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Chapter 140 – War Preparations – 3

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Author: SS Samurai Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: rm31439 English Source: Re:Library

We finished our conversation and decided on leaving the healing method to Mika.

I wonder… what do we need next?

Speaking of it, though I made a demand of the king for freedom of action, I haven’t decided what I’m going to do, have I?
Should I try to get help from Karua with the plan?

“Karua, are you good at managing things on a large scale, as the princess? Regarding the war.”
“Eh? Yes, Father taught me various things, so I know how to do it to some extent.”
“Well then, apart from the healing method, what else might be needed for the war?”
“Um… probably food?”

After a short pause, Karua continued with a “However…”.

“Alim and Mika, according to what you talked about just now, you plan to decide the outcome of the conflict in half a day… am I understanding that correctly?”
“Yup, that’s right!” I agreed with a nod.
“I, I’m somewhat vexed with your strategy, since I don’t understand it very well… Can’t you, for a moment, explain it to me in detail? Then, I might have some idea.”

My plan was to explain it to her later, but now should also be fine, right?

Karua’s expression seems unusually tense. You can see her overflowing motivation, can’t you?
You know, it’s fine not to exert yourself so much to come up with a plan.

To make her understand, I took out the Tozumaho to show her my status screen. I also indicated to Mika, to urge her to show it to Karua, too.

“Erm… Alim, Mika1, is this a glowing… stone slab you’re holding? What, what might that be?”

Ah, do I have to explain it from the start?

“Hmm, well, this item has a variety of functions, you see. It’s called ‘Tozumaho’, and…”

For now, I told her, that I could display my own status screen with this stone slab, and that this was the same status screen you could see in your mind. I omitted the other functions.

“I see, did you also make that Tozumaho item, Alim?”
“Yeah, that’s right! Now, I’ll copy our status screens into it, see? So, I can explain what we’re trying to do at the same time.”

Karua didn’t hesitate one bit and readily looked at the screen. She didn’t seem like the kind of person who was opposed to showing someone else her status screen.

While showing her both Mika’s and my screen, I explained the status screen and skills we’d be using in detail. She opened her eyes wide in surprise, each time I showed her something about the status screen or a skill, which was adorable. She looked like a small animal.

After I was about finished showing her everything, I shut down the Tozumaho.

By the way, I set my “Gender Conversion” to be hidden in advance. Since, seriously, showing this to someone else is a total no-go, right?

“So… the way I understand it, you mean to say, you’ll finish the war in half a day… Frankly, that seems like the power of a god.”

Karua’s face was white as a sheet, as she said that, and she was trembling. It shocked her to the point, that it seemed to have an effect on her body.

“Well, Karua. Based on this, what do you think would be a good thing to create later?”
“…Honestly speaking… With your power, the two of you could probably end the war with the demons in an instant2. Because of that, I now believe there won’t be any casualties at all! Now, about what to create… Of course, equipment that raises the stats and defensive walls, so the soldiers won’t die!”

Oh, is that so?

She’s right, even if the healing method is ready, people might get injured in the city, won’t they?
Items and equipment, so there won’t be any victims…?

Let’s go with that plan, shall we?

“Thank you, Karua! I’ll think about items to prevent casualties!”
“Yes, I am overjoyed to have been of help,” Karua said with a huge smile on her face.

She looks really happy.

After showing her our status screens, I thought she might become afraid of us, but looks like I didn’t need to worry about that.

If that has been settled, let’s fire off all my skills at once! I’ll create a large number of items now.

I should ask the two of them to leave this room. It’d be trouble if they were crushed by the overflow of items, and there’s no longer anything they can help me with, is there?

“Well then, from now on I’ll make full use of Dark Matter and start creating items! It’s too bad, but I won’t need any help for this. How about you two take a break?”
“Hm… got it…” Mika said. “Do your best, Alim.”
“In the name of my country… I am truly grateful, Alim.” Karua emphasized.

They both made to leave the Magic Room.

Good, then it’s time to think about the effects of this equipment.

To equip everyone, I’d best make use of stat-raising bracelets, right? Then, would an effect like “raises all stats by 2 times of the original amount” be good?

I’ll think about the “defensive walls” later.

Can I use a relatively cheap material, like quartz crystal, for the bracelets? Since cheap materials also reduce my MP consumption, don’t they?

