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Chapter 139 – War Preparations – 2

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Author: SS Samurai Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: rm31439 English Source: Re:Library

“Alright! Then I should start working. What will you two do?”
“Working? Doing what, Alim?” Mika asked me.

Karua, too, didn’t seem to understand what was going on.

Oh, is that it?
I guess I never told Mika1 and Karua about it.

In the brief moment while I pondered how I should explain it, Karua opened her mouth first.

“Did you consult with Father and the others to better fight against the demons? This morning, he mentioned it to me.”
“He did? Why?”

Karua heard about it from the king, did she? Well, should I tell them some details?

I told them about it, adding how I exchanged my reward from the king.
Finally, also the reason.

Even if I told them, it shouldn’t be a big thing. I merely want them to grasp, that I’d need some extent of my true power in this war.
Well, that was one reason. As for the other, I simply told them “Because I want to be helpful”, but…

“Because of that, I’ll move to my workshop now, alright?” I said and opened the Magic Room.
“Oh, wait, Alim!” Mika interjected. “Let me help, too.”
“I… I’d also like to assist you, if possible,” Karua added.

They slipped into the Magic Room through the open door. I didn’t want to make Mika, or rather Karua help me, but… since they looked so happy, I relented.

“Then, Alim,” Mika asked me, “what will we make first?”
“A large number of potions, you see, so we won’t have many fatalities among the soldiers,” I said, while gathering my magic power to use Dark Matter.

Mika seemed to think about something, but for now, I didn’t let myself be distracted.

Let’s quickly create several batches of 10’000 potions.

For the time being, I completed 10’000 Legend Potions in a few seconds.
Since I spent almost all of my MP in an instant, I got a headache and felt nauseous.

Yeah~, spending 1 million MP at once isn’t very good for your body, is it? Since I never used that much at once, I had no idea, but…

For now, drinking an Amrita restored my MP and cured me of those symptoms at the same time. Soon after that, I was about to make the next 10’000, but Mika stopped me with a “Please wait!”.

“What is it, Mika?”
“Alim… You just created Legend Potions, right?”

Karua looked surprised, as she heard that.
It’s truly a legendary medicine, isn’t it? She has never seen anything higher than a Master Potion.

Still, what Mika said is more important now.

“Yup, that’s right.” I replied to her without dwelling any longer on Karua’s reaction. “Having access to several strong potions should come in handy.”
“True, but… maybe, that’s not necessary.”

Not necessary… hm? I wonder what she means.

But since she said so, she probably has something in mind, doesn’t she? In school, Mika was always smarter than me.
Yeah. Let’s stay quiet and listen to the rest.

“Erm… If I use my ‘Howling Bow God of Sun and Moon’, I can heal our allies while attacking, Alim, you know that, don’t you?”
“Oh, yes.”

Indeed, if she uses that, she can both heal and attack. It’s SS-Rank magic and certainly tremendously powerful.
However, I wonder, does she mean to say, she’ll spread it out far enough to somehow get both all our enemies and the soldiers?

To be frank, this seems impossible…

“It’s a good plan, but… how do you plan to spread it out to the whole battlefield?
“Yeah, about that, since I can turn my ‘Howling Bow God2‘ into rain…”

Oh!! Rain, right?
Come to think of it, making the “Howling Bow God” fall like rain was something you could do. I forgot about that.

When Mika made the Howling Bow God’s rain fall, rather than the normal maximum level, the magic power was close to 10 times higher. Therefore, one single raindrop could probably fully heal a C-Rank adventurer or lower and have enough power to end the life of any C-Rank magic beast or lower.

Moreover, you see, it’s different from the laser pattern and can be cast on a much larger area, can’t it? Since it’s rain.

I don’t think she can handle the MP consumption without using Amritas, but it is a very good plan.

Still, wait a moment.
If she does that, she’ll end up using quite a lot of MP.

Even if she drinks Amitas while firing it off, it’ll probably be difficult to make it fall constantly.
I wonder, what should we do about that?

“That’s great, Mika! With the rain, you could constantly heal everyone. On that day, let’s do it like that… is what I’d like to say, but won’t your MP be gone instantly?
“Heh-heh-heh, that’s no problem, you see.”

Mika smiled proudly.

Karua, on the other hand, looked like she hadn’t been able to follow our conversation.
I need to give her a proper explanation afterwards, don’t I?

Rather than telling us the solution to the problem, Mika started to give a detailed explanation of the skill.

“If I use it continuously, I’ll completely run out of MP… You see, that’s what I told you about the ‘Howling Bow Emperor’ before it was at the final stage! Because it turned into the ‘Howling Bow God’, if I gather power by meditating, I can amass enough for a long duration at high power. Thanks to that, as long as I meditate, I can reduce the MP consumption.”

Was it like that?

Now that she mentions it, Mika never gave me a detailed explanation about the ‘Howling Bow God’, did she?
So, it had these kinds of new effects?

“I somehow know,” Mika continued her explanation, “if I meditate for roughly a day, I will be able to make the rain fall for half a day with 1 million MP. That should be long enough, right?”

Having the “Howling Bow God” active for half a day… would definitely be sufficient.
Even if there were a million demons, the soldiers and the high-rank adventurers should be actively participating, and I’d also be there.

From the standpoint of the enemy, the Howling Bow God’s rain, would be like strong, continuously falling acid, and if it fell for half a day, too, it would, at worst, cause partial destruction. In the best case, it might completely annihilate them.

“Well, let’s go with that! If you would, Mika.”
“Yeah, leave it to me! Because of that, I’ll need to meditate the whole day tomorrow, right?”
“I… I didn’t understand very well what you were talking about, but…” Karua added, “Mika, please do your best!”
“Yeah, I will do it!”

Mika is strong. That’s all well, but…

Boo-hoo… My potions turned out utterly useless3. What should I do with these 10’000 now?

…Throw them away?
Wait, still, I’m sure there’s a way to make good use of them, right?

For the time being, I should add another 10’000 Legend Potions. That way, the healing situation should be perfect, shouldn’t it?

TL notes:
And now we know that Mika’s massively OP magic is even more OP. Assuming it’s like heavy rain and the battlefield is 4 by 4 kilometers, there would fall around 1.4 quadrillion (1.4 * 1015) raindrops over half a day. That’s a 1 with 15 zeros behind it. And every single one of these drops can oneshot something a seasoned party (Seinforce) has trouble against.



  1. Wasn’t Mika right next to him when he talked about it to the minister during the last chapter? Was she just spacing out at that time?
  2. The original almost always uses the full name (太陽と月の神弓砲). I decided to use the shortened one for the rest of the chapter to reduce clutter.
  3. And that’s why you should talk to your girlfriend-slash-walking-nuke first. He even acknowledges that he knows for a fact she’s smarter than him.
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