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Chapter 93 – Huh?

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Author: SS Samurai Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: rm31439 English Source: Re:Library

I was curious about the girl, but for the time being, I asked Lahand1 and Gabaina whether they were safe.

“Are you okay? Did you get the medicine?”
“Yes, that stuff worked great. Thanks,” Lahand replied.
“Heh-heh, that’s good. It was my pleasure.”
“Sorry about this, Alim. Are you sure you’re fine without any reward?”
“It’s okay, I don’t need it anyway.”

After all, he won’t be able to afford it, right? It’s 1.2 million bells per potion, you know?

As I was talking to Lahand, a boy and a girl, who both had blue hair, approached us, and said hi. The girl also thanked me.

“Uhm… Miss… Alim.”
“You don’t have to talk politely to me.”
“A-alim, then! Thank you for helping Mr. Lahand!”
“Heh-heh-heh! It’s fine!”
“Then… erm…”

This feels weirdly formal. In general, this is how my fans start to act, when they’re standing in front of me. I’ve seen this recently, you know.

“Can I… touch your cheeks?”
“Yeah, that’s fine. I’ve heard about you from Mr. Lahand! You’re Miss Margo, right?”
“Yes! I am! Nice to meet you, Alim!” she said, while rubbing my cheeks.
“And your brother is called Gogg, right?”
“Yeah, that’s right. I’m honored to meet you,” he confirmed.

He talks in a somewhat pompous manner. Though you might say he has a nice face. In addition to that, I’m worried about the girl who looks like she’s about to cry.

“Erm, Mr. Lahand. Who’s that girl?”
“Oh, we rescued her in Hell Forest. Alim, she’s the same age as you, you see? …Apparently, she lost her memories.”

I see. Well, I have a pretty good memory, though. The poor thing. Is she in the same situation as me? Does something like this happen often in this world? That’s awful, isn’t it?

“Hello, nice to meet you?” I called out to her.
“Ah… uh… erm… nice to… meet you, too.”

Isn’t she acting a bit weirdly? Additionally, she still looks like she’s about to cry. Was it something I did?
Lahand hurriedly joined the conversion, when he saw, she might start bawling at any moment.

“Oh, why do you look like you’re about to cry? Calm down. Alright? Moreover… Alim, weren’t you busy with something?”
“Well, yeah, I was busy, but I got it done right away.”
“Really, you’re fast, aren’t you? Back then, you also brought down the Thunderbird in an instant.”
“Wah… *gulp*… *hick*…”2
“Hey, hey, why are you crying? Does it hurt somewhere?”

It’s as Lahand says, why is she crying? Gabaina seems to know something, but…
The very moment I thought that, she called out to me in a faint voice.

“Say… could you come with me for a bit… please… I’d like to talk… in private… okay?”
“Eh… huh? Alright?” I replied. “Hey, everyone, I’m gonna go talk with her for a bit.”
“Ah, uh, hey. Mika, what’s up with you today?” Lahand asked her.

Huh? Mika…? Is she called Mika…? No, that’s not possible.

We went to a part of the inn where there were no other people.
“So… Mika? What is it?” I asked her, frantically pushing down my thoughts, which were going in circles.

Then, she raised her face, which had been pointed downwards. Tears were flowing down like a waterfall.
“Say… Alim… You’re… you’re Ayumu3, aren’t you?” She finally asked.

I would never forget this moment.



  1. I decided to follow the lead of the MTL folks and call him “Lahand” instead of “The Hand”.
  2. These are crying noises, I guess. I’m seriously terrible at sound effects, so this might be completely off.
  3. As mentioned by the previous translator, this sentence is weird. She first addresses him with 貴女 (female version of “you”) and then 貴方 (neutral/male version of “you”). This works in a novel, but I don’t think there’s any differences in pronunciation, so the distinction would be lost in spoken dialogue. Then, she first calls him アユム (ayumu) and then あゆむ (ayumu), which is exactly the same, only written in katakana and hiragana.
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