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Chapter 154 – Shaytan

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Author: SS Samurai Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: rm31439 English Source: Re:Library

Going back one day from the hero proclamation.

This was the Shaytan’s1 base. A different place from the one Alim and the others had stormed. The demon’s upper echelon had gathered there.

“Well, then! Be revived, Lady Samaeyl!” Mephistophales spoke and struck the Hero’s Sword with Droprot, destroying it.

From the broken Hero’s Sword, a very sinister looking, purple-colored vortex of souls and magic power emerged and entered Droprot, little by little.

“Great~! Keep it up!”

Once he confirmed Droprot had absorbed all of the purple haze, Mephistophales widened his smile, which was unnaturally gaping even under normal circumstances, even more. Then, when he snapped his fingers, a beautiful woman… no, a girl, looking to be in the latter half of her teens2, appeared seemingly out of nowhere, laying on her side.

She was the Mephilad Kingdom’s queen. Consequently, she was already dead. However, the corpse hadn’t decayed, and her appearance hadn’t changed at all from when she was alive.

“(Well~… it was quite the stroke of luck, I was able to kill the queen with an incurable illness caused by my Forced Contract, eleven years ago, wasn’t it~…?)” Mephistophales mumbled. “(Princess Karua should also be fine, but that would have been a bit more difficult than stealing this corpse. Amon used his power to make a prophecy about this body, which looks like it hasn’t decayed, so…)”

Mephistophales grinned broadly, as he made the queen’s corpse take hold of Droprot.

The purple haze emerged from the sword, once again. It infiltrated the queen’s corpse through every possible orifice, spreading to the ears, eyes, mouth, nose, under her nails and to the pores.

“After 300 years of unrelenting effort, it’s finally time…!”

Once all the mist had gradually seeped in, the air turned strangely cold in an instant. The members of the upper echelon, Mephistophales included, rejoiced at that cold. With some exceptions.

Momentarily, the queen’s corpse, still grasping Droprot, rose up. Her body emitted vast magic power, incomparable to any other demon or magic beast in this world.

Then the corpse opened her eyes widely, revealing them to be of dark rainbow color. At the same time, 12 grand, rainbow-colored wings sprouted from her back.

Divine. Everyone likely thought so. In fact, her appearance was beautiful.
The queen’s corpse… the sacrifice had already been quite lovely, but her current from wasn’t of a human beauty, but rather the embodiment of supernatural allure.

“Congratulations on your rebirth, Lady Samaeyl. Our Mother!”Mephistophales finally exclaimed.
“”Congratulations! Lady Samaeyl, our Mother!”” The other demons said, having been drawn in, too.

The queen who’d been called Samaeyl turned to the demons and spoke.

“Hrm… For 300 years, you worked hard. You finally accomplished Our rebirth. And coincidentally… We shall take revenge on those infuriating humans!”
“”Yes, your Magnificence3!!””

The demons rose up and bowed with their hands on their chests.

Then, Samaeyl seemed to notice something.

“Mephistophales, do Asmodens and Astarohd not happen to be present?”
“…They were defeated, by humans,” Mephistophales replied.
“Hrm, We see… Their funeral shall be included in Our revenge… Then, were you able to prepare for the war? In accordance with Amon’s predictions.”
“Yes, of course. Mr. Amon, I leave it to you.”

Mephistophales fell back and the man with an owl’s head, who was called Amon, stepped forward in exchange.

“Lady Samaeyl, in accordance with my predictions, thanks to us maintaining complete secrecy about our plans until now, the humans were not able to fully prepare their armies and a hero. Consequently, without a hero, they should not be able to gather a large number of soldiers in those few days. As long as we use our summoned magic beasts4 carefully and watch out for the SSS-Rankers, our victory should be assured.”
“We see. Then, when will the war take place?”
“The day after tomorrow.”
“Hrm, excellent. That seems just right for Us getting used to Our new body5. How many enemy soldiers will there be, Balial?”

The demon called Balial stepped to the fore and knelt in front of Samaeyl.

“There are 15’000, your Magnificence. Among them, there are no more than 4 or 5, who hold power rivaling our leadership.”
“Hrm, then how many soldiers does Our side have?”
“Yes, your Magnificence. Our army numbers 522’280, including the magic beasts.”

A radiant smile bloomed on Samaeyl’s beautiful face.

“Splendid, We think those are a tad too many, but it should be sufficient to torment those humans as We slay them. Now, what to do about those SSS-Rankers…”

Samaeyl turned her eyes onto the 3 demons other than Mephistophales, who also emitted a heavy aura.

“Lucifeyr, Beal, Baalzebub, you be their opponents.”
“…Tch… by Your will.”

Lucifeyr was a man who looked similar to Samaeyl, Beal appeared like a male spider with the head of a frog7, and Baalzebub looked like a gigantic fly8.

Those three were quite powerful, even among the Shaytan’s upper echelon.

“Then, two days from now… the hated blood of Mephilad and their subordinates… shall be slaughtered!”

The demons started to move.

TL notes:
As suspected before, Samayel is female. While her appearance may be attributed to using the queen’s body as a base, the demons probably wouldn’t call her “our mother” if she wasn’t originally female.

Samaeyl uses 我 (ware) as her personal pronoun, which seems to be a slightly older, very formal pronoun for both men and women. I couldn’t resist my inner Woolsey and decided to have her use the royal “we”, since it felt more fitting for her.

It’s also interesting to see that Mephistophales has planned for this event for at least a decade, mostly based on Amon’s predictions, which seem to be frighteningly accurate. It’s nice to have villains who seem to possess powers that can rival an overpowered protagonist.

Also, way too many typos in the demon names this time to make a footnote for each one…



  1. This clarifies the Name used in chapter 129 applies to this group of demons specifically. Back then, it wasn’t clear if it meant either a generic flock of demons, generic (nameless) demons, or the specific group the villains belong to.
  2. Considering her firstborn was 8 years old when she died, she either had her kids way too early (not impossible, seeing the king tried to marry 12-year-old Alim to his son) or kept remarkably well for her age.
  3. This was 陛下 (“your/his/her Majesty”) in the original. I replaced it with this, since I don’t think you address a god like a king (not that I ever talked to one), though this might still be wrong, since I read “your Magnificence” is also used to refer to royalty.
  4. The original doesn’t clarify that he talks about the demon’s summoned magic beasts, he might also say “watch out for magic beasts summoned (by the humans)”.
  5. This was 準備運動 (“warming-up exercises”) in the original, which, honestly, doesn’t sound like something a deity would use.
  6. The original (わかりやしたぜ) might be a typo, replacing the ま in わかりました with a や. It might also indicate the guy talks strangely. Since he’s a fly, I decided to replace his “s” sounds with “zz” to indicate the buzzing.
  7. This seems to be partly based on the depiction of Bael in the Dictionnaire Infernal as seen here.
  8. The original is 蝿の王 (“Fly King” or “Lord of the Flies”) which is another name for Beelzebub. I changed it to “gigantic fly” based on this illustration from the Dictionnaire Infernal.
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