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Chapter 160 – The Four Holy Musketeers

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Author: SS Samurai Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: rm31439 English Source: Re:Library

Something emerged from the king’s… or rather, the former SSS-Ranker Kelm’s magic circle.
…Is this summoning magic?

The first things that could be seen appearing from the magic circle, were the trunk and tusks of an elephant.

An elephant…? Is the king summoning an elephant? Still… for that it’s obviously way too big. Just the trunk and those tusks are easily as tall as a five-story building… But all things considered, it’s an elephant… right?

Come to think of it, there had been an elephant embroidered on that chair in the king’s room, but… I wonder if that was the one that’s currently appearing?

While I thought that, the elephant’s body emerged bit by bit.
It’s a bit concerning, how it appears like an apparition crawling out of a well…

Finally, when its head, including the ears, had emerged completely, the king called out to it.

“Long time no see, Behemot1!”

The elephant called Behemot looked at the king with just his eyes and, with a sound that felt muted, started to speak directly in our heads. A so-called message.

[Been a while~! Kel, buddy2, are you well~] 

It was a lighter tone of voice than I expected.

“…Don’t call me that, Behemot. I’m the king of a nation, now, aren’t I? I’m pretty sure I told you, several times.”
[Ah-ha~, you’re right~! Sorry~… Then, what’s the occasion?] 

The king talked to the elephant, who was roughly as big as the Mephilad castle, as if they were old friends.
That scene is quite surreal.

“Look in front of you.”
[Whoa… Those are demons, aren’t they~… huh?! Demons!] 
“That’s right. I called you for exactly this reason. Help me annihilate them!”
[Dang~… So, the demon god has been resurrected, hasn’t she~… Shouldn’t there a hero, too, then? Who is it?] 
“It’s her.”

The king stood next to me and gently patted my head twice, as if to show Behemot.

[Oh! Isn’t that a little girl?! I was expecting some filthy dude… She’s adorable!] 

While he said that, Behemot extended his trunk towards me. He didn’t have the particular smell of living things.

“Alim, it would be best, if you introduced yourself while petting the tip of Behemot’s trunk.”
“Erm… Oh, of course!”

I did as he said and stroked the tip of the trunk. Incidentally, Behemot had emerged up to the middle of his abdomen and his front legs were already on the ground.

“My… name is Alim. Alim Nariwei.”
[I see… Alim, is it~? Nice to meet you! Even though you’re so small, you’re the great hero, aren’t you?] 
“…That’s the reason I called you, Behemot. Scatter as many of the demons and magic beasts to lighten this girl’s burden,” the king ordered him.

Behemot lowered his trunk and started drag out his back legs. Then, his whole body had emerged and, at the same time, the magic circle vanished.

[Gotcha! Let’s do it, then!] 
“Oh, just to be sure, don’t suck in anything but the demons and magic beasts, you know?” the king specified.
[I get it, I get it.] 

Behemot went outside the barrier. I expected the earth to tremble with every step he took, but that didn’t happen.
He probably suppresses the impacts with magic.

Once he was outside the barrier, Behomot immediately started to swallow demons and magic beasts. However, for some reason, the number of demons and magic beasts was decreasing rapidly… To be precise, he was sucking them in. Some of them were also destroyed, merely by colliding with his gigantic body. When I watched closely, it looked like Behemot was sucking them into his trunk.

Finally, most of the demons and magic beasts in the vicinity of the north gate, except for Samaeyl, had disappeared in a flash. But still, Behemot continued inhaling.

In the end, the number of foes, who managed to reach the barrier in the north gate area, was less than one third of what it had been before.

“Ha-ha-ha! How do you like that, Alim? This is the true power of the one they called ‘Grand Summoner of the Giant Beast’!” the king told me proudly.

It’s awesome, it’s truly awesome.

“Still, that wasn’t everything yet, you see, Alim? Chris… Oraful… Gordes! Shall we do ‘that’?”

He said “that”… I wonder what he means? Now I’m curious.

While I pondered, the king deployed further magic circles. Those were summoning magic, too. And there were three of them.

“Come out! Storm Pterodactyl, Fire Pterodactyl, Wood Pterodactyl!”

With that shout, 3 pterodactyls appeared from the magic circles.

…He said Wood Pterodactyl3, so that’s how it looks when you summon it, right?

“Understood!” the archbishop said and raised his staff high in the sky.

Then he started to cast enhancement magic. However, the amount of enhancement magic was staggering. He stacked several layers of it onto Oraful, Gordes and the three pterodactyls.

“If he stacks up enhancement magic like that, won’t they…” I asked the king, voicing my doubts.
“Oh, the side effects? Chris doesn’t need to worry about that. That’s because he has the ‘Extreme Reduction of Side Effects’-skill.”

I see, I had no idea… So, such a skill exists, too.

Then, while the knight commander and the three pterodactyls, who had their stats raised by the archbishop’s enhancement magic, charged outside the barrier, the minister started to chant magic from within the barrier.

TL notes:
We’re starting volume 7 proper, right where we left off in chapter 159.

I like how Anazumu’s unpredictable skill system allows for all kinds of silliness that isn’t limited to the main characters. It reminds me a bit of Infinite Dendrogram, where the embryo’s inherent uniqueness makes every player different and creates playstyles that work, even though you’d never think of them at first.



  1. The original is ベヘモット (behemotto).
  2. He calls him “Kel-kun” in the original. While “buddy” is more familiar that “kun”, it felt appropriate here, given how he talks to the king.
  3. Alim got the same ability in chapter 111, but I’m not sure if it survived the synthesis spree that followed.
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