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Chapter 163 – The Coming of the Archdemons – 2

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Author: SS Samurai Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: rm31439 English Source: Re:Library

East gate:

Parasuna rounded up demons and magic beasts by continuously invocating magic, to the extent that the other soldiers seemed unnecessary.

“Still… they keep coming, no matter how many I bring down… they’re endless, aren’t they… I wonder if Uruto’s side has a hard time.”

Due to Parasuna’s skill, Magic Master, she only spent 1/50th of the normal MP cost when invocating spells, while also raising the power to an extreme level. Usually, she didn’t have to worry about running out of MP, no matter how many spells she shot off, but Parasuna had a bad premonition this time. That being said, her MP still hadn’t gone down by even 1/10th.

“Hah… Is everyone alright? Are there any injuries?”

The adventurers replied to Parasuna’s shouted question.

“Ha-ha-ha, thanks to you defeating them all~, Grand Sorceress of all Creation, there haven’t been any dropouts due to injury.”
“Miss Parasuna, you’re just as amazing as I thought!”
“Still, I think you’re putting a bit too much effort into this. Casting that many spells must be tough for you. Why don’t you take a rest?”
“That’s right, you know, please let us work for a bit, too.”
“I see, understood. Then I’ll take a brief…” Parasuna decided to take the adventurers up on their offer of a short rest.

It happened while she was talking. With a crashing sound, the barrier collapsed.

“It can’t be…!”

It was only natural for her to be shocked. The barrier from Alim’s statue, who’d even withstood magic of the highest grade, had suddenly been broken.

“Hrm, I see… So that’s how it works.”

Someone had slipped into the place where the barrier originally was. Parasuna immediately picked up enormous magic power from the intruder, who mumbled something in a subdued voice.

“You… who are you? You’re a demon, aren’t you?” she started to question him.

The demon had a human torso, but his lower half was that of a spider, his head was that of a frog and he also had the tail of a cat. Finally, he held a staff in his hands.

“Me… who I am? Well, If I had to answer, I’d say I’m Beal, the ‘Archdemon of Knowledge and Sorcery’.”

Beal’s answer… or rather the way he spoke, gave Parasuna a feeling of unease. Somehow… It seemed like no one but her could hear Beal’s hoarse voice.

“Then, that means you’re one of our enemy’s leaders, aren’t you? The barrier… were you the one who destroyed it?”
“Hrm, indeed. It was my doing. I unraveled that barrier with my wisdom. It did require a great deal of effort. Let me ask you something, too, girl… You’re the ‘Grand Sorceress of all Creation’… are you not?”

In addition to Beal’s smooth answer about how he dispelled the barrier, Parasuna was shocked that the demon knew about her, too.

“That’s… that’s right, they call me that, I’m Parasuna, you know.”
“Hrm, is that so? I’m surprised. I never thought the grand sorceress to be a… demi human, due to their poor compatibility with magic. How unexpected.”

This shocked Parasuna even more. Because it had been, once again, the truth.1 

South gate:

Gilmars used sword skills to deal with the enemies. Each of his attacks brought down demons and magic beasts in a ten-meter radius around him. Further, more than 10 of Gilmars’ party members at the south gate were S and SS-Rankers. Consequently, they didn’t struggle at all.

“Even so, it’s horrible~… This barrier doesn’t yield even to my~ magic. It puts a damper on my~ confidence as an SS-Ranker~.”
“Don’t let it get you down, you know. From what people told me, it can apparently even withstand Parasuna’s magic with ease, and there also seemed to be no indication of it being destroyed, when Lastman went on a rampage.
“Are you serious, Leader~? Wow~… The cute Miss hero is amazing~.”

They had the leeway to talk like this in the middle of a fight, but even during that interval, they steadily routed their enemies. It looked like they were completely used to fighting. This was only to be expected of the group, who was called the best adventurer party of the Mephilad Kingdom.

“That morning star of mine, methinks it roars!” the man holding a morning star yelled, as he swung it at the foes outside.

That instant, the barrier, that had been unyielding up till now, vanished completely.

“It… it disappeared!?”

And at the same moment, a large number of foes rushing in… was something that didn’t happen.

As for the reason…

“Well, Alim’s barrier has held up till now, you know.”

Gilmars quickly dealt with them. The enemies, who were about to enter the base, were almost all brought down by a rain of spears pouring down on them from seemingly out of nowhere. Those spears were all coming from the one Gilmars was carrying.

“Well… It was the right choice to have Gáe Bolg2 with me, I say.”

“Woo-hoo~! That’s our leader~!”
“Methinks you’re awesome, Leader!

Like that, everyone could keep calm and avoid an emergency situation. It was a moment of relief.

Then, from who knows where, a person, who emitted strong magic power together with a dazzling light, appeared. In the middle of the forest of spears that poured down endlessly and stuck in the surface, that radiance gradually closed in on Gilmars and the others.

Gilmars, sensing the danger from that intruder, stepped forward.

“To survive in the middle of these spears, that’s not normal… You, are you an archdemon?

The shining demon nodded.

“That’s right. I am… the archdemon… Lucifeyr. I’m sorry, I am truly sorry,” the demon who introduced himself as Luficeyr gave a deep bow and started to apologize.
“What are you planning?”
“Oh… I wasn’t planning to make any excuses… I-I’m the worst… Still, for the sake of my wish… I have to take your lives.”

Lucifeyr drew a sword from the sheath on his waist and turned towards Gilmars.



  1. So that’s the reason she always wears a hood. I don’t think there has been any mention of fantasy racism in Anazumu, but I guess this might be answered in future chapters.
  2. The original is ゲイボルク (geiboruku). It is usually written as ゲイ・ボルグ (gei borugu). This may either be a typo or intended, as it is with the demon names. If it proves to be intended, I’ll change the name slightly to reflect it.
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