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Chapter 162 – The Coming of the Archdemons – 1

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Author: SS Samurai Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: rm31439 English Source: Re:Library

A bit before the barriers broke, at the west gate…

The Slavery Abolishment Group lead by Lastman, and the other adventurers were perplexed by the large number of foes, but thanks to Alim’s bracelets and the statue’s barrier, they could fight safely.

Of course, there hadn’t been any casualties.

“Damn! It’s fine that we can bring them down from safety, but… No matter how many enemies Mr. Lastman and the rest of us defeat, we’re not getting anywhere, don’t we~…”
“True… It looks as if they’re gushing forth endlessly.”

Lahand punched their foes from across the barrier, while Gabaina stabbed them or swept them away with his spear. Though they were both A-Rankers, they fought in a conventional way.

Bacchus on the other hand…

“Matchless Liqueur! And then… Matchless Flame1!”

He attacked from the inside by scattering around alcohol with Matchless Liqueur, and then had it burst into flames with Matchless Flame.

“Heh… Of course there’s lots of them, aren’t there~…”

He, too, seemed to be fed up with their foes, who kept coming no matter how many of them were brought down. However, it was clear, that his attacks annihilated the enemies skillfully. Further, even the other adventurers were able to defeat foes one by one, though only thanks to Lastman’s commands.

Uruto pondered a bit when he saw that phenomenon.

“What to do, there’s lots of them… Should I make my move already?” he muttered and then motioned for the others, who were attacking the foes sticking close to the barrier, to move aside.

“ALRIGHT? EVERYONE, I’M GOING TO TRY TO ROUND UP ALL ENEMIES AT ONCE,” Lastman yelled while he went to leave the barrier.
“Can you please not do anything unreasonable, you hear~?”

While he took notice of Lahand’s advice, Lastman stepped outside and got ready to attack.


Right after muttering that, his body transformed. Arms sprouted from his back, one by one, and heads took form everywhere on his body. In the end, he’d taken the shape of a monster with 100 arms and 50 heads.2 


Then, all his 100 fists were enveloped by light.

This attack skill was unrelated to his Beast Master. However, in the Hecatoncheir Mode, this skill that could originally only be applied to both hands… was now put onto all 100 of them.

He swung his fists. In the places that were struck, explosions charged with the light attribute occurred. Finally, his opponents were flung away due to the many shock waves caused by those 100 fists.

Still, new enemies appeared, one after another.

“Was even this not enough?” he muttered.

If that was the case, Lastman had to come up with another plan.


In a flash, his 100 hands had turned into basilisk heads, who had the size of a human hand. Those basilisk heads started to create deadly poison. A mere graze of this poison, ultra-deadly poison, was fatal…

Lastman used them to bury the enemies, one by one. Thus, in those 10 minutes since he had stepped outside, he brought down 10’000 foes.

But still, he couldn’t keep up with them. Lastman decided to return inside the barrier for now. And while he was on his way back… it was destroyed.


In a hurry, Lastman started to deal with the magic beasts, who came to invade the place the barrier had originally covered. The other adventurers seemed to be in shock after the barrier’s sudden collapse and didn’t look like they were about to move.

Despite Lastman dealing with them, he couldn’t keep up and first 1, then 2… and then gradually more and more demons and magic beasts slipped in. In addition to that, different from before, there were now A and S-Rank magic beasts among them.

This interval lasted for about ten seconds.

Then, from out of nowhere, a statue, looking completely like the one from the beginning, appeared, and a barrier stretched around them once more. And at the same time, the adventurers, who’d finally recovered from their shock, started to deal with the enemies who’d gotten inside.

When Lastman was about to take care of an S-Rank magic beast with astounding power, even though it was weakened inside the barrier, someone called out to him.

He tried to look where the voice had come from, but there was no one there. In the same moment, Lastman’s left arm was suddenly torn off. No, it would be better to say, it rotted and fell off.

He felt vast magic power and turned his face towards the opposite direction of where he had been facing before. There, wearing a small crown, was a fly of remarkable size, standing at roughly two meters tall.

Lastman was convinced. This had to be one of the upper echelon enemies, Alim had told him about.

“Yezz, that’zz right. My name izz Baalzzebub!” the fly answered Lastman’s question. “I am the archdemon known azz the King of the Fliezz!”

He spoke in a loud buzzing voice that was extremely hard on the ears. The people in the vicinity noticed and readied their weapons, but Lastman raised his remaining right arm to stop them.

“Oh! You worry about your underlingzz, don’t you… Then, I should probably introduzze myzzelf properly before I kill you. I am Baalzzebub, the archdemon of corruption and decay… The King of the Fliezz!”
“I SEE… WELL, I GUESS IT’S FINE TO KNOW THE NAME OF THE FOE I’LL VANQUISH…” Lastman said, and, at the same moment, an arm sprouted from his left side. It looked like a plant growing. “BAALZEBUB, ONTO YOU, FIEND… I SHALL DELIVER JUSTICE!”

TL notes:
So, we finally get to see the SSS-Rankers fight. Beast Master sounds rather freaky, but the possible synergy with other skills seems quite strong.

Also, the original in the title is 大悪魔 (large demon/devil). I opted for “Archdemon” since it seems to be used for the stronger upper echelon demons. It was translated as “Great Devil” in chapter 76.5.



  1. The original is フレイム・マーチレス (fureimu machiresu). The name is different from the one in chapter 134, but I assume it’s meant to be the same ability.
  2. The Hecatoncheires are three giants from Greek mythology with 100 arms and 50 heads.
  3. The original is 光爆極拳 (Light Explosion Extreme Fist)
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