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Chapter 91 – 10 Days – 2

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Author: SS Samurai Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Fenderson English Source: Re:Library

6th day

On this day, Myuri-san’s father-san, Archbishop Chris Horan, was visiting the castle, I greeted him with a cute smile.
After all, it seems like he acquired information from Myuri-san and from the newspapers about my god’s blessings.
That is to say, with this person being here… means that Myuri-san and Lilo-san are probably also here.

Just as I thought, those two are already in Karua-chan’s room, and they proceeded to play with us.

I’ll skip the details, but the four of us proceeded to play Sugoroku.
I was surprised that Karua-chan ranked first 3 out of four times. Myuri-san ranked first once.

And then, those two told Karua-chan about something unnecessary.

While reminiscing about the time that they met me to Karua-chan, Lilo-san said, 『Speaking of which, that dish that Alim-chan made that time, it was so good that I thought my cheeks would fall off! Myuri! 』. Hearing this, Karua-chan asks to eat my cooking.

I should have declined here, but I accepted it instead.
After hearing all this, Karua-chan asked the King for permission for me to make lunch, and the King gave his permission in high spirits, so I ended up making lunch for everyone.
I can’t skip corners here. Therefore, I prepare food seriously.

As a result, I have been caught into preparing today’s dinner and tomorrow’s lunch.

After that, I wrote a large number of recipes, like sauces, for the head chief.
Most of the cooks were crying after eating my cooking.
They said it was delicious, the taste of god, they might be fired, is it really that bad?

The king also said that if there are important events, then he should ask Alim to cook for him.
I was not able to refuse because even though I tried, he was being too persistent about it.

After cooking, both Lilo-san and Myuri-san are staying, so us four took a bath.

Lilo-san’s breasts are huge as usual. Will I get that big?
I’m still only 12 years old, its fine if I don’t worry about such things yet.

Those two went to another room, and I slept in the same bed with Karua-chan as usual.

7th day

Today, Lilo-san and Myuri-san returned early in the morning. But they did eat breakfast with us.

Me and Karua-chan made a cake together than brewed tea and gracefully enjoyed ourselves.

Incidentally, Karua-chan’s personal tutor came.
Studying is important. So, I listened to the lecturing, but the problems brought out for Karua-chan where at the level of the first half of 6th grade elementary school and about the handling of magic, so I was able to solve the questions smoothly. Then, 『Wonderful zamasu! You have become friends with a wonderful person! 』 was said by the instructor. This made me feel good.

For this day, after the tutor-san with the zamasu tone left, we played thoroughly and then I cooked lunch and dinner. Finally, we took a bath, and then I returned home at night.

The knight commander sent me off to [Hikari] inn.
He was saying that it is dangerous at night for a girl to be alone, even though I am probably stronger than this person.

8th day

On this day, I produced accessories such as knee pads, elbow pads, bracelets, hair ornaments, rings, necklaces and earrings in large quantity.
All of them have similar performance to my gloves.

And that’s why all together it produces a ridiculous status.
Especially S…

With so many duplicate enchantments, the body cannot withstand the shock, so I’ll soften it… I made a Misanga that nullifies the side effects.

Just wearing all this equipment made my body very sluggish…
Therefore, I remove all but the gloves, hair ornament, and the Misanga.
I’ll use the other accessories only when moving or fighting.

9th day

On this day, I received the message with permission from the Minister-san to read the books in the library.

Before that, I make some rings. With just one ring equipped, ones reading speed will increase by almost 50 times.
I made 10 of them.

In addition, it stores the information that you see in the [Tozumaho].

In other words, I was storing a large number of books in the [Tozumaho].
In the books there are recipes for synthesizing skills, books of history of the world, and dictionaries, etc.

With the search function, this gives the [Tozumaho] a skill synthesis calculation and various other functions.

With all the speed increasing equipment, I first go through the public places, followed by the places that the general public cannot enter without consent, and then to places the general public cannot enter, followed by places only special people can enter, I read all the books in the place.

This library has around 10 million books.
I finish all of them in about 20 hours.

Or rather, because the speed of processing was so fast, by the time I touched the book, the data had already been entered into [Tozumaho].

[Tozumaho] is too good. Before long will this child gain artificial intelligence?

I will explain speed here.
There are two types. You understand that I am moving fast, but also, my surroundings are moving slowly.

When reading a book, we have the former condition. If you want to finish a book early, it is limited to this state.

By the way, when fully equipped, things are moving so slowly that everything seems to stop!

After all, Item Master is a cheat.

And then, the 10th day

On this day, I planned to laze around in bed, but I received a message from Gabaina-san at about noon asking for a drug for The Hand to reduce the side effects of overlapping auxiliary magic.
Of course, I said no compensation was necessary.
Such a thing can be easily dealt with by drinking a Master Potion.

But at nearly the same time, a message from the Minster-san for 『S-ranked request, defeat the Manticore in Hell Forest』.

Hmm, I wont be able to hand the potion off to The Hand-san directly. Can’t be helped, I will ask Uruto-san, who is an acquaintance of The Hand-san, to give it to him.

And with that, I ask Uruto-san to hand over the Master Potion, and went to Hell Forest to defeat the Manticore.

And then I have made a surprising discovery!

Guess what? While running in the air, I found a mid-air dungeon!

Right now, I don’t have the time to capture it, so I will have to do it another time.
I saved the location using the [Tazumaho] mapping function.

And then I found the Manticore.
Thanks to the effect of the accessories, I use [Extreme Sword Technique・Second Dance] with my magic sword charged with 8000MP to cut the neck and defeat it.

…And the S-ranked is defeated with one blow, huh.

I am worried about The Hand-san, so I collect the Manticore’s corpse and immediately return to Hikari inn.

The Hand-san and Gabaina-san are there.
And also a girl and boy with blue hair and good looks. They are probably The Hand-san’s twins. They should be called Gog-kun and Margo-chan if I recall?
In addition there was the SSS-ranked Uruto-san and… a girl with long straight pale yellowish green hair that was about the same height as Alim.

This girl, she doesn’t have [Fascination Talent] but her looks are good enough to not lose to me.

This girl is looking at me with a delighted expression and looks as though she is about to cry. What, what? Is she one of my fans?


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