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Chapter 98 – Level Questions

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Author: SS Samurai Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: rm31439 English Source: Re:Library

I got out of bed at 7 am! Naturally, since the girl I love was next me, I was able to calm down and sleep well. Mika looked like she was still asleep.

Usually, I’m only eating something like a slice of bread in the morning, but Mika is here now, so let’s have a proper breakfast.

While I was making it, she woke up, likely from the smell. She arrived at my side, adorably rubbing her sleepy eyes.

“G’morning~, Ayumu~”
“Good morning, Mika. Breakfast will be ready in a little bit! Please take a seat and wait for it, alright?”
“Mh~. Gotcha.”

Today’s breakfast was sunny side up eggs. I paid special attention to how I fried them. Then, I lined them up on the table.

“Let’s eat!”
“Yeah, thanks for the food!”

To begin, Mika ate one of the eggs. At that moment, her eyes suddenly opened widely.

“It’s delicious!” she exclaimed.
“Yeah, I woke up because it smelled so good. Also, that shock just now made me remember something again.”
“What do you mean?”
“Hey, Ayumu, back then you had the audacity to leave me behind1, didn’t you! I’ll take some of your meat as punishment,” Mika declared and grabbed a slice of meat from my plate.
“My meat~.”
“Humph, I was much sadder than you, so you’ll have to endure it, won’t you?”
“Yeah. Sorry.”
“Really… I was so lonely,” her face turned solemn at that.

Still, I wonder, just how sad did my death make Mika really? If our roles had been reversed, it probably would have taken me 2 months to get back on my feet.

“But we’re together like this now, right?” I told her.

After we finished eating breakfast and changed clothes, we decided to talk about the future. The clothes I made for her suited Mika well. She looked lovely.

“Hey, Mika. What level are you?”
“Level 1, you know.”
“Huh, really?”
“Yeah. You’re level 181, right, Alim?”
“No, that’s not quite right, you see.”
“What do you mean?”
“The last time I checked my status properly was some time ago. Since then, I’ve defeated two S-Rank monsters…”

Mika’s face showed surprise.

“Isn’t that an incredible level to reach?”
“How did you get to this point?”

I told her that I repeatedly went through a dungeon.

“…As expected of the guy the boys in our neighborhood called the ‘level-up-fiend’.”
“I guess.”
“You should focus on studying too, not just games.”
“I won’t need to study much anymore, you know? Not in this world.”
“Hah…” Mika gave me an exasperated look and continued. “Still, I guess I’ll need to level up too, to live in this world. Say, Alim, could you please help me level up?”
“Yep, that’s fine. I just recently discovered a dungeon.”
“Yay, thank you! But I’ll need to register as an adventurer before that.”

I crossed my arms and rejected that idea.

“No, at X-Rank you can’t form a party, so we won’t be able to make one, you know? You’d need to be 3 years older2.”
“Erm, but if I take the test, I should be able to reach F-Rank, shouldn’t I?”
“Yup, but I think that exam is really hard, if you aren’t higher than level 15, you see.”
“Well… what should we do, then?”

Mika looked troubled. Still, I had a thought.

“I think have a good idea.”
“Really, what would that be?”
“I’ll weaken magic beasts3 until they’re almost dead, and then you finish them off, Mika. That way, the experience points will go to you.”
“That’s a pretty famous method, isn’t it?”
“Yup, that’s right. Come on, Mika. Let’s go immediately.”
“To the Dungeon?”

Unfortunately, it wasn’t the dungeon. Since I wanted to make quick progress in there, we’d raise her level somewhere else, first.

“That’s not it, you see. There’s a better place.”
“You’re a level-up-fiend after all, aren’t you, Alim?”
“Yeah, so, could you go in there for a bit?”

I took out the magic room.

“Do you know about magic rooms?”
“Well, yes.”
“As long as a living creature is inside a magic room, you can carry it in your magic pouch.”
“Eh, is that okay? How do you know something like that?”

Well, Mika’s question is only natural. Still, that’s who I am, you know.

“Look, I have the skill Item Master, so…”
“…I see. So, anything goes, right?” Mika commented, and then went into the magic room.

Now, let’s go to the Devil’s Strait and defeat some A-Rank magic beasts, right?

TL notes:
More cute interactions, and I guess now it’s time to powerlevel the girlfriend…



  1. All the way back in chapter 1 (and also chapter 41).
  2. It says 2 years in the original, but according to chapter 44 it should be 3 since Mika is 12 and you need to be 15 to properly register without a trial.
  3. I’m using “magic beast” for 魔物. This was previously translated as “demon” or “monster”. The word “demon” in English is more closely associated with humanoids, while “monster” does work but is very unspecific.
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