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Chapter 152-2 – The Hero Proclamation – 1

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Author: SS Samurai Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: rm31439 English Source: Re:Library

On this day, in the Mephilad Kingdom, the common folk, or that is to say the people who wouldn’t participate in the war, had been taking shelter.

On the other hand, around 15’000 adventurers, soldiers from the kingdom and combatants from other countries, had gathered in front of the castle to listen to the proclamation about the birth of a hero that was to take place.

Incidentally, this proclamation was also relayed to the evacuated citizens in real time, through Magic Items the kingdom provided.

Even though said hero’s name would be publicized in the declaration… everyone, even the common folk, already knew who it was. 300 years ago, it wouldn’t have been possible to learn about the hero in advance, but now it was, thanks to the information spread by the newspaper.

The name of the person, who’d become the hero this time, was Alim Nariwei, a girl of 12 years. In fact, she was to be the first Hero in 300 years. She proved quite attractive. Her looks, which couldn’t be called anything but peerless, captivated many a heart. Further, she possessed prodigious strength. Normally, one of less than 15 years couldn’t become a proper adventurer, but she differed.

After a mere few months, she triumphed in the A-Rank section of the battle tournament with her overwhelming strength. During the following meal with the king, she desperately protected the kingdom’s princess from a certain villainous adventurer. Furthermore, when she was thought to have disappeared, she returned, only to become an SS-Ranker together with a girl said to be her childhood companion.

Such rumors about her were told even in neighboring countries.

Though, in truth, she was Ayumu Joujou, a boy of 17 years. To say nothing of the fact Ayumu didn’t even originate from Anazumu, something that, with the exception of a single person, was known by none…

For the people, it sufficed to grasp Alim Nariwei’s prodigious strength. Still, many stood in opposition of her becoming the hero, let alone having her take part in the war. There were also those who lamented the country relying on naught but a girl this young. The adventurers and soldiers being part of the so-called “Association of Alim Adorers” in particular, were in a frenzy to protect the girl, even if it meant their death.

“Hey, dude. Do you think Alim really is the hero, as that article said?” A male adventurer asked the man next to him who looked like a mercenary.
“Well, until it is being announced, I have no idea, either…” The mercenary shook his head at the question. “I just arrived here from another country. What do you think, my good Sir? Will this so-called Alim become the hero…?”
“Hm? Me? I’m a member of the ‘Association of Alim Adorers’. No matter what happens, we’ll do our best to make sure nothing happens to her!”
“…How should I put it, that’s… quite something, eh?” the mercenary’s face displayed exasperation.

The adventurer didn’t seem to notice.

“Right? I’m sure wanting to protect a cute girl is only natural… How about you join the association, too, dude?”
“No, I’ll have to decline.”

The time turned to 10 o’clock in the morning.

The doors of the castle’s large center terrace were flung open, causing the kingdom’s leaders and adventurers of renown to appear.

The king took position right at the terrace’s frontside fence. To his left and right, and behind him, stood the minister, knight commander and archbishop.

The masses gathered in front of the castle fell silent, all at once, and straightened their backs.

“You did well to gather, warriors!” the king’s grand voice echoed. “In a sudden war like this, you have my heartfelt gratitude for gathering here, valiant fighters. Our foes are demons… their leaders and the demon god, Samaeyl.”

When they heard these words, confusion arose. Of course, they had read about the demons of legend along with the hero proclamation in the newspaper. However, none quite believed it, in their heart of hearts.

“…I can see that you do not seem to believe me. It is a fact! …The demons exist!”

As he said that, the king gave the minister a sign, who then brought a severely restrained person from the inner part of the terrace.

The man was fundamentally of human shape, but his skin was purple, and he possessed small horns and wings. Though he looked devoid of life and seemingly lost of his mental faculties, he provided ample food for thought, shocking those who had heard the story.

At any rate, one of those beings they had heard about from their ancestors, could learn about only in books, and who had been thought extinct, could be seen in front of them, alive.

To tell the truth, among the warriors who had gathered for the sake of this war, more than half had come here full of doubt.
For instance, since they had no way to defy an order from above. Or they might take part in the war with the prospect of gaining riches. For some, the goal was even Alim herself.

At best, these people believed they wouldn’t combat anything but a large number of magic beasts. Naturally, it wasn’t as if the Mephilad Kingdom had no faith in them. They might overcome the magic beasts, at least.

“Then… Let us move on to the main subject of this ceremony already. That is, the hero proclamation.”

The king had a few more things he wanted to say, but, sensing the situation in front of the castle turning restless and not intending to decrease the number of combatants by frightening them needlessly, he decided to begin the hero proclamation.

TL notes:
In this chapter, we have the same disembodied, omniscient (?) narrator as in chapter 125. Same as back then, I tried to have them narrate in a somewhat old-timey fashion, which, to be honest, took me way too much effort for the little impact it probably has.


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