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Chapter 161 – The Steady Advance of the Four Musketeers

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Author: SS Samurai Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: rm31439 English Source: Re:Library

The minister finished chanting magic and turned his staff towards what lay outside the barrier.

“Matchless Land, Grand Gravity.” he invocated.

Matchless Land: He designated a giant boulder form and launched many of them into the sky.
Then, Grand Gravity: He aimed the boulders at the demons and started to make them drop all at once with powerful gravity magic. It looked just like a meteorite shower.

Finally, as a result of his sophisticated control, it seemed like none of the boulders, whose weight had been increased by gravity, hit Behemot, the knight commander or the 3 pterodactyls who’d charged outside. On the other hand, they crushed numerous demons.

“Hmm! Miss Alim, this bracelet is as magnificent as I thought, isn’t it?” the minister said, looking at me. “It has been a long time, since the power of my magic was this close to as it was in my prime!”

So, doubling his stats just barely puts him where he was in his prime…? If that’s true, I wonder just how strong was he back then?

At the same time, the knight commander and the pterodactyls were outside, chopping up demons and magic beasts.

It looks like he has three “Secret Sword Techniques”, likely from the SK2 sword skills. As far as I can verify, those are… Prison, Extreme and Roar, are they?

From those three sword skills, he used a total of 15 abilities in sequence with what looked like barely any break.1 Additionally, it seemed like he’d also coiled an S-Rank aura-type skill with the earth and fire attributes around his sword. The enemies, who covered a vast range, were chopped up.

The pterodactyls the king had summoned also buried enemies one by one with attacks from their fangs, claws, and their respective elemental breaths.

“I-incredible…!” I muttered unconsciously.

If someone asked me, what was incredible, I’d said it was mainly the combination. The number of young knights, who wore shocked expressions, also wasn’t small. Though, all the knights above a certain age seemed to recognize it.

The king waved at me. He had quite the smile on his face.

“Ha-ha-ha! Awesome, isn’t it? That’s our power. Gordes, Oraful and Chris… these three are all former SS-Rankers,” he said, looking extremely delighted.

Maybe it was just my imagination, but the way he spoke and acted seemed to make him several years younger.

“Oh, right, Alim. Yesterday you asked me, how I summoned that mayor from a remote village and the sovereigns from foreign countries, didn’t you? What you see here is the reason; I called my magic summons who can fly in the sky, and Chris increased their speed with enhancement magic.

In other words, did Mr. Jisef and the princes from other countries ride here on those pterodactyls?2 Of course, if they flew through the sky, they’d arrive much faster than expected.

I don’t even get, why the carriage takes this long.3 The forest surely complicates things. There probably was no other way.

With the archbishop’s support as before, Behemot, the minister, the knight commander, and the three pterodactyls continued their fierce attacks. By now, there were no longer any enemies who made it to the barrier. They had been overwhelmed.

That’s how it should be, but…

What still concerned me, was that, even though the demons were clearly being pushed back, Samael didn’t look like she was about to move, and Mephistophales was nowhere to be found since some time.

The expression on Samael’s face says she still got some leeway… Though I expect only the enemies near the north gate were brought down, this should have been tens of thousands of them… That makes her calm expression even more concerning.

To begin with, no matter how strong the king and the others are, the number of enemies who appear doesn’t decrease. There seems to be an endless amount of them.
I don’t want to believe it, but… Don’t they really appear endlessly?

Moreover, since the king and the others were bringing down enemies quickly, it was easy to notice, but it seemed like the strength and average rank of our enemies had increased.

While I worried about those things, I watched my allies defeat enemies left and right, as if these concerns didn’t exist at all.

…At a moment like that, the barrier protecting us suddenly shattered. Without any advance warning.

Huh? How was the barrier destroyed?! Was there anyone on our enemy’s side who could break the barrier from my statues?
Impossible. How? Those things are legend grade, you know?

And in addition to that, it looked like all of them, in the east, west, north, south and center were destroyed. The king and the others looked just as shocked as I was, once they noticed.
Obviously, since the barriers, who’d up till now had been thought unbreakable, have suddenly disappeared.

Reflexively, the king and I looked at each other’s faces. And while we were dumbfounded, enemies invaded our territory from the sky.

In that instant, though it was a small gap, Behemot defended the front side against the invading demons and magic beasts by sucking them in, in order for the king and the others to deal with them.
Should I call this luck?

I immediately designated each location in the east, west, north, and south with the same installations, and remade them personally. After not even 10 seconds, the barriers had been put up again. Thanks to me being able to deal with the problem immediately, only a few hundred demons and magic beasts broke through.

Still, two issues had arisen, that gave me a bad feeling.

For one, among the currently invading magic beasts, there was a significant number of A-Ranks, and even worse, S-Ranks. In short, until now, the magic beasts had been steadily growing stronger, but our foes saw the destruction of the barrier as a chance and sent in the big guns. Since we had been able to destroy almost all our foes outside the barrier in the north area, except for the magic beasts in the sky, we were fine, but it looked like high rank magic beasts had entered the other areas.

Well, it shouldn’t be a huge problem. There are S- and SS-Rankers in the other areas, too, so I don’t think they’ll have much trouble to wipe them out. There’re also the buffs from my bracelets, right?

For the other one… I could confirm four enemies inside the barrier whose high power clearly differentiated them from the other demons and magic beasts. Most likely, those were four demons of the upper echelon who managed to invade together with the high rank magic beasts. There was one each in the east, west, north, and south.

…At our position, a demon riding an enormous, blazing chariot appeared. That demon, who was also huge, standing at roughly 5 meters tall, glared at us with sharply shining eyes.

TL notes:
It probably makes foreign politics a whole lot easier, when your monarch and his 3 friends can wipe out an army by themselves.

Also, Alim learning, once again, that him and his friends having insane, illogical abilities, doesn’t mean the other side can’t have those, too.



  1. Not 100% sure about this, it might also mean that those abilities don’t have any links/commonalities, so you normally can’t use them in succession.
  2. Strapping older guests to dinosaurs flying at the speed of sound seems like a great way to give them a heart-attack.
  3. That doesn’t make much sense. It might mean, that the guests didn’t know the carriages take this long, but there’s no uncertainty, so it can only be about what Alim thinks (in Japanese one would never assume what someone else thinks without expressing a lot of uncertainty).
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