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Chapter 92 – Meeting of Demons

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Author: SS Samurai Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: rm31439 English Source: Re:Library

At a certain place, several people had gathered. Among them was a giant fly.
“What? Did you zzay, the manticore hazz died?” It asked in the human language.

A man, looking like a jester with a beard replied to the fly’s question. Well, he wasn’t human, either.
“Well, well, that’s fine, isn’t it~…? It probably created a sufficient number of soldiers, Mr. Baalzebub.”
“Erm, you’re right, but… Mephizztophalezz, how many magic beastzz… zzoldier eggzz did the manticore lay?” the fly called Baalzebub asked the jester whose name was Mephistophales.

The latter looked at another person, a being whose body was covered in flames, and answered Baalzebub’s question.
“Roughly about 50’000 of them, right~? If there are than many, will it be enough, Mr. Balial?”
“Yes, no problem,” the man called Balial replied in a hoarse voice. “That amount will be sufficient as sacrificial pawns to destroy a country. Moreover, the humans will probably have no leeway due to me, Lucifeyr, Beal, Baalzebub and the other lower ranked leaders. There’s no way we won’t win. Rather than that… what became of abducting the red-haired girl and the Mephilad Kingdom’s princess?” Balial continued, glaring at Mephistophales. “What happened to that man called Faust?”

“Indeed, they are likely essential for the demon god’s resurrection.”
“…It’s our opportunity to destroy the country, isn’t it?”
“It won’t be an issue! I have another card to play, you see~,” Mephistophales replied to Balial’s, Beal’s and Lucifeyr’s questions that felt more like verbal attacks.

“Heh, since it’s you, Mephistophales, I’m sure you won’t be discouraged by a single failure, will you?” Lucifeyr commented.1 
“Thank you for speaking so highly of me~. Incidentally… Mr. Amon, will what I’m about to do turn out well~? Please put your foresight ability to good use, will you~?”
“Indeed, the kidnapping will most likely go well,” the strange creature called Amon, who had the head of an owl and the body of a human, replied.

As they heard those words, everyone present felt reassured.

“Of course, Amon’s future predictions come true, don’t they? But why, pray tell, was the red-haired girl targeted for kidnapping?” Beal asked Amon. “The princess should do as the sacrifice.”
“She has the power to create the tools necessary for the esteemed demon god’s resurrection,” the owl replied. “As for the princess, it’s because she is of the lineage that sealed the demon god.”2

When Amon had finished talking, Mephistophales raised his voice. He sounded somewhat determined.

“Alright~? Our main goal is to release the demon god’s… Lady Samaeyl’s seal! Everything else is “incidental”… Sincerely, everyone, let us not forget this! Since we worked so hard these 300 years for that goal, haven’t we?”

The people… no, demons present, stated their agreement, one after the other.

“In that case… Dismissed!”
Each of them left. In order to proceed with their large-scale plan that might or might not happen after this. All for the purpose of reviving the demon god, Samaeyl…

TL notes:
A look at possible future antagonists. Previously, we’ve only known Mephistophales, from when he dealt with Faust.

The word in the original for these beings is 悪魔 (devil, demon, fiend). I changed it from the “Devil” in past chapters/translations to “Demon” since they sound like your typical humanoid demons found in fantasy worlds. There’s also a demon god and at least one demon lord, so I’d rather stick to the theme.



  1. No idea who the speaker is here. My guess is Lucifeyr, but it could be any of them, they don’t talk very distinctly here.
  2. This might be an error here in the original. Afaik, the hero who seals the demon god isn’t necessarily part of the royal family, so it could be intended as “is of the lineage that can host the demon god’s soul”.
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