Wait… Come to think of it, once the war is over, it’d be a problem, if those bracelets were misappropriated. Then let’s enchant them with a “disappears 1 day after equipping”-effect in advance.
Ah, I should probably attach this to the Legend Potions, as well. Let’s add something like a “can’t be sold”-enchantment to the potions I created a while ago.

I gradually solidified my mental image.

Currently, creating one of those bracelets requires 120 MP… If I consume MP restoration potions, I can use a practically limitless amount of MP, so it’ll probably be fine, even if I add a few more enchantments.

That’s it… In any case, should I investigate with the Tozumaho, if there are any anti-demon enchantments?
Reading some of these books probably required permission for even the country’s elite…

While I thought that, the Tozumaho’s search function found both a weakness of the demons and an enchantment effective against magic beasts.

Oh, instant success.
Hang on… Did it say, “high light element effectiveness”?

Hrm, got it. Then let’s include the effect “Addition of light attribute to all attacks of the wearer” in the bracelet.

Once I further added “Fatigue Resistance” and “Wearer Always Clean”, the consumption rose to 160 MP per bracelet.

Well, this shouldn’t be a problem.
I’ll create the bracelets for 15’000 people in 2 batches. Or would it be better to make 40’000 in total, to have some spares? That should be enough, right?

It took 6.4 million MP, but I created them right away. Each time I drank a potion, the headache and nausea from using all my MP was alleviated.

However, you see, my stomach is bloated because of all those potions…

After that, should I also try making giant devices that are able to protect the royal capital with wide-range effects? I want to cause as little damage as possible.
That’d be the same if there was no war.

Since I don’t know how wide the war zone is to be, will 20 huge devices that attach a protection effect to the capital be fine?

The basic effects, together with the bracelets should be enough, shouldn’t they? Any humans within a radius of several kilometers will feel an increase in their stats.
Also, when they are attacked, a “Great Protection” support barrier will automatically be deployed, right?

Oh, after this, can I add an effect that weakens demons, too, like with the bracelets? Though, I don’t know enough about the demons, do I? Should I go get some hair from the demon we captured?

I turned invisible, snuck into the castle dungeon, and secretly pulled out a single strand of hair from the demon.

Though he hadn’t drank much of the truth serum, it looked like he was turning into an invalid.

Huh~… I wasn’t planning for something like that when I created it, but… since I was in a hurry… did I accidentally make a mistake while administering it? Teh-heh-heh…
Well, it’s not like the enemy’s well-being matters much.

I quickly analyzed the hair and developed the “Demon Deterioration” enchantment.

Well, is that it for enchantments?

As for the appearance… anything should be fine, right? I might as well just go with the goddess statue from “Dragonar Story 3”.
Come to think of it, I haven’t thought about Dragonar Story in forever. Well, at this stage it doesn’t matter anymore, you know.

A goddess statue with wings folded around a gentle looking face. Both arms in a relaxed pose, as if to grant people security. Then, stiffly feeling fabric. A stola3, just like the statue of liberty, you know. If I remember correctly.

I manufactured 20 giant goddess statues looking like that. They were about 7 meters in diameter and used magic power to float slightly, so they were easy to move4.

It took me 8000 MP. It also took a lot of thinking.

Though it depends on the place, but if all the things I created now are combined, the abilities of a soldier would increase 7-fold. This should be great, shouldn’t it? Furthermore, with the constant healing from Mika’s magic… There’s nothing more to say. It’s flawless.

Well then, let’s ask the king and the other big shots, to distribute these creations to everyone who’ll participate in the war.
Heh-heh-heh, I can’t wait to see their shocked faces!

TL notes:
Status (ステータス) is used a bit different in Japanese than in English. It can mean the status display (character sheet) or single stats/attributes (e.g. dexterity). I try to use “status screen” when they talk about the status display and “stats” when it’s about the individual attributes (attack, dexterity, speed, etc.).



  1. There was a typo here in the original, saying “Alim and Karua” instead of “Alim and Mika”. It’s clear this is supposed to be Karua asking them.
  2. Poor Karua has to play the sane person to Alim’s (and Mika’s) lunacy.
  3. The original just says 巻布 (roll of cloth), so I looked up what the Statue of Liberty’s garments are called. There doesn’t seem to be a Japanese word for “stola”.
  4. A quick fermi calculation gives a mass of at least 1000 tons per statue. Even if they’re floating, that’s not easy to move.
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