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Chapter 141 – War Preparations – 4

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Author: SS Samurai Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: rm31439 English Source: Re:Library

Since the Magic Room is in the middle of Karua’s room, let’s move it to another place temporarily. It would be an issue if droves of people came to her room, wouldn’t it?

When I went outside of the Magic Room, the two of them were still in the room. As soon as Mika and Karua saw my face, they showed looks of concern.

“Alim… the color of your face looks… quite bad, you know?”
“It is as Mika says, you look ghastly pale…”

Hm? But this shouldn’t be the case, right~? I’ve been diligently drinking Amritas, so I should look perfectly healthy…

While I was thinking that, I tried to peer at the hand mirror Karua held out for me. My originally rosy1 face had turned white as snow, as if all the blood drained from it. It looked like I was about to collapse from anemia at any moment.

Still, I feel healthy? Well, I probably got exhausted from working continuously.

While I was acting as if I was fine, as not to worry the two of them, I drank an Amrita. I rapidly felt the color return to my face.

“Ah-ha-ha-ha, looks like I accidentally used too much MP when I was working… I’m fine, as you can see, I’m healthy.”
“R-really? Please do not work too hard, will you?”
“Ever since she was little, Alim did reckless things, so…”

I resolved myself to listen to that advice for now. That the two of them worried about me made me happy, but currently the war was more important than myself.
I’ll worry about my physical condition later, you know.

For the time being, I told the two of them once more that “I’m alright” for good measure, picked up the Magic Room and left Karua’s room.

Then, I moved it to the closest vacant room and contacted the king, the minister and the knight commander by message.

If I say something like “I created a large number of legend grade items for military use, so please join me,” they’ll come here, won’t they?

I received a reply from the king. It looked like he’d bring along his personal appraiser. The minister and knight commander were also on their way.

After a few minutes, the three of them plus the appraiser arrived at the room I’d prepared.

I led them inside the Magic Room that was placed in the middle of the vacant room. One by one, the king, the appraiser, the knight commander and then the minister followed me into it.

“It’s in the middle of the Magic Room, your Majesty.”

They saw the vast number of potions and equipment, and the large statues that were inside, and then they each started to state their impressions.

“Hrm, you did say you wanted to act freely, but…” the king mused.
“This amount of materials… It’s overwhelming!” the minister exclaimed.
“Could, by chance, everything here be of legend grade…?” the knight commander wondered.

The king then gave the appraiser an order, who started to examine the Legend Potions, bracelets and statues.
The look in the appraiser’s face is as if he’s examining things that aren’t from this world, isn’t it? Yup.

For every single thing he appraised, he mumbled something while wearing a shocked expression.

“I have finished the appraisal, my King. I will now give an explanation of the things Lady Alim has created.”

Bit by bit, he explained the appraisal results and the effects of the items to the 3 others, who groaned and grimaced each time.
The king then demanded a more detailed explanation from me.

“Alim, just how many pieces are there, each?”
“Of course, your Majesty. First, there are 20 of those statues. The effects of one are active in a 10-kilometer radius. Next, the stat-raising bracelets: I created them under the assumption, that a participant in the war would get two of them each, so I prepared a bit more than 40’000. Finally, I created one Legend Potion per participant, thus there are 20’000 of them.”

When the four of them heard those numbers, they grimaced even more.

“Alim,” the king said, “I believe this has the be the first time in a lifetime… no, the first time ever in this country, for ten-thousands of legend grade items to have been prepared like this.”
“Indeed, if there are this many legend grade items,” the knight commander added, “the price of items of lower grade will probably crash, won’t it?”

That’s not a concern.

I further explained to them, that after the war ended, the created items should vanish.

“Is that so?” the knight commander pondered. “…Still, I wonder about the strength of a soldier being raised by 7 times at maximum if everything is combined. I’d like to say that’s enough.”
“…The appraiser said so, too,” the minster groused, “but… I feel like the word “Legend” has become unreliable.”

Eeh, what’s with everyone’s reactions? Even though I did my best to create all of this. Maybe I’ve been keeping at it for too long, but I’m somewhat lightheaded. Despite feeling a bit dizzy, I… hm?

