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Chapter 153 – The Hero Proclamation – 2

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Author: SS Samurai Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: rm31439 English Source: Re:Library

Together with the king’s words, a young girl approached from inside the terrace’s door. Afterwards it was told, she appeared in the likeness of an angel descending from the heavens.

The Alim fanatics acted as usual… Or rather, they were delighted due to the attire making her appear lovelier than she ever had, and they repeatedly called out her name.

While the people from foreign countries certainly recognized her as the person who had been depicted in the newspaper, they experienced her to be several times more charming in reality. In those moments, the number of onlookers who quickly decided to join the “Association of Alim Adorers”, was certainly not small. Even the other people, be they young or old, male or female, were all mesmerized.

…However, none knew that at this time, Alim had unleashed the full power of her “Goddess of Charm1” title.

Alim received a loudhailer from the king and started to speak.

“Hm… Everyone, I wish you a good morning!”

When Alim greeted them like this, voices from the spectators, shouting things like “Good morning!” and “You’re so cute, Little Alim!”, could be heard in reply.

“Everyone, I think you are already aware of this, but I am standing here to become the hero, for the sake of defeating the demon god.”

At this, the gathered members of the “Association of Alim Adorers” made shouts of lamentation be heard. Further, even those who were no members or who had come from foreign countries, were baffled at the thought of someone leaving the demon god to such a young and lovely girl.

“I’m… I’m still very young. If I were a normal adventurer, I’d probably also be opposed to becoming the hero and fighting the leader of the demons,” Alim muttered.

“I am absolutely, completely resolved to defeat the demon god! There will be no victims in this war! …To achieve that, there are items that I will hand out to you all.”

While she said that, one potion and two bracelets2 were distributed to each of the 15’000 people. The spectators had not even the faintest idea by what power it happened, but before they noticed, the items had been carefully placed at their feet.

Altogether, they intently gazed at them as they picked them up and tried to equip them. Mainly those who tried to equip the bracelets noticed. Merely by equipping said bracelets, their own strength rose tremendously.

“You all got them, didn’t you? I created those bracelets and potions. All of them. I will now explain their effects! Please look at the screen up there.”

While they were still reeling from shock at the fact Alim had created everything for 15’000 people, they timidly looked up.

They were then shocked even further. The reason being, completely unnoticed, an image floating in the middle of the sky had appeared, projected by a magic item.

“Oh, are you surprised by this item, too? Rather than focus on that, let me explain the bracelets and potions, will you?” Alim said, and then proceeded to read out loud what was written on the image hovering in mid-air.

Though the outrageous effects sounded like a lie, strangely enough, they all found themselves believing Alim’s words.

Thus, one mere young girl, in a limited number of days, created legend grade bracelets and potions which seemed to only show up in stories. The simple word “shock” seemed insufficient to describe the utter bewilderment they experienced.

“Because of what I said; all of you and me… let’s do our best to defeat the demons together! Right?”

Right? At that part, Alim inclined her head a little and brought her hand to her lips. This was a calculated act on her part, but its effect was more than sufficient.

She could create a large number of legend grade items… There were no longer any people who doubted Alim’s true power. A feeling of security and trust was born, telling them, “If it’s this girl, it’s possible”.

Because of that, many people gained the mental leeway to sufficiently imbibe in Alim’s loveliness, with the result that some of them got too worked up and started to bleed from their noses.

“I say it once more. I am absolutely resolved to defeat the demon god! Together with all of you!”

While she said that, Alim produced the Hero’s Sword, raised it up into the sky and pulled on the sheath.

This was the sword the onlookers had read about in books and had been told about by adults when they were yet kids. The very thing in Alim’s hands was the one from those tales.

The sword’s beautiful blade shone white as it was exposed to air in Alim’s hands, as if to purify evil. It shone due to Alim modifying the enchantments for it to do so, but that fact was known only to the leaders of the Mephilad Family.

The light settled down and then King Mephilad stood at the fore once more. Alim retuned the loudhailer back to him and the king started speaking.

“Thus, the SS-Ranker Alim Nariwei, the ‘Heavenly Sword Girl’ and leader of the SS-Rank party ‘The Earth’; this young girl has become the hero!”

When he said that, there were cheers and never-ending calls for Alim.

Among those calls, there were voices requesting Alim to wave her hand and to strike a pose as if she were lovestruck.3 

Alim answered those requests as long as she was able to. When she struck a certain pose among those requests, quite a few onlookers were said to have collapsed. Afterwards, Alim was prohibited from using that pose in public places.

At any rate, there were likely tales about this hero proclamation that were passed down endlessly (of course with various embellishments).


The king continued his explanations regarding tactics and other affairs for the people participating in the war.

During that interval, a certain mercenary spoke to the adventurer next to him.

“Say, my good Sir. I… I decided to join that association of yours, after all.”

When the adventurer, whose nose was bleeding due to getting too excited, heard that, he replied, while wiping off the liquid dripping down.

“Welcome to the ‘Association of Alim Adorers’, dude!”

TL notes:
I’m sure Mika will have a field day when she gets to watch the whole thing, assuming Alim remembered to record it for her. Also, I’m kinda torn between being amazed or creeped out by these association people (well, it’s mostly creeped out, but Alim honestly brought this on himself).



  1. The original is 魅惑の女神 (“goddess of fascination/captivation”). There was never anything about the 魅力の女神 (“goddess of charm”) title he gained in chapter 70 changing to this one, so I assume it’s a typo, especially since 魅惑 and 魅力 are very similar.
  2. The original doesn’t specify the number of bracelets, but since it was mentioned before that Alim created two of them per person, I assumed it was the same here (even if the second one is a spare, it’d be easier to distribute them now than in the middle of fighting).
  3. The verb used to describe the pose is 萌える (“to sprout” or “to be infatuated”) which is related to the 萌え/moe slang used in reference to anime/manga/etc. I honestly don’t know much about the matter, and I also tried to translate it in a manner that doesn’t rely on anime expressions, so I’m not exactly sure if this meets the author’s intended meaning.
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