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Chapter 138 – War Preparations – 1

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Author: SS Samurai Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: rm31439 English Source: Re:Library

I woke up.
Right next to me, Mika was breathing steadily in her sleep, while still clutching my arm. The whole time as we slept, Mika had clung to my arm just like this!

It has gone numb and hurts awfully. I should be crying, but for some reason, there’s a smile on my face.

Setting aside this happy situation of mine, I needed to think about what I’d do today.

At great pains, I managed to get freedom of movement and sufficient privileges from the king. I should make full use of what I’m able to, shouldn’t I?
I have decided, what I should do. So, I’ll create the tools for that.

If I think about it, I feel like, ever since I came to this world, I’m constantly creating something.
This time, too, I am going to rely on creating tools.

The first thing I should create… that’s right, a healing method. We should also reduce the number of troops, so we won’t lose them in the first place.

Yup, that should be it.

For a healing method, potions are best, of course. Creating something like an “Automatic Restoration Bed” might be interesting, too, no?

I can already create even Legend Potions with Dark Matter. Creating one of them doesn’t even require 100 MP and I have approximately 1 million MP. Moreover, since I can fully restore it with Amrita Potions, too, my MP is, in essence, limitless.

Great, that should do it for the question of how to acquire my healing method, right?

Still, this might cause people, who mainly work as healers, to lose their jobs.
Well, that can’t be changed. It’s war. These feelings are useless, you know.

The first plan of action has been decided. Let’s act on it immediately. For that, I have to get out of the bed first.

When I raised my upper body, as if she had been activated1 by that, Mika started to open her eyes slowly.

“Good morning, Mika.”
“Mmh… morning,” Mika said. “…Oh, your arm…”

She panicked and stopped holding my arm tightly. Her cheeks turned slightly red.

“…could it be, that I hugged your arm the whole time?”
“It looks that way.”
“Sorry… Your arm, isn’t it numb?”
“Well, it’s fine, you know.”

I lightly waved my newly released arm and showed it to her. Of course, it was terribly numb. I clearly felt the blood flow back into it, too. But if I said something like “It got numb” now, then Mika might no longer sleep next to me for some time. That wouldn’t be good.

We got out of the bed and exited the Magic Room. Yesterday, I had closed the curtains in Karua’s room before we slept. As I threw them open now, Karua was already gone.

When I checked the time on the Tozumaho, it was 9 o’clock in the morning. We might have unintentionally overslept a bit in someone else’s home.

Though, that being the case, we are well rested.

Before we exited Karua’s room, since this was the castle’s interior and I didn’t think it was a good idea to wander around in our pajamas2 at any rate, Mika and I roughly put our appearances in order.

We finished dressing at excellent speed, and since a maid happened to pass by in front of the room, I tried to ask her, where the king and Karua were.
Because both seemed to be in the throne room, we also went there right away.

“Oh, Alim and Mika, you woke up? Did you rest well?”

When he saw our faces, the king, who had been sitting on the throne and shifting restlessly, rushed up to us.
…It doesn’t look like Karua is here.

“Your Majesty, I wish you a good morning,” I told him. “We did get sufficient rest!”
“Good. Since I had them make preparations in the kitchen, even though it’s a bit late, go and have breakfast.”
“Thank you very much. We will take you up on that offer. Incidentally, after we finish eating breakfast, I’d like to ask you for a variety of things, concerning our talk of yesterday.”
“Hrm… Well, let’s just say… I’ll be expecting you. I should go back to my work.”

The king returned to his throne.

While Mika and I were on the way to the dining hall, we ran into the minster.
He looks very busy, doesn’t he?

Though it’s a chance meeting, let’s take this opportunity, to talk about the number of soldiers. If I don’t have a grasp on who’ll be participating in the war in advance, I’m afraid I might create too many things or, the opposite, not enough of them.

“Mr. Minister, I wish you a good morning!”
“Ah, Miss Alim and Miss Mika. A good morning to you, too. Did you get a good night’s sleep?”
“Yes! Thanks to your efforts, Sir. By the way, there’s something I’d like to ask you.”
“Hm? What might that be?”

I relayed my inquiry about the tools I’d create to him, and then asked him about the number of soldiers, based on that.
Talking about these things first should make the conversation advance more smoothly.

“If that’s the case… There are approximately 8000 knights3 in our kingdom’s army. Additionally, by my estimate, due to support of the adventurers, plus the armies of the neighboring countries and friendly nations… there should be about 15’500 people.”

I see, in that case, if I create supplies for a bit more than 20 thousand people, we should be fine.

“Thank you very much, I’ll consider that.”
“Indeed. But, sincerely, don’t do anything unreasonable, Miss Alim. If you overwork yourself and collapse, Lady Karua would be sad, wouldn’t she?”

Leaving me with that, the minister was on his way.

When we arrived at the dining hall, they had already prepared sandwiches.

As the head chef, who was already an acquaintance, noticed me, he stuck out his thumb and gave me a signal. This was a signal he often used when he wanted me to taste test something.

Since the sandwiches were quite delicious, I signaled back with the meaning “it was good”. The head chef saw that and, even though he was an adult, he seemed to be bashfully overjoyed.

We finished eating the sandwiches and went back to Karua’s room. She had already returned there.
So, we passed her without ever meeting, didn’t we?

“Good morning, Karua!”
“I wish you a good morning, Alim, Mika. I was really surprised, since you weren’t here, when I came back.”
“Ah-ha-ha… Sorry~. It looks like we unintentionally passed each other.”

That’s good, Karua seems to be lively.

Well then, after finally being able to see her, let’s get to work, shall we?



  1. The word used here is a bit weird. 触発 seems more fitting for triggering a bomb than waking a person. I contemplated using “triggered” instead of “activated”, but that word has too many negative connotations, these days.
  2. They sure didn’t have any qualms about that in chapter 124. Though they did have a princess accompanying them then…
  3. I guess all the soldiers in the Mephilad Kingdom are “knights”. In prior chapter they sometimes talked about “troops” or “soldiers”, but here he only mentions “knights”. Or maybe they don’t want to use the rank and file against something as dangerous as the demons.
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