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Chapter 99 – Mika’s Level-Raising – 1

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Author: SS Samurai Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: rm31439 English Source: Re:Library

I reached the middle of the strait in about 5 minutes. There, I brought out the things1 I used before, when I was fishing. On top of that, I took out the magic room and asked Mika to come out.

“Eh, are we there already?”
“But, according to information on the Tozumaho, it should take 2 to 3 days by carriage…”
“Well, I have Item Master, don’t I? I made full use of my tools and got here quickly.”
“That skill really has no limits…” Mika said with a small sigh. “So, what do we do now?”

“First, I’ll dive into the sea, systematically bring high rank magic beasts to the verge of death, and then launch them onto this foothold where you can finish them off with this sword,” I told Mika and gave her the Magic Absorption Sword2, which had already been filled with 3000 MP.
“But I can only use a bow, you know?”
“It’ll be alright, you really just have to stab them with it.”
“Is that so? Please do, then. Don’t do anything crazy or get injured, will you?”
“Don’t worry, it’ll be fine.”

I imbued the Painful Sword3 with 2000 MP and dove into the sea. To start, I used the flute to summon A-Rank magic beasts. Two of them showed up this time, a squid, and a shark. I brought them halfway to death and made them faint with the Painful Sword, and then gently raised them to the sea’s surface.

Right now, if I leave them at around 10% of their HP, she should be able to kill them4.

Then, I brought them to Mika.

“Now, Mika! Stab both of them with the sword!”
“Uh, yeah. Yah!”

Mika pierced the two magic beasts with the Magic Absorption Sword. It looked like the squid and shark had breathed their last. Immediately afterwards, Mika showed an expression of surprise.

“H-huh? What is this, my body feels warm?”
“That’s a level-up, you see. Try to take a look at your status screen. If possible, could you send5 it to the Tozumaho and show it to me, too?”
“Uh… sure, this is it.”

– Status –
Name: Mika
Level: 59 EXP: 178’500
HP: 970/970 MP: 1000/1000 (10)
A (Attack): 485 C (Dexterity): 485
D (Defense): 485 W (Magic power): 485
S (Quickness): 6300
STP: 970
– Skills –
[E(X): Fire Magic] Lv. 2 [E(X): Water Magic] Lv. 1 [E(X): Wind Magic] Lv. – [E(X): Earth Magic] Lv. –
[E(X): Psychic Magic6] Lv. – [E(X): Restoration Magic] Lv. – [E(X): Enhancement Magic] Lv. – [E(X): Enfeeblement Magic] Lv. –
[Sword Arts★] Lv. – [Martial Arts★] Lv. – [Spear Arts★] Lv. – [Bow Arts★] Lv. 1
[Cooking★] Lv. 1
SKP: 971

“It’s all good, you know! Once you’ve gotten the magic cores7 to raise your adventurer rank, let’s go to the guild and get you registered!”


We dropped by the guild that always took care of me. All the adventurers who were present turned into rubberneckers, when they saw me. Still, after some time, it looked like they also noticed Mika.

“Oh, Alim, I’m glad that you dropped by, but who’s that girl?” One of the adventurers asked me about Mika. “She’s just as adorable as you.”

I’m pretty sure he’s the one I showed my guild card to8, when I was here for the first time.

“She is my childhood friend, Sir!” I replied to the question. “I brought her with me, because she wanted to register as an adventurer, you know?”

Mika seemed astonished by all the curious onlookers and kept fidgeting next to me.

“Oh, I see. Then, will you also register as a party?”

When the rubberneckers heard that, they became even louder.

I guess this is news that’ll become the talk of the town tomorrow.

I started to talk to Agit, the receptionist and gave him a short explanation.

“And that’s why. Please make her an adventurer, Sir.”
“But Alim, she looks like she’s the same age as you, isn’t she?
“Yes, that’s right.”
“Will she be an X rank, then? You won’t be able to register as a party.”
“It’ll be fine, she’s strong.”
“Eh~…” Agit looked as if he had expected that, but he still seemed surprised.

“Then, let’s register you as an adventurer,” he said to Mika. “I’ll ask you just in case, do you have a criminal record?”
“I don’t… Sir.
“What’s your name?”

I had told her in advance, that it’d be fine if she used her last name from earth.

“My name is Mika Magarigi.”
“Mika Magarigi… You’re 12 years old, are you?”

After some time, he handed Mika the completed guild card. Then, he gave her roughly the same explanation, he’d given me. When he asked her if she would take the test, Mika immediately told him that she would.

“Then, touch me before all the sand in this hourglass has fallen. Ready… Begin!”

Bam! Mika kicked off the ground and touched him in an instant.

“Again?” I heard him mutter.

To be honest, I had lent two rings to Mika, which raised her speed.

She cleared the test and became F-Rank. Moreover, when she submitted C-Rank magic cores afterwards, it became quite noisy. The onlookers got awfully excited at the prospect of a second Alim showing up, one month after I had entered the stage.

In addition, we registered as a party. The party’s name was “The Earth”… from our home9. The leader was me, that is, Alim.

After registering as a party, members within a certain range would receive the same amount of experience as those who defeated the enemy. We both touched a shining orb together, which completed the party’s registration. Then, we quickly left the guild and returned to our inn.

“How was it? Registering at the guild.”
“Somehow… it was such a huge crowd, right? I stood out like a sore thumb.”
“Well, that’s because we are irregulars in this world, aren’t we?”
“Yeah, also, I had one thought.”
“What’s that?”
“You’re absolutely taking advantage of being a cute, little girl10,” she told me with a smile.

TL notes:
I tried to find a decent format for the status screen, to save me some headaches for the time when it gets completely bonkers around chapter 112. Annoyingly, it just gets more and more complicated…



  1. The flutes he used in chapter 58.
  2. The original is 吸魔剣 (“suck magic/evil/demon sword”) or 吸魔の魔剣 (“magic sword of magic sucking”). It was previously only translated as “magic sword”.
  3. The original is 気痛剣 (Feeling Pain Sword). This was also translated as “Healing Sword” in chapter 69 (no clue what the thought behind that was).
  4. This might be wrong, the original sentence is somewhat weird, so this is more based on context.
  5. In the original it says 介入 (“intervention”) here. I didn’t find any mention of it being used in an IT context so it might either be a typo or simply a weird expression.
  6. I changed “Sense Magic” (念術) to “Psychic Magic” due to information from future chapters. It’s probably something like telekinesis. 念 can mean “Sense”, “Idea”, “Thought” or also “Desire”, so it’s hard to judge what kind of magic it is without seeing it in use.
  7. I changed “demon cores” to “magic cores” to have it fit better with “magic beasts”.
  8. The original says, “an adventurer who showed me the/his guild card”. I checked and I didn’t find any mention of an adventurer doing that. There was an adventurer called Galgar in chapter 45 who Alim showed his new guild card to. It might be that guy.
  9. In the original, it’s ジ・アース (ji aasu), the English “the earth” for the party name and 地球 (“earth”, as in “the planet earth”) afterwards as its inspiration.
  10. The original here is ぶりっ子 (“woman or girl who acts cute by playing innocent and helpless”).
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