Weird, even though I was diligently drinking Amritas, these 2 symptoms haven’t subsided since some time.
Strange, isn’t it~…

No no, I’m fine, you know. For now, why does everyone look so dissatisfied?

“Well… If I displeased you somehow, your Majesty, I am very sorry.”
“No, that’s not it at all, Alim.,” the king clarified. “I’m just worried how in the world you created this number of items.”
“Oh, about that…”

I gave them an explanation of Dark Matter and how I could use it to create items with only MP.

“So, so that’s what it was,” the minister realized. “Since you created them in such a short time.”
“Indeed. I understand creating items with MP,” the king confirmed. “But don’t legend grade items, with the effects you mentioned, require a lot of MP? How do you have enough to create this many items?”

They probably won’t understand, even if I honestly tell them about Amrita Potions. They were only briefly mentioned in single one among 100’000 books.

At this point, let’s create a MP restoration potion for demonstration purposes, right?

Well, if I really used MP restoration potions for that, I’d be dead already.

Look, the side effects are extreme, you know.
It leads to mental impediments, same as my truth serum.

“Oh, I drank MP recovery potions for that.”
“So, it’s like that…” the king muttered. “I can’t watch this anymore.”

He made eye contact with the knight commander, who suddenly picked me up by my back and behind my knees, pulling me into a princess carry!
My body was enveloped in his arms.

…Or rather, I’m wearing a skirt today… My panties are visible, aren’t they? At least hold down my skirt, you know…

“Eh? Eh? Mr. Knight Commander… w-what are you doing? Um… Would you mind the skirt, please…?”

Being in a princess carry was something instinctively embarrassing, and my cheeks felt somewhat flushed.

For a man to carry me carelessly like this… Oh, but I’m currently a cute 12-year-old girl with a slender shape, am I not? I am pretty light, no?2

He had noticed my mention of the skirt and instantly changed the way he held me.
He has a somewhat apologetic face, so let’s place trust in him not groping me.

“Uh… uhm, your face is so white, you look like you’re about to collapse at any moment,” the king explained. “Didn’t you know? If you take too many MP recovery potions, it will affect your body. In the past, there have been adventurers who died by accident when they continuously took hundreds of Potions to fully restore their MP… Alim, I heard it takes more than 100 MP to create a single legend grade item, doesn’t it? Your MP, as an SS-Ranker, should be less than 10’000. To create this number of things, just how many potions did you drink?”

Oh, he doesn’t know I’ve surpassed the maximum level several times, does he?
If I really had the proper amount of MP for an SS-Ranker… I’d have had to drink roughly 680 MP recovery potions to restore all of that.

“Let me think… 680 potions, right?”
“Hah~… Even if there is an antidote for that, you’re lucky you didn’t die. By all rights, at your age, two potions should be the limit. Rest, so you won’t die!”
“No, I just rested a few hours ago, and… moreover, I avoided dying, not thanks an antidote, but because of…”
“Nevertheless. Do you truly want to die? I’ll have you accompany me to the palace physician at this rate.”

No, I’m fine, right~?
What I drank were Amritas, so…

Still in a princess carry, I was transported to the doctor.

I’d say, being moved like this makes me feel a bit ashamed…

Even while I thought that, my vision turned dark, as if my consciousness had reached its limit.

TL notes:
So, being in a world running on video-game logic doesn’t mean you can do everything you could in a game? Shocker! Probably a good thing he came to this painful realization in a safe environment. Also, how does one even drink hundreds of potions? You’d probably manage 10, at best, before throwing up.



  1. The original uses 真っ白 (pure white) for both his normal and sick looking face. I’m gonna assume one is a typo, but I’m not sure what color his face is supposed to be normally. I picked rosy, but it’s possible the author intended something else. The Japanese seem to be obsessed with women with ivory/pure white skin in their fantasy stories, so the author might have intended to use 真っ白 (pure white) for healthy and 真っ青 (ghastly pale/white as a sheet) for sick. Honestly, neither sound healthy for a 12-year-old kid.
  2. Alim normally uses male expressions in both dialogue and internal monologue (and even rougher ones in the latter case). Here, he uses female expressions in his internal monologue, possibly meant to show how the situation affects him.
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