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Chapter 90 – 10 Days – 1

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Author: SS Samurai Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Fenderson English Source: Re:Library

…I have been quite busy for the last 10 days, including today.

First, one day after the banquet.

I was surrounded by reporters, they were asking many questions. I was totally being covered by the news.
They were saying, a world class beautiful girl, a hero of the country who just made history.
I was praised until I was exhausted.

After that, the rest of the day was spent making Master Potions.
The King had requested Great Potions… but I made as many of the superior Master Potions as possible.

The 2nd day.

I made the bow that Gilmars-san requested.
Of course, it turned out to be a legendary item. The target that gets hit with the magic arrow will be poisoned. it turned into a bow with many scary effects.

Gilmars-san came to me to directly receive it. At this point it was 10 at night.
Gilmars-san paid me using two Orichalcum swords and 100 coins (worth 10 million bells, 100 million yen, or about 1 million USD).

He said that you couldn’t get Orichalcum with large gold coins that Orichalcum is only found in dungeons a long time ago. (TL: Not sure if this is right…) The large gold coins were the difference in value between a legendary weapon and the two Orichalcum swords.

It seems that one Orichalcum sword costs 500,000 bells, but there is no blacksmith who can work Orichalcum, so Orichalcum is seen as a collector’s piece.

Also, a legendary sword cannot be bought for neither 1 million bells nor 2 million bells, but at least 4 million bells. If it were made of Orichalcum it would cost 30 million bells (300 million Japanese yen, 3 million USD). Whow.

Moreover, they are rarely ever seen on the market.

Even counting the black market, legendary weapons are handled from 0 to 2 times a year, so they are really not available.

According to the weapons collector Gilmars-san, the swords and bows that I have made are incredible and rank with the most powerful in legends. This delighted me and I made a full faced smile.

It seems that for now Gilmars-san has run out of money, and it will be a while before he can commission me to make a new weapon.

On this day, I have suddenly become rich.

3rd and 4th day

For these two days, I spent time with Mediana Merchant Association dealing with new product development.
Jenga, Othello, Sugoroku, sandwiches.

I briefly explained how to make them, but it seems that it is impossible to precisely make them except for sandwiches, so I revealed to Arkin-san and Grape-san my [Item Master] skill and created manufacturing machines and sold the machines to them on the spot.

I sold each machine at 1.2 million bells and will get a few percent of the sales of each product.
A contract was made.
Regarding sandwiches, we discussed that I would receive top priority preferential treatment when shopping at Mediana Merchant Association and 5% off all purchases.

Both Arkin-san and Grape-san muttered 『She has better merchant sense than us merchants despite her appearance』. (No idea if this is right…)
In addition, because I revealed my Item Master skill, we will rely upon that skill in our future dealings.

There was a lot more business to discuss but it was put on hold for now.

I don’t feel like fleeing this merchant association.

5th day

I went to Karua-chan’s house (Mephirad castle) to play.
Whow, all I had to do was show the gate guard my guild card and I was smoothly able to enter!
The Guard-san said 『Alim-chan is our angel…. Alim-sama is the hero of our country and a friend to the princess. The King has said that it is only necessary to confirm your identity』.

Don’t mind that I said something weird at first.

Karua-chan was extremely delighted at my arrival!
I was requested to stay by all means, so I decided that I would stay for two days.
The King has already given his consent.

One other thing was the potion deal with the King.
I delivered 250 Master Potions. (I actually made 300, but I kept herbs. Later, I made several potions for myself.)
At first, they were a little unsure of the ruby red-like potion, but they called an appraiser to the castle.

The appraiser fell down!
Well, he got right back up.

The appraiser explained to the King the value and effects of my Master Potion.
At that, the King, Minister-san, and the knight commander who happened to be there where flabbergasted with their mouths opening and closing going pakupaku.

Several nearby servants present fell down.

The King said, 『I’ll leave my daughter in your hands』 with a face that said that he finally got what he wanted for years.

Ah… from now on I will be worked hard by both the merchant association and the King.
Aren’t I busy?

I demanded the right to freely use the Kingdom’s library (and free entry forever) and be allowed full access to even the books that are restricted, treasure, or require special status as payment for the Master Potions.

The Minister and the King consulted with each other and then gave me permission.

Fufufufu, there is something I want to do.

Even though I was paid with free access to the library, the King says that further remuneration is required.
150 million bells…. about 1.5 billion Japanese yen

According to the appraiser, each Master Potion should go for about 1.2 million bell each, so the true price is more like 300 million bells.
However, with the eternal library browsing right, the price is reduced by half
I’ll take it.
Are the books that dangerous? Well, it’s all good. It’s not like I wasn’t willing to take that as the only payment for the Master Potions.

How in the world will I managed to spend this much money?

Furthermore, I wonder is it really OK for me to receive this much money.
I asked the King if the crown was really OK with giving me so much money, but he said it was fine.
The crown is rich.

After talking with the adults for a while, I spend an enjoyable time playing with Karua-chan.

I made some accessories right before her eyes as a present.

Actually, the accessory notifies me if Karua-chan is in danger or at risk of being captured, even if Karua-chan isn’t wearing it.

Now, if another incident like that Faust ******* previously happens again, I will be able to come running immediately.

Furthermore, if one is attacked while it is equipped then a super powerful large protective barrier will be deployed.

I spent a day passing the time like this.
Surprisingly, Karua-chan learned [Enchantment ★].
I am very happy.

It feels like my treatment inside the castle has become considerably polite.
I’m sure that minister-san has ordered the maid-sans and servant-sans about this.

Item Master is amazing.

I slept with Karua-chan in her bed. Uun, Karua-chan’s high class soap smells good.


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