I’ll seal you, then. Good night,” I said and pierced the body of Karua’s mother with the Hero’s Sword, which was enchanted as to not cause any injuries.

However, the smile on Samaeyl’s face grew even bigger.

“Gha~!? Gh… Kyah-ha, kyah-ha-ha, kyah-ha-ha-ha-ha!! Did you not notice, ignorant brat?”

The Hero’s Sword shone a blueish-white and started to suck up something from where it was stabbed into. Something that that looked like purple-colored haze could be seen now and then. That was probably Samaeyl’s spirit or soul. Droprot fell from her hands. And at the same time, she opened and closed her mouth, as if trying to say something.

What in the world is there that I didn’t notice?

I strained my ears as much as I could, as I tried to make out what she said.

“Kyah-ha-ha… pathetic fool… We might… sealed… but, We succeeded… erad… the lineage of… Me…ila… Fake hero… too bad… fo…ou… While We talked with you… We accomplished Our goal…! As a test… why don’t you… try to look for magic power in your base?”

I tried to sense magic power, as she had said.

Come to think of it, ever since I started to fight against Samaeyl, I’d constantly been focused on her and never looked at what happened in our surroundings.

…Let alone the base, I don’t feel any magic power from the royal capital of the Mephilad Kingdom.
Noone’s magic… Neither Uruto, Parasuna, Gilmars, nor the king. I can’t feel them at all.

On the contrary, even Mika… I tried to send her several messages. Usually, she would instantly reply to them. But nothing came back.

Samaeyl was saying something. However, I was in a panic and couldn’t understand her words. Still… verifying Mika’s safety was my priority, so I didn’t care about it. Even in the worst case, Mika would probably be alright. Even supposing everyone died, I could bring them back to life with my potions.

I hurried towards the base… leaving behind the Hero’s Sword, Droprot and Karuna’s corpse.


“Kyah… kyah-ha-ha… We are… the demon god… Samaeyl! We control the space of darkness, give birth to demons, and Our dark powers are fatal to all living things! Our true power… is that of instant death! You got ahold of the tools of the gods, so, fake hero… you shall despair in front of Our true power! … Kyah-ha, kyah-ha-ha-ha… kyah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!! …Ugh!”

That voice mixed in with the demon god’s death throes never reached Alim. And once she had been completely sealed by the Hero’s sword, a clown turned up.

“…Up till now, everything has gone according to plan, right~… Some things happened differently, but… Well, it’s probably fine. Just… just a bit more,” Mephistophales mused.

He pulled the hero’s sword from Karuna’s4 corpse and then destroyed it with Droprot. The black haze, once again, tried to infiltrate her body, but Mephistophales caught it with Droprot, as if it were cotton-candy. Then, carrying the sword on his hip, he went in the direction of the human’s base. All that remained was the broken Hero’s Sword and a corpse with not a single injury.

TL notes:
That went about as well as expected, though it’s interesting (and very concerning) that Samaeyl might be controlled by some other power. Maybe some kind of system designed by the gods to keep the humans busy with conflict.



  1. Well, wanting to kill someone actually is a reason to kill (or there wouldn’t be that many serial killers), but Samaeyl just says she needs to kill them, but can state no reason as to why she needs to kill them.
  2. Same deal as last chapter. There’s no reason for her to call Alim the true hero if he doesn’t have the title. There are several occasions of this in this chapter.
  3. So, how’s the hero supposed to beat her, then? Do they just fight until she runs out of MP and the Hero’s Sword considers her weakened enough to seal her? Or is this really a case of “takes 100% reduced damage from anyone without the “brave” title or a divine grade weapon”?
  4. Weirdly enough, she’s called アルマ (aruma) here. Things like this make it appear as if the author never proofread the chapters before posting them.
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