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Chapter 97 – Cohabitation – 2

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Author: SS Samurai Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: rm31439 English Source: Re:Library

First, I went to the guild in the center of the royal capital, where A to SSS-Rank adventurers gathered. Its interior was quite luxurious. It looked like a high-class hotel. Several people gave me sweets, a dozen or so of them shook my hand and even more called out to me. Doing all this, I finally arrived at the counter.

The receptionist is an elf… That’s right! An Elf!
It was a woman. And quite a beautiful one at that.

“Erm, I accepted a commission and came here to present the parts from the defeated monster, Ma’am.”
“Indeed, you are Miss Alim Nariwei, correct? The request you have currently accepted is the… elimination of a manticore, right? Please show me proof for the subjugation.”

I turned in an eye1 from the defeated manticore’s parts.

“Yes, I have confirmed that this is definitely a part coming from a subdued manticore. This is your remuneration, then.”

I took the reward. It was quite the sum.

“Please come again,” she said in parting.

While being mobbed by several adventurers again, I went outside.

Next, I visited the headquarters of the Medial Merchant Association. When I wanted to buy things in large quantities, I was limited to this place. They let me through the gates when they recognized my face, so I went inside.

“Hm~, oh, Alim, please come in. Is there something you need?”

Grape was here today. I told him that I wanted to buy a lot of fabric and other things.

“Hm~, and you will mainly be making clothes, right?
“Yes, Sir! That’s right!”
“Did you, by chance, also make the outfit you’re wearing right now?”
“Right, they don’t make clothes like that in stores around here. So, what do you want?”

I asked for fabric of the colors, materials, and texture that Mika preferred.

“Hm~, understood. We should have all of those in stock. I’ll go get them.”

As always, they have a great assortment, don’t they?

After a while, Grape returned.

“Hm~, yes, I’ve put everything in there.”
“Thank you very much.”
“By the way, about those recreational toys?”
“Huh? Did something happen?”
“We’re currently promoting them in the newspaper, but we got an awful, awful lot of advance orders… We don’t know, if we’ll manage to produce them in time, you see~.”

Is that so? I had no idea, since I didn’t read the recent newspapers.

“I see!”
“Hm! Well, thanks to you, I was able to turn a profit!”
“It’s me who should thank you, Sir.”

I left the store and returned to Mika. When I came back to the room, she looked like she’d gotten used to operating the Tozumaho.

“Oh, Alim! Welcome home.”
“Yes, I’m home. How do you like that thing?”
“Can you make an identical one for me?”
“Yep, I can make you one. It’ll take a few hours, though, are you alright with that?”
“Sure, that’s fine! Please do!”

Then, I shut myself in the magic room to create the things Mika needed. One of the items I made was a Magic Bag. Thanks to information on the Tozumaho, I was able to craft a “limitless” one.
I should be able to make the clothes easily, too. As for the Tozumaho, it can’t be helped… right?
At any rate, I was done before dinner.

“Phew~… Mika~, I’m so tired~!”
“Thanks for all your hard work! Hey, Alim. Do you want dinner? Or a bath? Or maybe you want me?”
“Then, I’ll have you, Mika.”

Heh, my exhaustion has been cleared away, merely by this back and forth. Well, I’m not as tired as I made it sound.

“Hey, Alim. Let’s… have dinner first, okay?”
“You’re right. Then, should we go to the dining hall?”
“…Say, it probably won’t turn out as well as yours, but… should I make it this time?”
“Eh? Seriously?”
“I’ll contact Mr. Uruto via message, then… I’m in your hands, Miss Mika.”
“Heh-heh-heh, how many days has it been since I last cooked for you, Ayumu? About 2 months?” she asked, as she stood in the kitchen.

After a few dozen minutes, she finished cooking Okonomiyaki2.

“Erm, with the ingredients of this world, nothing but this came to my mind, you see…”
“Heh-heh, it looks delicious!”
“I-is that so? Please give it a try?”
“Yup. Thanks for the food!”

I took a bite of Mika’s Okonomiyaki.
Ah, that’s probably the flavor of nostalgia and affection. I feel like I’m about to cry.

“Eh! Hang on, why do you have tears in your eyes, Alim? Was it too hot?”
“Oh, no, it just felt nostalgic. After I died, I never expected to be able to eat your home cooking again, Mika.”
“I see. Is it tasty?”
“Yeah, it’s really good.”
“Eh-heh-heh-heh, that’s great.”

We quickly finished the meal and then tidied up. Then, we were about to take a bath…

“Say, I’m a girl and the bath is pretty big, so why don’t we try going in together?”
“Then I’ll go in alone.”
“Idiot, I didn’t say no.”
“Huh, should we take it together, then?”
“I’ll be generous3, so let’s do it like that, alright? Still, you’re absolutely not allowed to turn back into Ayumu while we’re in there, understood?”
“Yup, got it.”

Thus, we took a bath together. As two girls. Mika was, once again, awfully surprised that I’d fully become a woman in both mind and body. We got out of the bath, and I laid out underwear and pajamas I’d made for Mika.

“Hey, Alim. You didn’t make these as Ayumu, did you?”
“Of course not!”
“Well, alright.”

I never thought of something like that. I see, should I do that from now on…? No, I better put a stop to that. Mika will absolutely hate me for it.

After getting out of the bath, I showed her everything I made and explained how to use it.

“Alim~~! Thank you!”
“Not at all, everything is for your sake, Lady Mika.”
“Yeah, yeah. By the way, does getting all these now mean I won’t get any more presents later? I-I wouldn’t like that, you see? So, could you please still give me birthday presents?”
“What are you saying? I’m not planning to stop giving you present or anything, you know.”
“Eh-heh-heh-heh, is that so?” Mika commented, while hugging a stuffed bear.

It was time to go to bed. I placed Mika’s bed next to mine, and Mika fell asleep, still embracing the bear.

I should sleep, too. Today was a happy day.



  1. You’d think other body parts would be less… icky and thus preferred as proof of having killed a monster.
  3. This may be wrong, the word せっかく used in the original has a ton of possible meanings, so I picked the one that seemed most appropriate here, but there’re a lot of other possible translations.
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