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Chapter 169 – White Rain

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Author: SS Samurai Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: rm31439 English Source: Re:Library


For the time being, I had tried to go up against that guy in the chariot who stood in our way, but he ran out of steam way too quickly.

Erm… He was called Balial1, I think?

At any rate, after defeating him, an SS-Rank magic core emerged. But something felt out of place. You see, when he died, I felt magic power fly in the direction where Samaeyl was.
Maybe just my imagination?

“Oh, Mika, you’re awake!” I heard the king exclaim.

I turned my head there and saw the king standing next to the safe place where Mika sat in meditation. I rushed over to her side.

“Mika! Did you complete it?”
“Yeah,” she gave an adorable nod.

She’s so cute.

No, rather than something like that, I felt colossal magic power from her, completely unlike her normal magic.

“Incredible… That’s magic power, isn’t it?”
“I guess? More importantly, there are… a lot of enemies, aren’t there? Did the war just start?”

Mika surveyed our surroundings.

“Nah, that’s not it, you see. It’s already been an hour since it started. But the enemies’ numbers don’t go down at all… Currently, they’re increasing instead… right? Your Majesty?”
“She’s right, thanks to Alim’s bracelets and the statues’ barriers, there have been hardly any victims, but… our foes’ numbers not decreasing is also true. We have already brought down tens of thousands, but still…”

The king and I both showed exceedingly troubled expressions. And then, Mika spoke up with a proud look.

“Well, it’s fine. I’ll manage somehow. I’m pretty sure, I’ll be able to get rid of all our opponents in one go.”

She appears to be quite confident, so it’s probably fine to put our hopes in her.

“Yeah, we’ll rely on you!”
“Eh-heh-heh, you can count on me!”

Mika took out her Divine Bow from the Magic Pouch, pulled it back to the utmost and aimed it upwards. I sensed Mika’s magic power and MP flow into the bow.

“I’ll be launching it, then, alright?” Mika asked, looking at me.

At my silent nod, Mika let go of the arrow she’d created with the fully drawn bow’s ability, and it shot off. The arrow climbed high into the sky, and, while scattering numerous demons and magic beasts on its way, it reached the black clouds. Then, a gargantuan magic circle expanded, filling the sky.

That circle is way too big… Doesn’t this extend over the whole Mephilad Kingdom?

“Phew… Yay… It was successful.”

As Mika said that, she looked like she was about to collapse powerlessly, so the king and I supported her in a hurry.

“What will happen now?” The king asked Mika and me.
“Hm… It’s a so-called wide-range attack, your Majesty,” I replied.
“Oh-ho… How wide exactly?
“Roughly… as wide as this whole kingdom2, I guess?” Mika answered his question.
“It’s that big?!” the king exclaimed. “But it looks like the demons have gathered just here in the vicinity, you know?”
“Huh… they’re only around here? In that case, I’d have been fine meditating for about four hours…”

Mika looked like she was really disheartened.

“Don’t feel down like that,” I whispered into her ear.
“If I knew, I could’ve watched your hero proclamation, Alim…”
“It’s alright, I recorded it all.”
“I wanted to watch it live… Grr!”

While she said that, a white raindrop fell onto Mika’s cheek. It seeped into her skin, like water being sucked up by a sponge. I got the impression that Mika’s face, which looked a bit unhealthy, maybe because she’d been gathering magic power for a day, cleared up.

Suddenly, I saw a magic beast outside the barrier being hit by a single drop. And then, the C-Rank magic beast, that had been hit by the rain, burst as if it was a balloon. In the place where it had been, nothing but a magic core remained.

When I looked closely, magic cores fell down, again and again, in place of the rain. Then, one minute after the raindrop landed onto Mika’s cheek, the white rain turned into an incessant downpour. It looked like everyone panicked at the sudden cloudburst.

…Come to think of it, I probably should’ve mentioned the rainfall during the hero proclamation, shouldn’t I?
Listen, there were other things.3

They’ll probably realize before long that, unlike the demons and magic beasts, the rain won’t hurt them and heal their wounds instead.

Demons and magic beasts exploded at a mad pace, due to the downpour. It happened within seconds after they were born from the shadows or appeared form the black clouds in the sky. Now, magic cores and rain poured down all over the place. From the perspective of our enemies, this was no different from a picture of hell.

“All those magic beasts at once… Terrific… Mika.”
“You can praise me more, you know?”

Maybe because they’d seen Mika do something, the minister and archbishop came to request an explanation, too, which we readily provided. Incidentally, thanks to Mika setting the rain to “demons and magic beasts hostile to humans” when she activated it, neither Behemot nor the pterodactyls took any damage.

At any rate, our victory was as good as decided. From the people contacting us, we also learned that all the members of the demons’ leadership, except for Mephistophales, had been defeated.4 

Well, then… Now we only need to bring down Samayel and Mepistophales, don’t we?



  1. Poor dude gets no characterization besides “very tall and covered in flames” and is then killed off-screen.
  2. And here I thought my estimate in chapter 139 with 4 by 4 kilometers was too big. She just had to go and cast it over an area that’s probably 1000 times bigger.
  3. Not sure if I got that right. The original is pretty much just “Listen, (it’s) separately.” This is my best guess at what it’s supposed to mean.
  4. I wonder what happened to Amon (the prophecy owl). Though he never seemed like much of a fighter, so maybe he didn’t participate?
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