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Chapter 155 – Those who are no Demons

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Author: SS Samurai Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: rm31439 English Source: Re:Library

The demon called Lucifeyr was the only one left in the now quiet room, after Samaeyl had left. There, he clenched his teeth and balled his fists.

“…Samaeyl has finally been revived,” he murmured, seemingly to no one.

However, there was someone who heard his monologue… a single person. It was Mephistophales.

“Oh, my, my, my?” he exclaimed. “You were saying something, were you~? Luci-… Mr. Lucifeyr?”
“Gah! …You were here, Mephistophales?”

Lucifeyr shot Mephistophales a hard glare.

“That’s unpleasant… Please don’t make such a scary face, you know.”
“It’s only natural I’d glare at someone who eavesdropped on me!”
“Ha-ha-ha! That’s true, isn’t it~?”

Mephistophales held his stomach as he laughed unnaturally. Still, his eyes weren’t smiling.

“…Say, you didn’t happen to forget your… contract with me, have you? Go ahead and try to betray Lady Samaeyl.”

Mephistophales suddenly took a sheet of paper from his pocket. It was signed with the name “Herrell Bensahar1“.

The paper looked quite old, and the writing had become blurry, so the details couldn’t be read. Only the signature and “whoever violates this contract shall die” stood out clearly.

“…I get it. You cursed fiend!”
“Ha-ha-ha! Fiend, you say, that’s harsh, isn’t it~…? You and me, aren’t we both treading the wrong path?”

While Mephistophales grinned broadly, he aimlessly walked in circles around Lucifeyr.

“Say~, Mr. Lucifeyr? Since you tried so hard for those 300 years~… wouldn’t it have been fine to rejoice at Lady Samaeyls rebirth? She will grant your wish, too, you see?”
“300 years…? In truth, we’ve only been active here for about 10 years. Everyone was probably asleep until then. You, me… and the demons.”

Except for these two people having their conversion, the place was almost entirely soundless. Therefore, Mephistophales’ ears picked up on Lucifeyr’s hatred contained in the word “demons”.

“Please don’t use ‘demon’ to separate us from them, you know~! You and me… we’re demons now, aren’t we?”
“We’re demons now… huh…?”
“Yes, the enemies of humanity, also called ‘demons’. Since, in the war this time, we’ll kill lots~ of humans, won’t we?”
“Kh…!” Lucifeyr bit on his lip.

Contrary to his unhealthy-looking complexion and his dark expression, the shine of his wings felt ironic to him.

“…Right, I wanted to ask you something earlier, but… is that alright?” Lucifeyr looked like he recalled something and asked Mephistophales.
“Well, if it’s something I can answer, go ahead.”
“What about your goal? Shouldn’t Samaeyl’s rebirth have been your final aim?”

When Lucifeyr asked this question, Mephistophales only grinned broadly in lieu of an answer.

“…Why don’t you say anything?” Lucifeyr pressed him.
“Well, the only thing I can say, is that I can’t give you answer, can I? Since it’s unrelated to you.”
“…I see.”

Lucifeyr glanced at Mephistophales’ face. He was grinning broadly, but the look in his eyes seemed somehow sad. Further, these eyes weren’t here, they seemed to look somewhere far away instead.

“Hey~, you guys… I’ve been looking for you!”

With the sound of rustling wings, Amon flew to their side.

“Oh! Dear me, Mr. Amon. What might be wrong?” Mephistophales asked him.
“Come with me, all members of the leadership are to gather.”
“I understand~”
“…Got it.”

Mephistophales and Lucifeyr followed behind Amon, who flew on wings sprouting from his head2. When they had walked for a bit, Amon suddenly spoke up.

“…Come to think of it, Mr. Mephistophales. My foretelling about you this morning came out as ‘You will reach your goal smoothly’, but… was that about Lady Samaeyl’s rebirth?”

When he heard those words, Mephistophales smiled in apparent delight. This time, his eyes were smiling, too.

“Eh… Yes, that’s right, you see~! Of course, your predictions are always 100% on the mark! Truly, you know, it’s an amazing power!”
“Oh-ho! As the ‘Demon of Language and Prophecies’, I am delighted by your praise.”

When Lucifeyr heard this, he immediately wondered, if the goal being reached smoothly referred to Mephistophales’ other plans.

So far, Amon’s prophecies had never been off the mark. In fact, they had always hit the bullseye.

“Oh, that reminds me, Mr. Amon, what about Mr. Lucifeyr?”
“Ah, Mr. Lucifeyr? The foretelling from two days ago came out as ‘There will be great difficulties on your way, but your wish will finally be granted’. Come to think of it, wasn’t there a human you wanted to bring back to life, Mr. Lucifeyr? That’s great~… They’ll likely be revived, then!”
“Is… that… so?”

Lucifeyr bit on his lip hard, with an expression of frustration. The fulfillment of his wish meant, that, this time, the humans would meet their end at the demon’s hands.
It unsettled him.

Still, bringing the person who Lucifeyr loved back to life had the highest priority. Even if it meant eradicating the people that existed now.

Eventually, the three of them arrived where Samaeyl was waiting.

“Oh, you have come…? You are late, are you not?” she mused. “…Well, it shall be fine. From now on, refine Our plans to eradicate the humans! Mephistophales, We entrust this to you.”
“Yes~, your Magnificence! Leave it to me!” he answered with a bow.

TL notes:
Some more information about the demons. Turns out there’s not only one but two imposters among them. Since Lucifeyr’s name came up during the interrogation and the king didn’t mention him in his talk with Alim, there probably was a proper demon with that name. Makes you wonder what happened to him and who of the two fake demons is the former hero.



  1. The original is ヘレル・ベンサハル (Hereru Bensaharu)
  2. That… doesn’t sound very comfortable, having your whole body hang from your neck.
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